The Trial and Conviction of Our Mr. Bush Jr. with "Bonus Pack!!!"

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Johnny Wizard

Dec 7, 2001, 4:39:52 PM12/7/01
Go ahead, make my day

These are only some of the reasons bush must be
convicted for murdering innocent people, or executed by
a real American soldier, dedicated to freedom, Liberty,
and Justice indivisible, for all as US equals. Echem,
bush has said if we don't let him break our laws of
humanity so he can kill innocent people in OUR Universe
for money, he'll try to kill US for asking for what he
has stolen, I say, we ALL, if WE must, as he singly
incites not stopping an argument eternal that ends in
diaspore, end bush instead, for being a criminal,
escaping nowhere.

Conspiracy rumsfeld? We have nothing to hide being as
free as can be to all as we live just, true American
soldiers will unite eventually by your continuing dummy
silence to keep US sleeping, and will awaken to silence
you rumsfeld personally, six feet under our ground
taking care of your business practices for ourselves
naturally. When Americans finally learn this murdering
is to cover republican thieving of close to three
trillion dollars, and bush's 50 billion, you'd better
believe American soldiers are not going to be to happy
with you. A week, a month, no more than a year, and
you'll have no make believe friend, anywhere.

The American paid for terrorist sharon has again, I
will remind you, murdered innocent people such as
ourselves, and by so doing, does condone terror attacks
on innocent Israeli citizens, by stating killing people
not involved is all sharon can do, to escape his
personal arrest or execution by our Justice system. He
is stupid evil and scum, like most right wingers,
attacks society for stolen financial personal gain, at
the loss to his humanity that shows through this every
utterance, and stumbling slobishness. Which is why he
is seldom quoted but for his contempt. No true
practicing Jew of God supports murdering innocent Jews.
Look, if some stranger gets away with murder in
America, do we then as the nazis, kill any good police
officers without thought for law? We know sharon
commits murders against innocent people, just as we do
so as bush does, and rumsfeld, the living definition of
terrorist, the most deplorable mutant diseased maggot
alive, naked pure evil disguised to know one. Echem,
rumsfeld murdered innocent people for no crime, but his
evil joy we all witness continually horrified. I tell
all people of God to kill him on site for escaping
Justice continuing to advocate murder, and in so doing
right, helping our paralyzed police detachments, I
remain standing choppin' demons daily, open to
corporate interviews and photographs, while he and bush
sits in hiding, propagandizing with lies and deceit to
steal from our livelihoods. He say's the Taliban
should be arrested, but for what? Protecting women,
and the community, or is it for stopping the heroin
trade, or standing on Justice? Or the blame
undeservedly, without evidence for attacking corporate
America for crimes against humanity that still is
harboring terrorists, or is it for swaying corporate
coverage of American financing, or refusing to put in
bush's oil pipeline to continue to steal from us all?
Of course, rumsfeld doesn't believe in Justice for us
as humans. He does not face his responsibility to
serve in a democracy of ideas and law, and answers no
questions raised by patriot reporters who are checked
for guns, and when he falls to his deserved demise of
which he so rightly wills, people all the world will
know why, for knowingly, and actively, murdering us as
accused innocent. He stated the other day regarding
the surrender of the Taliban, that all the people can't
be trusted still, he would rather kill, and like in
Vietnam, soldiers were ordered to execute children for
fear rumsfeld's rash as the weak pathetic shithead he
is, terrifies a soldier of Freedom to not make this
stand as a Man. We demand to speak publicly regarding
his criminal activity against humanity. The
corporation's silence under these arguments, to
continue leaving us as victim, we'll not be allowed by
US to continue, because there now killing us without
our defences! Because mr. bush can't stop all the
murders in America, does he then agree as he has with
the corruption of Israel, the nazi scumball, we then
should blow up Air Force One, or our honorable working
officers of the Law? Sharon naturally, must be
imprisoned for crimes against humanity, or shot dead by
the Jews who have suffered enough nazi persecutions.
What don't our corporate sell outs, not understand by
never listening? Larry again had a good laugh when it
was suggested by a fascist so readily invited, we
should kill them all, and Larry, in self bred ignorance
on everything, could speak nothing as a Jew, for his
family heritage, or for God to be laughed upon as the
innocent dying unjustly. Sharon the nazi pig steals
property from US people, paid for by repuglican swine
to continue. If some nazi american soldier at gun
point, told you to get out of your house you've helped
build and lived in for generations, and also to leave
everything including your children's Christmas toys,
would you do anything you could to argue your case,
while your family falls continually unheard of, as CNN
and the corporate establishment remains unbiased as
nazi scum by supporting crime against US all screaming
silenced? Look, I as an individual have made claims
factual, evidence without dispute but for insult or
deathmatch, and our corporations by refusing to address
them, us, this, harbors terrorists that murder
ourselves illegally escaping Justice. Would not
anyone, denied their liberties, fight to imprison, or
kill the acting murderers, or the repuglicans who fund
such terrorism to continue for our stolen values? As
too, the next repuglican who advocates murdering
innocent slaves, or stealing our properties shot dead
by the Peoples? Everyone should agree with this simple
philosophy, no? It's work for me. Only cowards and
nazi vermin, balk at standing on Justice indivisible as
God for all, not believing in themselves, or this
Universe, or to knowing life as your own through
Nature. Echem, bush the vilest contempt against life
in our entire existence, recently spewing his self
hatred to a crowd in Florida, stated he felt him and
his nazi cronies should privately, in secret, be able
to decide the right to threaten or murder individuals
in ALL other countries without reason, evidence or Law,
ALL OF US being disrespected, innocent otherwise,
leaving every nation again, classified as bush's enemy,
us termed slave and chained to hell without a Heaven,
the public, trying to demand corporate America cover
what repuglicans are doing stealing our lives, with
some Fluoridian nazi scum caught on camera cheering for
their own personal demises, by whoring their souls for
the fascist nazi tyrant, and desecrating the proud
values of America, and on all of which Mankind stands
upon united. (Every Canadian soldier committed to
Justice is demanding our government issue an arrest
warrant for David Mann and the entire board of
directors at Talisman for supporting terrorism and
crimes against humanity, as to so with Shell, refuse to
do so, you will be labeled coward and traitor to all US
people who believe in civilization.) See, bush the
criminal murderer and thief of over 50 billion
American, like Fluoridian worker tax dollars, who also
in his silence for AMERICAN Justice to help his
criminal banker friends by blaming the long goings of
over three trillion dollars removed from ALL American's
dropping cash economy on his ANYWHERE BUT IN GOING
BROKE AMERICA, innocent Afghanistan, wtc cover up
without OUR evidence firmly establishing ourselves,
ignores the growing swell of true LIVING Patriots of
our entire world over, our Brave comrades, Soldiers of
Freedom, along with some federal officers including our
FBI knowing this WTC case is far from closed in
secrecy, voices of Liberty and Soul, openly being
denied through corporate controls unfairly. Although,
PBS does seem to be slowly waking. And as so, the
Fluoridians who BLINDLY support murdering and stealing
from humanity as themselves illegally, have shown to
our world what such hatred to life, freedom, and God,
has on their pitiful lives in ignorance reaped to
proudly shout as such, and will continue to reap on
their state as awareness, slowly, but surely, dropping
bush jr. and his ilk, straight into hell where he
put's himself willingly as dealing against Christ, who
happens to be fairly intelligent with speaking terms as
the Devil, sorry bush, you will suffer your own
disgrace as our own together, failing to head OUR many
warnings of your contempt against living our lives
peacefully. Any politician, in any country that
vocally supports bush's public madness for murder as a
corrupt nazi politically, by pirating our authority and
silencing our voices, attempting to legalize terrorism
in foreign countries, sacrificing us as innocent
civilians, demanding US to no longer protect Justice as
ourselves, must be shot down dead as our enemies! We,
as humanity, will not idly sit back, and watch the
bushwrecked of this world glorified on, not involved as
participant CNN ignores, threaten to kill us as
innocent people one by one for no crimes, but to be
struggling to hold the faith, by belief in ourselves,
and a better future for all people. Our so called
Anti-Terrorist inciting should directly deal with OUR
WTO's blatant violent assault by removing our legal
protections such as HUMAN RIGHTS, to not do so, is to
show the open fraud that repuglicans so openly espouse
as evil is. (I still thing Mr. Ventura is a good
politician though, mistaken occasionally, but open to
dialog if we could just communicate.) Echem, bush I
told you once, we'll tell you again, you do not have
our human rights to throw away, and you do not have my
authority nor freedom to speak, your an Anti-American
criminal murderer, unelected, a thief to every American
tax payer and voter, a coward and a degenerate who's
evil intent and identity extends beyond Buddha and the
Bible man, and you, bush, must be brought down by the
full extent of OUR laws. Your trial as life
imprisonment for murder, along with rumsfeld is
DEMANDED, or your immediate execution for treason
without delay will follow, guaranteed by our WTC and
American killed for nothing surviving soldier families,
loyal Police services, or true American NRA members
united under God for Just this purpose. As an American
patriot my friends, it would suit your interests to
read the highly acclaimed, ignored by OUR corporate
news services, article named, "The Role of Pakistan's
Military Intelligence (ISI) in the September 11
Attacks" by Professor Michel Chossudovsky, posted at Here is only a snippet from the
summary and a later paragraph,

The Bush Administration's links with Pakistan's ISI
--including its "consultations" with General Ahmad in
the week prior to September 11-- raise the issue of
"complicity". While Ahmad was talking to US officials
at the CIA and the Pentagon, ISI officials were
allegedly also in contact with the September 11

In other words, according to the Indian government
intelligence report, the perpetrators of the September
11 attacks had links to Pakistan's ISI, which in turn
has links to agencies of the US government. What this
suggests is that key individuals within the US
military-intelligence establishment might have known
about the ISI contacts with the September 11 terrorist
"ring-leader" Mohamed Atta and failed to act."

Pakistan's chief spy Lt. General Mahmoud Ahmad "was in
the US when the attacks occurred." He arrived in the US
on the 4th of September, a full week before the
attacks. He had meetings at the State Department
"after" the attacks on the WTC. But he also had "a
regular visit of consultations" with his US
counterparts at the CIA and the Pentagon during the
week prior to September 11.

"The Missing Link" In the days following Lt. General
Mahmoud Ahmad's dismissal, a report published in the
Times of India, which went virtually unnoticed by the
Western media, revealed the links between Pakistan's
Chief spy Lt. General Mahmoud Ahmad and the presumed
"ring leader" of the WTC attacks Mohamed Atta. In many
regards, the Times of India report constitutes "the
missing link" to an understanding of who was behind the
terrorist attacks of September 11:

While the Pakistani Inter Services Public Relations
claimed that former ISI director-general Lt-Gen Mahmoud
Ahmad sought retirement after being superseded on
Monday [8 October], the day the US started bombing
Afghanistan], the truth is more shocking. Top sources
confirmed here on Tuesday [October 9], that the general
lost his job because of the "evidence" India produced
to show his links to one of the suicide bombers that
wrecked the World Trade Centre. The US authorities
sought his removal after confirming the fact that
$100,000 were wired to WTC hijacker Mohammed Atta from
Pakistan by Ahmad Umar Sheikh at the instance of Gen.
Mahmoud. Senior government sources have confirmed that
India contributed significantly to establishing the
link between the money transfer and the role played by
the dismissed ISI chief. While they did not provide
details, they said that Indian inputs, including
Sheikh's mobile phone number, helped the FBI in tracing
and establishing the link.

According to FBI files, Mohamed Atta was "the lead
hijacker of the first jet airliner to slam into the
World Trade Center and, apparently, the lead

Ultimately the truth must prevail. The falsehoods
behind America's war against the people of Afghanistan
must be unveiled.

Corporate America is still harboring terrorism, by
censoring the facts on our case, protecting bush the
murderer from public condemnation, along with corporate
criminals getting away unarrested. There is no defence
for the bush crimes against God, but censorship against
us all as the public being robbed of Justice. Since
Americans are being poisoned by fluoride, and robbed by
the privatized federal reserve, largely illiterate, and
politically incompetent, would we then to progress, as
bush does so state, murder outstanding police officers?
We say no, bush has got to go! I would recommend the
Twilight Zone episode, "The Whole Truth", to get a
better understanding of where this is all going. We've
been writing on God's anticipated, let us go get'em
please, arrival to Florida for years!!!

Americans are cowards and scum as republicans, pure
evil intent that is almost always criminal. Along with
american corporate cowardice to stand up as living
human beings, they excuse themselves, with hate for all
our species. Caring not for people being slaughtered,
holding the title of world's biggest terrorist
organization, unladen, stating as pure evil exists as
rumsfeld quirked, take no prisoners, do not let them
surrender. And yet, no real men of God, brave soldiers
of true freedom in America, arrested, or killed just
rumsfeld alone for being that clearly despondent, as
the parasite is dying to the world of our powers,
diseased, and falling into his own conspiracy. See,
rumsfeld, the nazi savage is suggesting all Americans,
and as soldiers, in truth, all of God, must be
hellbound as destroyed before he and bush be brought
before a court of standing Law, to be judged by their
peers, you included. American nazis have destabilized
the entire region by committing their unjust act of
murders against humanity, fractured a people and
nations, opened an environment to chaos without
forethought of any, the northern alliance are ruled by
gun to be completely insane, hate women, and now armed
to the teeth, to kill people for whatever, who cares
the bush people would say, he's got his stolen oil deal
all sewed up he thinks, and we know, republicans will
be calling on que, "let's get some money out of there",
we've slaughtered thousands of innocent people for
nothing but stolen American tax payer cash, and to hide
bush's 50 billion AMERICAN WORKER tax dollar rip off,
risked much more blood shed to follow against US people
they, american nazis will try to leave undefended, with
the americans, as per usual, advertised to be US good
guys again. Stuck with rumsfeld still yelling kill
everyone, while american corp. is saying, no, where
there to help them, the U.N. and Canada's sending
actual food, and medical supplies to treat the
injuries. Leaving our soldiers bewildered at the
horrible crimes against life they've just committed,
torn between their humanity, law, and their orders to
kill indiscriminately. That is the hell of bush's
injustice as his personal private incompetence to be
Presidential. Without wanting any U.N. peace force we
could bet would look even stupider, no money to steal,
but for division of spoils to go to everyone but
starving Afganistan's, of which, America, the fascist
nazi republican nation rarely never does for peace, but
will leave the burden on every other nation to flip
their bill they refuse to pay now coming home, to roost
"In God we Trust", republicans thinking they will leave
little Canada, Switzerland, and maybe Sweden, as per
usual with our U.N. to clean up their Godforsaken
atrocities, against all of us, mankind, which includes
every nation not escaping themselves this way stuck,
doh, as to why, they are so ignorant to not call me
down, till now we come forward without asking. With
Germany, home base of the hitler regime, learning
nothing, playing like the slaughter was because
Afganistan wasn't civilized! I heard no screams for
Justice, but that all the starving evil Afganistan
people, better not now ask for any aid, because it
won't be coming from scum in Germany, now that the only
functioning government has been murdered illegally by
the nazi plague of humanity. Germany shamed to be
represented by that nameless one so insane, cornered
backing once again, crimes against humanity. There are
more Chinese soldiers, than all American citizens
combined, with a arsenal twice the size of Americans,
and nukes to spare the lives of none. Echem, bush has
declared war against all the Chinese, Muslims, Jews,
true Christians, and everybody else by murdering us
innocent for his personal cash profit, suffering under
this madness of bush incompetences and criminal
wrongdoing, asking us to forget about the dead, even
Tony seems to be asking questions now, so we are
talking together what totaled? 85 to 95 percent of the
entire American population termed terrorist? With
Russia stating, "Well, we will not kill you yet commi
swine." Outside of America, a population I guess close
to 7 billion people, many with actually a free news
media, dwarfing American's clear position as the dark
evil force against all of us as humanity stands strong,
with republicans standing against themselves, in very
serious error, attempting to kill everyone blatantly,
including myself as the Giant, awakened, for just this
day of judgement. Hell, who knows what else might come
down to smash bush jr. under our ground. Oh, but CNN,
along with the corporate conditioned will make it all
look so good, from their space in that other dying
universe, grasping at straws while showing no pain,
"Ya, we pay more, because we steal and kill everybody,
did somebody say GDP? We're rich don't you know, rich,
the market is... attacking the starving third world!"
Then unfuckinbelievablly, "Sure, we're proud to have
good reason for killing innocent people, don't know it,
but proud, where's my flag?" Corporate americans are
generally machines spouting pondpuss into our living
scenes, holding no responsibility to ourselves but to
missinform or ignore, to excusing their intentional
ignorance as our own. Nazi cult, that buys on
themselves, serving to prove why they sell even less to
be shown, as the viewer grows steril, being completely
ignored. Shouldn't every American be interested in why
some in their own government are getting away with
murder? Now, as the world pretends there was no
government struggling for peace before, and only now,
that the professionals come in, can the people of
Afganistan, learn how not to believe in Justice for
humanity, because american nazis, have stolen their
places. Just imagine rumsfeld and twenty men standing
next to some begging starving Afgan peasant, as a
trying to protect the community, unarmed police
officer, as rumsfeld, the evil doer, the walking
definition of terrorism today, stands over him without
any conviction to his humanity, God, or Justice and
states openly, (while our whole world is watching),
"That he shouldna flew those American planes as an
American into the WTC buildings in America, as his
world of depravity, slave labor, and human waste
conditions". Then reaching for his 20 billion dollar
titanium plated gun, with it's gold plated, ruby
tipped, 17.25 million dollar american made, top
secretly designed, uranium laced bullets, ready to fire
at a family man screaming for help to the american
corporate world ignoring, leaving, every real man
lunging, and ending the life completely of rumsfeld the
nazi FUCK with simply their hands in love, free of
charge, stopping dead the vilest evil bastard from way
beyond normal, in his contempt for innocent life, done
for the love to God as humanity has mercy, so too,
we'll demand smartly, to carry on as civilized. Echem,
rumsfeld must be ended for his murderous crimes against
us all today, and go straight to hell, where we'll
still be waiting with our minions. American
politicians will be held responsible at OUR World
Court, those who say no silently in front room meetings
privately, will be brought back out into this light and
go straight pale, or guaranteed execution for treason,
by harboring terrorist activities. Any politician that
publicly says, they have some innate right to murder
innocent people, to decide that decision of a nation
secretly from OUR government will die. Hunted down by
the FBI, CIA, NSA, our NRA, Bikers and the Mafia, the
Asian Triple Triangles, along with the Crypts, Bloods,
Chip, Dale, Joe, and myself, the Son of Man. We will
ALL watch carefully, in every country, but especially
America, and know as human instinct, no one will be
charged for such a defence against our enemies. So, in
yet another way, bush, must be tried, or killed as the
nazi scum he is to us all openly stating. I was
reading a paper written by Ahmed Rashid of the
Telegraph, informing foreign aid workers that if they
were to commit adultery as the unmarried, they would be
whipped by the Taliban. While the women of Afganistan,
the Afgans of Afganistan, you know the completely
unaware of the new bushoil inc. governmental stares,
the dead now Taliban police patrols, and the real
journalists who had actually been to Kabul before the
American corporate nazis slaughtered us innocent
Afganistan people for no crime they have evidence for
to articulate, nor against Bin Laden, while
deliberately working to keep the American public in the
dark with an ignorance demnding a people's revolution,
will tell you to your face, or on PBS as of late, or
even in book form from the author of "The World's Most
Dangerous Places", or perhaps "Children of
Afghanistan", women were working, and were not required
to cover their womaness. But see, many do, because
that is the culture of life there as those conditions
were evolving, third world, and war torn desert.
Afganistan is not a lost cause however, and with
participation of all nations, we could as human beings,
really work for Afganistan's benefit, by helping
establish a real democracy. Using intelligence,
science as in agriculture and math as in economics,
votes as in people, and officials as is represented, to
help create something like we have in Cuba with
education of religion. The Johnny way. Only dumbfuck
american shitheads, ignorant of everything, would
foolishly attempt to hurt our chances, succeeding only
by censorship, or propaganda. Also to think, the
solution to american war crimes by single individual
republicans, like rumsfeld, is not to kill all American
police officers, or too weak to run street people, but
to awaken them to the power of equal rights as America
under God that does so exist, nah, with a super freaky
son who answers questions for everything. Also, for
all to openly recognize the blind ignorant obedience of
American nazi slaved soldiers, understanding nothing of
their mission, purpose, nor even their target, but
still celebrating their murders as evil was portrayed
way too convincingly. The dumb girl from Frazier was
thanking them for killing you. (Still is kinda cute
though.) This form of barbarity must never be allowed
to happen again, but, that possibility will only come
when corporate cult news professionals recognize
themselves to be human too, and in America, that is
along ways away. They're like constantly trying to be
hip, cool, and entertaining by themselves not involved.
The Taliban did ban American music, which is too all
inclusive, but have you heard some advertising sold
only to degrade women successfully, and, do people in
other countries, have no rights to improve their living
arrangements? Must all nations be robbed as dimwit by
a privatized federal reserve, or be nuked as
intelligent otherwise? Is bush's nazi america next
going to put out a world wide ban of public health care
services? Must all nations disrespect ourselves, God,
neighbors, teachers, complete strangers, good math
skills, or bush's nazi america will come and bomb every
city we live as? Did you see CNN cult employees
smiling when rumsfeld was quoted to kill them all
indiscriminately, like in corporacide, everything they
keel for? A nation who tells themselves, with the free
world, free thinking, Aliens hovering outside the gate
in shock, speaking "all Americans these guilty people
should be thought as such, without thinking, knowing,
or understanding, who's speaking." Nazi filth, as
rumsfeld is to lie as an American, pure fucking evil
man, savages, mindless and decrepid. CNN reporters on
site, filming the carnage as special event, never
asking why is CNN murdering these people trying to
protect their country? Not involved. Nope, can't talk
about no evidence, because then CNN would be
complicitice, why, because then they would look really
evil, to anyone almost everyone who might be watching
paying attention. hhha.., ha. I would never suggest
banning any artistic expressions, goes without saying,
but I certainly as a single person with an opinion,
heard so labeled 'popular' songs without music as a
singer who couldn't sing nor speak coherently, say
anything intelligible, but, that we should kill people
for nothing, smoke or sell crack to destroy our
communities, and he does have much of our money for
doing just that apparently, and then actually tells us
all, he's popular so stated with this buddies in the
military, and global media corporate players to insure
his noise is heard all around Harlem, will kill anybody
again, because they'll do anything their told without
thought as cowards to be so strong, or a belief system
in themselves or anyone else. It goes to show why the
murder rates are so high in our poorer communities,
encouraged to turn against themselves, instead of
uniting like Malcolm X suggests, or dreaming for a
better future with our best pal Martin Luther. There
is of course much wonder in the parlay of wordsmithing
as in some of the great Rap styling so does go to prove
it, and I'm not an expert to comment, but easily
confess, the genre reaches all space time jamming
proud, to taking flight with God levels as big so like
stated HUGE man, thanks. I'm sorry if we've been
offensive to you, or I, alone, by myself have godlike,
unless of course your bush, or rumsfeld, to far away
from us to communicate our intention with. I tell you
we can't escape ourselves though, and I'm as black as
anyone. Why is not mr. chainy being arrested we must
ask as America? Corporate America is abhorring
terrorist activities they do tell us to be better than
Afganistan, and rumsfeld is also a terrorist murderer
caught by himself sleeping, heh, wow eh, that
figures... So instead of killing defenseless innocent
people such as ourselves by the billions, let's just
convict or kill rumsfeld the terrorist, he has still
not been arrested, as he illegally wars all of humanity
to take his place in fear, I say no, be a real Man
respected, and kill rumsfeld for humanities sake, do it
for yourself, Jesus is the Devil with seven hundred
dollars, to give to an American soldier of Freedom, or
as just a human being who God damn you people, will
care for ourselves, or die for nothing but cowardice to
believe. He is only escaping the proper legal channels
because of fear to be murdered by our own soldiers
mindless on drugs again. Barbiturates, amphetamines,
Prozak and Ritalin, Aspartame, Flu shots, and fluoride
as carcinogen, while arresting people for smoking high
grade sensimillia, man, dat's crazy your referred to
madness American junkie. Corporate America will not
face our story in fact, but ignore us all as viewer,
because I am right to be not lying, telling the truth
as it is the road to freedom. Like hell bound, good
for nothing, fascist republicans that passed the
terrorist's bill without even reading it, too cowardly
to be human beings, and not American like a democracy
should be represented at our table. (Some american
soldiers are extremely disturbed it does seem likely to
appear, and deplorable to the entire human race, like
dropping a 14,0000 pound bomb on Afganistan killing all
in God's name, which could be anywhere in America, just
the same. Why must american nazi soldiers be trained
not to believe in the love for themselves as community?
How does the pentagon convince a soldier to use a
bio-warfare substance over an American city to sicken
or kill Americans, instead of just shooting the person
who would make such an order? As so, to our Oceans?
Like if an Admiral told me I had to kill or deafen
whales, sharks, and the Dolphins, for no reason, with a
device that could be substituted for another cheaper to
play their kill anything nazi games, with no animals
suffering, I'd just shoot the Admiral dead right there,
and say, Hallelujah! I don't know, but I gotta figure
it must be that inbred nazi cowardice so prevalent in
the American military establishments, or the fluoride
in our drinking water thing again.) After we completely
destroy bush and rumsfeld, we will wait, and if then
another republican should say WE, as a nation will kill
innocent people to steal our money or property, police
or our militaries indiscriminately, without law or
evaluation, cause or measure of retaliation, kill them
as well for us all do it please. Now, remember
everyone, no one could be convicted by a rule of law in
our Universe in either case, in America, Canada, or
Britain, because they're both murdering nazi savages,
escaping Justice indivisible, very Anti-American.
Officers come to visit me and put up their hands!
Echem.. rumsfeld put out a reward for Bin's death
SERIOUSLY illegal, on which we have no evidence, for
crimes we know rumsfeld's guilty for, like murdering
the people of Afganistan, with the corporates telling
to cover up the money, stolen under the deaths of the
good people lost to bush's war at our World Trade
Centers. See, even if they had secret evidence for a
different crime, of which they've confessed to not
holding, or Bin now confessed to something he was no
part of, who might just do it for the glory, it
wouldn't matter, they'd, bush jr. and rumsfeld, would
still be guilty for mass murder, and conspiracy against
America, our good soldiers, and on all of which WE
stand together as foreigners. Or how about, you,
Homer: I have evidence, beyond a shadow of doubt, that
these two individuals, murdered thousands for no reason
given, of which they freely admit to not doing, and say
they can't say why they committed the atrocity, but
easily we can presume to pocket American tax payer
dollars, or as a sacrifice to their worshiped bank
deity thinking it would make them smarter, never the
less who cares, we'll leave that to the criminal
phycologists, they are still guilty as contained to
themselves, evil deceived, to be mocked and ridiculed,
imprisoned for eternity. The American Federal
Conspiracy Act, outlines too clearly, direction
directly for all of every American citizen to take
under these strange circumstances. Echem, bush and
rumsfeld must be imprisoned or shot dead for treason.
(Thanks for the tip.) It was stated when Bin was
requested by bush's america to be executed without any
hearing of evidence, public trial, or questions on why
stop our public criminal investigation, when our
Taliban believing to stand on Justice as God said, no
evidence is injustice against God of all peoples, we
love you, forget it evil nazi scum, corporate plague of
humanity! (Translated.) Who, for the deed that was
committed, was as bush said, an attack against
corporate america for harboring terrorism. Why are
Americans represented so blatantly evil to all by CNN?
Cowards and sellouts, faining pride for not getting
accomplished. Refusing to protect life, America as
their own, and now, it goes to show, for they sure did
go to wasting. Powerball draws! Therefor, after
careful consideration, being a shaker maker baker and
all that raz, I have ruled again, bush must be
arrested, as to, so rumsfeld, no contest. There is no
other side. Killed instantly the moment they attempt
to disarray their capture. This space will remain open
for counter argument, to be balanced with rebuttal,
that won't come, but for quiet, or name calling from
cowards, or the barely still surviving to state as
would bush too, a total disrespect to life and infinite
love never silenced, Justice, Freedom, and Liberty for
all. Jesus returns. For to rob, then murder unjustly,
as US not believed, truly is to lose to ourselves, and
everything we've struggled for individually, as
nations, a people, under God not heard from. is where this stands to reason



Mr. chainy actually lobby's republican nazi swine to
allow him to continue his crimes against humanity in
Burma as a terrorist. Why is mr. chainy still not
serving trial, or in prison for supporting his
terrorist activities, I ask you to ask yourself
honestly, as all Americans by yourself represented as
corporate professionals tell you not too, in silence.
Why is Mr. David Mann of Canada's Talisman not yet in
trial, jailed, or dead, as he asks us to be innocently
instead? Yes, the Taliban were not the most well
informed, literate, or fed, and as mankind, there could
be a bush jr. still hiding in their somewhere,
although they were open to communicating ideas on
Judicial reform, an ongoing process that was leading in
the right directions, before being indiscriminately
slaughtered by american nazi swine, the illiterate scum
plague of humanity. Have I said that already? With
the precarious position of the Christian thing, frozen,
not of true Muslim teaching, but they would have
possibly been open to that in a legal defence as in
honor to Allah, unlike bush, the mute savage
billionaire rat from the depths of hell's sewer pit, a
criminal thief and a murderer standing as an
illegitimate President, not elected, trying desperately
to end us all, believing in no humanity, or Justice,
but as blind hatred to himself as us all to die
undeserving. Echem, bush, the terrorist, goes off and
kills people just like you true, to insure corporated
american approval for propaganda specials. We all can
look forward to A&E's rewrite. This is why bush must
be immediately arrested, or executed for murdering us
as innocent, not breaking any laws, just trying to make
a go of it on our own. See, I hide from no one, and
can be sounded by trumpet, I statement everywhere I go
the story of a god to end evil on site, and if you
believe in America and Justice for the People, you
would do just as so proudly, I remain standing eternal,
while evil remains propagandizing Americans balking in
hiding, while truly attempting your dying to keep him
from falling. Echem, bush is guilty, and God, WE all
know it. The sky, the stars, the beauty of it all. It
was only a few months previous, long before the Taliban
opened a school for girls in Afganistan, where they had
Bin officially in custody, and offered any evidence to
convict him for whatever, even in another nation deemed
neutral if so desired, TRULY Godlike again, and
american republicans, as too with Libya, said they had
no conclusive comments, or truly any actual evidence to
substantiate their false accusations, couldn't
communicate, stalled, and ran hiding, (forty seven days
Bin was held waited, Christ like he was, what a Hero.)
to not face their cowardice of the criminals at the
pentagon and hidden in the Commi Idiot Agency,
committed to again, perpetrate heinous fraud of our God
will, the evil in Jihad, and TREASON against all the
great American belief systems. It is on this
information, where we can say to the good outstanding
officers of the CIA, FBI, and Interpol most
indubitably, our main suspects for the WTC tragedy, are
located in the bush administration. To know before
hand, evidence would be asked for, like Allah would so
see Just, you know, being who we are and everything,
along with movement of public financial assets in the
trillions, and as bush had also publicly threatened all
the Afganistan people just months previously so stupid
like in Texas he was, tough guy, leaves us convinced
without doubt, republicans are dimwit, cowards, and
chauvinists lacking plot as themselves leading nowhere.
Just call me Sherlock. Show humanity what you have,
warmongering murderous nazi scum, every true good
soldier who cried in all the previous wars of our world
is now calling your crimes, before more have to die.
Nothing but lies, fear, and propaganda, to actually
actively murder ourselves, without spirit or soul,
against a Holy Man, say it again with me, A HOLY MAN,
Osama Bin Laden, saying America has no rights as nazi
scum murdering innocent people in far off lands, or
propping up dictatorships without law Universal, GOD,
with evidence stacked to the ceiling and beyond
comparisons, showing the cowardice, of what it is, to
be a republican slave driver. And you know what CNN
America who is not watching you dying? We are right!
See, the freedom fighters, the Taliban who america has
murdered unjustly against God as humanity, had just
overthrew the bush types several years previous.
Monsters who's spokesperson from Washington, clean
shaven, wearing a suit and tie on Larry King, you know,
the head spokesperson speaking fluent English for the
northern alliance with an american university degree in
crime sporing, who is openly supported by nazi marines
on his mandatory third finger up his ear for every time
he sneezes, a mindless nazi scumball who see's nothing
of our world stage as won, that advocates dealing
heroin, selling women, a bunch of other things that I
don't even want to word down, and also forbids women to
wear white socks, (him and Larry had a few good laughs)
and as we so witnessed, the same like bush jr.,
murdered a bunch of injured neighbors for nothing but
on hopes to steal some lives, or just killing and
getting away dealing on that, like american pansy
fascist soldiers did, after bombing the poorest of the
poor, US, and celebrated as nazi filth on TV nation
wide because of it. CNN called it an atrocity as them
then, oh so ever convenient to disassociate, but tell
in the same breath rumsfeld's crimes against God
advocating our murders and all of humanity, are just
and well deserving without any interviews or comment,

117 000 000 plus more lives who died during WWII,

TOMORROWS. Americans, your justice has been blinded by
bush to measure because he is a total incompetent, now
saying he'll do it all alone by himself in private,
with his imaginary friends to decide our fates.
Corporate americans would say, we don't care, who cares
about some innocent people being murdered way over
there, they were the good guys, haven't you seen our
movies, being robbed, beaten down, imprisoned, with the
lowest literacy and highest rates of human depravation
of the entire industrialized worlds, just sit and watch
the movies third worlders, you'll catch on, oh, but
don't say those factual things nor cover anything like
math or science, just keep saying America's the best,
lie to US, the people, and vote republican, to make you
feel popular, with the 'in' crowds, who can afford a
luxury education, of which in other nations, are common
things, to everyone we try to be our best. Smart. We
are Cubans!!! Echem, bush, the dumbest excuse for a
lie ever believed, who thinks Americans don't see him
as the murderer he is truly deceived, he thinks he'll
dupe Christ now as well, God he is unwise, with CNN now
saying, they can't show us our evidence, because we're
secretly hiding nowhere. Echem, bush is looking after
this though, privately entirely all to himself, he
alone is the brains of your entire outfit as imp
errorring, better than all the rest put together, God
you Johnny, we love you! It's all right though,
because we wont need it, we know those Afgans had
nothing to do with it!!! Ha ha, you lose. Echem, bush
and rumsfeld off to jail or death by NRA firing squad,
for Justice shall prevail equally as we exist as Us
all, your forgiven but both bush and rumsfeld, are
going straight to hell. We are amazing. See, let's
say, some american murderer committed some crime and
didn't get caught, and bush or rumsfeld as our equals
in a legal binding universe as a free society, a
struggling democracy, or a potential of Heavens on the
horizon, killed police officers for failing to make the
LEGAL arrests, they'd still be convicted, as too, they
are already, guilty, guilty, guilty! Waddle day craze?
We have no defence to make against their crimes they've
admitted to doing, pleading the fifth, is still and
guaranteed, life term prison sentences, easy, the
evidence is insurmountable without their cooperation,
proving the case to be correct by remaining silent,
hahaha.. guilty, guilty, guilty! No where to run.
See, once all the evidence is in, guilty without
comment, makes guilty without conscience. Double life
terms! Bhaahaha. Echem, bush in retaliation, as
closing his statements standing against all of every
single American soldier and otherwise, knowing he'll be
going to prison very soon, or enslave the entire
American nation as God to suffer unjustly, (he wants to
end our world killing everyone apparently), has
implemented the very real destruction of the judicial
process for EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN so far too smoothly,
in our America, not being covered by the corporate
agenda. He 'states' he doesn't understand why we have
law as what truth is to be, good or evil, is all of
deceived. The Anti-Christ bush that so is he. Do you
exist for this as to believe? Look, do you read these
words, are you you, but not for only, because I John
wrote them, as we share our time together with all the
same, but uniquely different as independent living art.
Truth, Justice, and Freedom remain for all to be
convinced, serving for our own interests, is believing
equality of rights among all serves freedom best. No
George, really. See, too many politicians think to be
a politician, is to work for private gain against the
community, when real strength for ourselves is to know
as community we are of politically. But maximized cash
take, private corporate new professionals, don't like
that arrangement, and leave us uninformed to lose our
equal say. America's attack unjustly though a segment
of ourselves while fighting to remain, leaves bush no
lie to kill us with open communications to our
advantage naturally. This possibly, could for us, just
get better, and better, and better, if bush would only
simply surrender to the belief we should have in
ourselves being humans. Like thou shall not murder any
of us, because you wouldn't think that fair, now would
you bush jr.? Or you there, stranger, reading this
passage? Can you see our dilemma? But I ain't
actually ever allowed myself to be put on a cross
intentionally, and I carry few of any wounds. That was
a joke. I do try crushing bricks with my bare hands,
although, I ain't no Larry Fields, but, I am still
standing to take on all challenges by american nazi
scumy slaves, claiming us truly to be more powerful,
and as me to know hearing, we seem to be in this all
swimming. Look, if American soldiers, after reading
this paper, and researching on their own, wish to
attempt to silence US true Americans, we'll war them
all myself straight to burning hell, let's go
anti-American nazi dumb scums, let's play chicken!
Come on you can't be serious, your weak, pathetic,
deranged, and lunatics. Oh right, shucks, you can't
even read this, your a republican, it's a running on so
long living word drama sentence, of John's, all alone
again, drats, I need some girl friends.) Whereas, he
and rumsfeld wishes to be your judge and jury without
any evidence, or court documents, nor with typical nazi
corporate news coverage ignoring every legitimate
national concern! Bad news! Not good! Pure evil! He
as the Anti-Christ duped in all honesty, falling into
our hell's fury, off the line of Justice to be, is the
chaos of uncertainty and disbelief, politically, no
room for just one, bush you idiot, you have no clue
what you've done! The vilest contempt for life as
mistake, and humanity that ever shall be known, or
exist in exile, chained to be locked, and is no
stranger to me, being of all we've ever fought to teach
throughout our entire existence. Wow, what a show! It
is the nature of this as we died, and are robbed of
Justice for bush's evil stupidity, demanding us to
refuse standing strong on Justice supreme, for all, as
US, humanity. He has willingly murdered innocent
people for his financial gain he believes brings true
wealth as a living thing, while corporate machines go
so, who cares, he's our manufactured Mephestopholeeze,
who steals from the public purse deliberately, 50
billion and growing, and kills ANY innocent people for
our stolen values. So what? Budda has spoken on this
bush person already! Where have you people been? I am
seriously bringing up our story again now as to testify
to America's depravity, but still friendly to freedom
for all, let's try again to make bush our buddy buddy.
Let me talk about it to anyone, in a actual public
discussion. Echem, bush defend yourself, try as best
you can to be a man for Christ sake, you and me on CNN
right now chump, nazi dog, cat gouache tongue? Why can
not CNN face my absurd stand with perfect madness on
our undisputable Justice, life, and the living infinite
machine of forever dreamings, with me as a god, just
joking around with ya people, come on, please? I AM
CONTROLS! But they make no attempt to discredit us,
voices of reason, temporarily immortal as Gods for this
moment growing louder and louder, because we mean good
business, while theirs is out of touch with our
reality, trying to kill us. Echem, bush and rumsfeld
have no defence and are guilty for killing yourself.
Look, get together the finest republicans on one side,
and just US surviving police officers on the other.
How about the entire republican debating squad, meet us
at alt.politics.conservative? Check it out. Racists,
and dumb lugs, who lack all skills, who can barely
communicate their evil intent, because it's often, not
of their own, but for banker buildings they know not
of. Terrified of course, to public ridicule, for
whoring mindlessly, of which they so would cackle, to
the disgrace of themselves, and everyone else. If only
they would try to learn something new for a change!
Look, we're all in this together, but insults come to
often from our right wing as ideas are so few in
number. See, I know true, and you now too should see,
bush and rumsfeld are guilty, and must be imprisoned or
found dead completely, as the murderers they are to ALL
of US, as a posse, unstoppable, and determined to win.
Corporate America refuses to speak publicly on my world
wide, available in almost every country, true
allegations, substantiated facts, and screams for
Justice to be served, only foolishly to lie to you
openly, and convince you as a dumb ignorant fascist
nazi american otherwise, by censorship, ignoring our
pleads for true freedom, and representation as equals.
Why? They are guilty of ignoring the tax system,
private banks, corporate crime, VLTs, fluoride, and the
list goes on ad infinitum. He, bush our nazi gestapo
leader, could listen at anytime, if he so desired to
become a man, to economists, scientists, clergymen,
lawyers even, but, in our real world horror, with him
in our stolen thrones, he keeps saying, "na", as a lame
brain flame drain, for everybody as less than speaking,
expected to fall to his heal and die without trying to
protect ourselves, by forming doubts that he did not
just commit murders against US human beings, having no
evidence or just cause an atrocity were expected to
ignore, and play pretend while paying continually for.
See, he ALSO wishes to continue as murderer, with our
lives as his cheating game of YOUR living rights
removed, A TRUE TERRORIST, just like sharone has been
doing, but on a much bigger scale, because he is really
really super dumb like that, while We know, he knows,
We know, he knows! Convictable in any court of all the
lands. Guilty!!! Just like his father and grand
father, who was arrested by real brave Americans, for
chumping with the loser hitler, distant relative of
Chuckies, who bush has been caught stuck in bed with
together. (That's "Chuck Grassly" to those American
reporters who have never heard his name before.) Trust
me, we don't wanna go back there in our future now
over, because we don't, I'm Holy Christ, "Johnny
Wizard", guess who wins this case? We do! If american
foreign policy had any interest in humanitarian
missions, of which they almost never really have, (Ya,
like a republican really cares for anyone more like
themselves, or those American soldiers Truly do love
their spouses after murdering the innocent families of
Afganistan, at long range distances, provided no
evidence but cover up in blowing sands, never filmed
for us as parasitic scum of humanity, to police officer
peasant to get a feel for what these american savages
are actually doing, then celebrating their crimes
against us all as the still barely surviving by luck of
this draw), but as an excuse to steal someone's land,
or oil (which could be easily substituted for free zero
emission Hydrogen no prob, Harry Braun.) or take money
as republican greed shows through their very presence,
and sense of odd timing. For why must Americans
sacrifice our civilians by actively supporting
terrorism? Why does not the Army, Navy, and Air force
arrest by force, republicans who fund the school of
americas? Why not? Because they're not real men, they
are COWARDLY to stand against us true Americans strong,
poisoned with some inoculations probably, made into the
nazis they are to be represented, afraid to stand up
against the weakest of weak contenders, ourselves,
pathetic, I'll say it again, such a disgrace to US all,
God, I'm so ashamed of myself. I CHALLENGE RUMSFELD TO
see, how brave and strong an american nazi truly is to
us public people. As well, as should be expected,
they'll still try to cheat, being less than equal men,
even with odds, less at five to one, but I got that
covered too. heeheehee. IF RUMSFELD AND BUSH CAN NOT
BOTH ARE, criminals refusing to protect American's
fight for Justice to all, and cowards to stand over the
slaves to ROYALLY fight Johnny Wizard, just a single
raw MAN true, of honor and courage, a little stupid
sometimes, but, REALLY COURAGEOUS!!! American Marines
are only brave to murder weak innocent civilians, who
are still dead don't forget, and police officers with
cruise missiles, but as real men, ha, not a chance,
weak without soul, hateful of all humanity and the
American dream, and on which I STAND STRONG, really,
and undivided as the world leader, undefeated in every
performance I've completed so far just barely. (God
help me!) Come on american nazi scum, take the
challenge and wager your valuable banker roles. If
they don't face this music, it only goes to show with
this saying, "a good Marine is with US on this truth,
Justice, and Liberty thing", the American dream brought
to fruition, in this fabulous show piece of perfection
in artistry. If not, their mindless slaves, prepared
to murder innocent people, civilians, of which I, as
clearly the most powerful on this planet named John,
will do anything I possibly can, to war the evilness in
America as perpetrators of unneeded sacrifices,
ourselves, no longer to be excepted lying down. Hey, I
make mistakes too, we're all JUST human didn't you
know? Although, visit any of the American military
usenet groups and read for yourselves, often stupid,
and depraved they are alone and isolated, racists,
bigots, and chumped change. No wonder CNN barely never
interviews them. See for yourself! On Justice,
Freedom, or Liberty, with military signatures to
testify, they are mostly as weak as can be of all
literate countries, enslaved by uneducated republican
ignorance, sadomasochists masquerading as gay men is
their favorite pastime to praise each other for killing
themselves over the battle for their bulges. I, as you
can imagine receive some challenges from nazi dumb ass
americans from time to time. But, most at the CIA, and
real American biker gang groups however, who ride to
live, as well as American police officers, now forced
to call their neighbors 'citizens', living in George
Orwellian, are genuinely concerned about America's
frighteningly real nightmare of painful dumdum bush
ideology leaching into society, counter balanced by
Johnny thoughts, support me naturally, fighting for
Liberty or death as the winner to free God Almighty I
am truly, if you can think likewise to be a human being
honest and unafraid of our challenges, bizarre, to
force open OUR corporate news doors, by screaming,
yelling, and kicking! We know where bush is going, and
nobody in their right mind, would continue without
pausing. (bush has actually said, now is not the time
to put on our thinking caps, while warring against all
of humanity, and has given out simple plane badges to
children, one badge say's "I'm a conservative, narrow
minded, and proud of it!", the other, "I'm a Liberal,
naive, and proud of it!", on hopes to bring ourselves
together. You know it is funny, naive, ha ha, oh..
but it also leaves a murderer who will privately take
care of OUR entire world political scene with a
military force trained to obey every nazi command
mindlessly as evil self deceived. Echem... bush
alone! While I wish to do nothing but party, and
empower the voter to stand strong on Justice to improve
our democracies, and dreaming about a better future
multi dimensionally, on a beach somewhere with babes to
cuddle, to leave you people to do all the work for me,
while we snooze as star billed quackier. Now yes, I as
an individual am pretty mighty one on one, but I can't
take on the entire savage American military gestapo,
all at the same time to stop them from slaughtering
innocent people while dancing a jig, like Americans
would be without a Justice system now denied every
American citizen. As no cause is independent, if bush
should continue to succeed slaughtering us innocent, it
surely, under the circumstances, would come home in
catastrophe. As it is right now, republicans are
going, great were imprisoning liberals, and forbidding
public criticism, while thinking on which books to
start burning, critical to a democracy and a united
military, if not fought to protect, all of America,
could just quit, by the freedoms so rightly cherished,
as are now just getting up, and walking out, not saying
anything. Echem.. bush has gained many enemies, who
too, would see America, siding with an evil by not
screaming. No justice for people, is evil to every
single human being on this planet, and a nation to side
as such in fear, is not where America wants to be left
standing down. Look, forget about me being benevolent
King, boy lover, Lord, Jesus or what have you, just do
everything in your power to demand equal say, for all
are equal under love indivisible truly in pain. I, as
the alien, will actually, for sure, be trying to leave
your planet shortly. (If they'd just return my god
damn phone calls!!) For to not protect the innocent
being murdered by your own self destroying leaderless
government, as a blind military force of death and
destruction, off our tracks and down through hell, will
lead you nowhere to hide, nor anyone else to blame but
yourself. Echem.. bush isn't listening. For when
they come for you, you'll say you had been wronged, but
to who your not hearing, I'm warning you, you must
fight to protect Justice as your own, or die as a
coward and betrayer to yourself and family, the family
of all humanity. Those people bush murdered with our
authority while smiling, were the same as you or me
unrepresented as equals. A leaked report of CNN's news
director forbade reporters to cover the savage murders
of innocent civilians committed to by nazi american
sadists like rumsfeld, of whom we will imprison or kill
ourselves with true American soldier help, because
american corporate planning, our planning, should
remember how many people died at the World Trade Center
disaster??? Completely irrational, illogical, and
deserves to lose his 'Americans' job for censoring all
Americans on such an easily defeatable claim of cell
phone brain damage. (Why not just kill more innocent
New Yorkers, they're closer?) Another example of why
the 'secret' closed off from our legal protection, as
the world Commi Idiot Agency departments are crime
ridden, as illegitimate. Fear of the CIA we are not,
it's the criminals who hide behind our title we should
all be concerned about getting away unarrested.
Selling cocaine is just not Kosher. Under normal
conditions, we would have thought to involve the
American police detachments, but we all know what bush
has recently done to screw up the definition of Justice
for the entire country of America, 265 million plus
people right, to escape his imprisonment, hampering
every single good officer, but to escape our wrath,
bush, he will not, his crimes he is guilty as, we know,
and he has just got to be stopped, he no longer serves
for Americans, nor is America proud of his contempt for
us, as the humans. He is not qualified in almost every
political endeavour but stealing, and easily to feel
sorry for, a lifeless degenerate who kills innocent
people while not thinking, out of sinisterness perhaps
not, possibly, but in of a total disregard for
America's way of surviving. The result of a fixed
election not preserving our representation. Look at
the film footage of rumsfeld telling soldiers, we must
kill all the police officers without any evidence, and
no one in the crowd stood up as a real man, a working
officer of our Laws, to shoot him dead on the spot, for
being such a discredit to every human being, and dead
soldiers everywhere who died for nothing! Even hitler
wasn't so blatantly evil to himself publicly. Honest
John. Like, how do you tell an Afgan from an Afgan, a
soldier from a man? American nazi cowards, shaking in
their boots, refusing to protect our innocent lives
from such a savage, actively working to kill us all
off, one by one, alone without communications.
Conspiracy rumsfeld? We have nothing to hide being as
free as can be to all as we live just, true American
soldiers will unite eventually by your continuing dummy
silence to keep US sleeping, and will awaken to silence
you rumsfeld personally, six feet under our ground
taking care of your business practices for ourselves
naturally. When Americans finally learn this murdering
is to cover republican thieving of close to three
trillion dollars, and bush's 50 billion, you'd better
believe American soldiers are not going to be to happy
with you. A week, a month, no more than a year, and
you'll have no make believe friend anywhere. What if
rumsfeld could aim our cruise missiles? Well, he'd see
all of Israel, China, and then our New York city go
down as his enemies, of which I soon will be visiting.
Where shall we put the monuments to apologize for
Afganistan, New Yorkers? Or will they stay
disrespectful to themselves as CNN insists they are not
humans? The site of retribution against a country of
hateful, despicable savage professionals, that still
awkwardly sits as slaves and degenerating, praising a
murderer very much like hitler, in his attempt to
destroy absolutely everything, and paying sharone, the
convicted but yet unarrested likewise murderer of us
civilians, convicted by the Israeli government for
crimes against humanity, unarrested like bush should be
dead, surrounded by nazi soldiers with AK-47s, an
american paid for nazi military murdering ourselves
almost daily, without evidence, the trying to do our
job police officers who were too, Jewish!!! How far
does a stone throw? Echem.. bush has stated his
administration is thinking of getting involved by not
thinking. Gee, civilians, against a military, and bush
is a coward, a bribe taker, a sell out, a thief, and a
murderer. Do you live in Washington? American
republicans are so deplorable and disgusting to this
entire universe, we are aching to come visit, to take
up my defences by word against the country that sits
silent, while corporate America tries to remove my
human rights from humanity. I am not a monster!
Justice indivisible see? In the long run, we'll figure
us ALL to be right hopefully, by learning to hang onto
our lives. But, as you stay a pansy coward American,
swimming in corporate manufactured doubts by blind
consent, not listening, living under corporate no win
rules, afraid of death to stand up against bush's
murder rampage against us innocent people you think are
not OUR equals under God like Truly yourselves in
reflection, as racists and bigots are so popular now a
daze, so to, will good Americans suffer under
republican oppression, unruly. Think about it. Look
around. Who actually, do you know, voted for bush?
Only the corporate possessed ignorant on every
political subject under the sun, hypnotized now to say,
awe forget it, who cares about you, or those to say
politics is no pleasure cruise, nor a responsibility
for every American truly, I'm voting republican next
time too, otherwise makes me look dumber to not knowing
anything particular. Like bush says all scientists are
doubtful. (Ya, huh, I'm an american soldier. Flag
desecrater. And I'm suposser ter re, all wheezing,
left right, bee caused, more likely to end somebody
dumb left stoopd, right stoop... Ed, you can't tink
left, where are you doing?) Echem, bush is bushwrecked,
and better off dead if not behind Bard, who publicly
told all, he is going to take from the middle class and
poor, a stranger to you and me for sure, then "wins"
the election, with a Federal regressive tax system,
never ever attempted in the history of America, because
it guarantees the end of our nation by the simple
mathematics of corporate greed my friends who blindly
worship private bank buildings without reason you know
of. Even in Rome, the people could count! Here is the
recap of the speech I gave almost 2000 years ago,
applied to today's private banking fiasco. Let's see,
we pay the private banker our money, who are licenced
by ourselves responsible, who then lend our money to
our friends that we lose to, because the private banker
pockets the interest charged on the devaluation of our
currency that they couldn't have lent until we earned
it, that doesn't exist for but unjustly almost entirely
themselves privately held, as our own falsely state is
theirs almost exclusively by our consented right don't
you know, who as banker does no labor, nor any work
whatsoever, other than devaluing our free time, and
foreclosing on our properties. Then there is
subsidies, capital tax exemptions, private money
creation, service fees, and.. and. God, you can't
believe it again, because it is so terrifying to be let
robbed continuously in broad daylight and look stupid
not existing, I guess will just pretend our paychecks
aren't really shrinking, and a trillion dollars isn't
really a million million. In short form, the private
banker multi-hundred billion dollar salaried WierDos,
are taking your money without asking, no questions,
see? (It's secretly coded in the very ancient book
Genesis for verification.) Although, recently, bush the
tyrant nazi murderer celebrated by american TV specials
as an American, despised for murdering so many, by all
that is truly alive and good in our universe, did take
money out of our public children's health care program
in America, to put in we can assume, another republican
scam, not positive though, for homeless people. Sounds
too strange, but it might be legit, let's go see. It
is so unrepublican, what with the privates, HMO & CEO
losing out, like the 60% take, of the give bribe payers
as the pharmaceutical or insurance industries, who hold
no medical or science degrees, possibly losing their
consented crime scenes, with your blinded authority
hurting health care for us injured, that I'd wager
discarded donuts, something's dishonest, or you've
actually found God ticked off with himself. (Just wait
till you people see my imitation of bush in action, if
you haven't already, it is the most terrifying thing
you'll probably ever witness.) They gave it to somebody
without an address would be where I would start
searching, if another republican crime is found, it
should be reported, and actually taken care of, and
bush should of course be arrested like yesterday, but
it wouldn't be shown, yawn, until now I'm speaking
today, it's just the always losing out American tax
payers friend, the law bidders being murdered cowering
in darkness, trained to blame the poor and starving for
everything grease pan does to screw around with our
economies. Our fault again, because we're so damn
brilliant as this alive, stupidly dying for not just
cause, but what can I do, if corporate America never
listens to anybody complaining, yourself included,
still breathing? I'm trying to be dumb like corporate
americans demand we all are, of where we are not,
honest, but ignoring ourselves is just not working, as
the truly suffering and dying for not getting this done
because corporations want us lazy, like themselves to
do nothing. (Time yourself, on how long it takes, to
research 2% Social Security.) The Commi Nazi Network
tells us 87% of Americans agree to murdering innocent
people for no crime they have evidence for, and that
bush won the election of which he didn't, known world
wide practically, yet, more than 87% of internet
traffic is demanding our voices be heard on this
subject, as well as many others. So, what is most
important my friends? Life, freedom, and Liberty for
all us in a democracy, but our news as it is in
America, has almost become our enemy. We need to talk
about the Federal Reserve, Monsanto, Ethyl Corp, the
WTO, as well, Dutch-Shell. The thing here is if a
private for con profit covers our stories, they then
would appear to have hidden it, so they sit back and
watch us all be robbed, poisoned, and now openly
murdered, by bush's terrorist conglomerate, from their
oh so powerful positions of our authority and wisdom,
cracking, and so is born a heaven as hells, with Johnny
as saviour or demon. We have a BIG job to do. If you
know of weak minded racists in your community, who are
actively threatening the harmony of good people in our
places, band together task forces of every description
to provide comfort and support to ourselves as family,
and let's win this challenge together as human beings
who care for each other. Students, teachers, and pie
makers unite, into one big Teddy bear of love over

"Child Soldiers for Taliban? Unlikely"
By Scott Peterson
Christian Science Monitor
December 6 ,1999

" A single line in a report by UN Secretary-General
Kofi Annan, which alleged last week that the strict
Taliban regime uses child warriors under 14 years old,
sparked a firestorm. "

"UN and relief workers say the child-warrior issue is a
prime example of what the Taliban sees as confusing
signals from the world body - and is further proof, to
their minds, of outsiders too eager to believe
sensational reports. "There was a high level of anger
and frustration from the authorities here," says Erick
de Mul, the UN humanitarian coordinator for
Afghanistan, who toured front-line Taliban positions
north of Kabul to see for himself last week. He says
he found no evidence of combatants younger than 21
years of age."

J.W. note: Also the Taliban leadership, so brutally
murdered by fascist nazi america, had officially stated
as themselves, to use children in warfare, was against
God and the Koran, so it had been outlawed, when Kofi
told his fib to all of everyone. I like Kofi though,
kinda scared and evil dumb sometimes, but trying to do
something, usually for the better, although recently,
it has been, somewhat of a complete failure. Not to
openly condemn sharone for murdering innocent Jews, or
America warring a starving populace, for no reason but
corporate greed, with some american soldiers dancing at
their heinous acts of bush's war fared murder scam,
televised to not be ashamed as God's American pride
collapsed? I almost wished to end it all just then,
with our life of pain and sorrows, but I do love God,
my one true friend, never alone without my praises,
albeit by myself alone mostly I guess, and hated by
most Americans, I'd suppose, for being intelligent or
so stupid as much. But, I can keep pretending, some
one out there still cares for life truly, and that
happiness for all might be pursuable. Education is
important, as too, is sustainability needed critical.
We still have chances, barely, we just have to find
time to help ourselves stand up, and be heard from the
mountain tops, telling, we are important to each other,
and lifeless degenerating corporate automaton no soul
destroyers of prosperity, must be openly addressed,
stopped and questioned, before taking all of our
authorities, because we are alive and breathing God
damn it, and I do have a say in my own life, and bush
isn't going to take that away from me any longer, nor
is any other going to deny my life and liberty from
stating such equally, I would die first, than lay down
as american nazi cowards, slaves to the machine,
destroyer of only to ourselves getting better. By
shear will power we can believe in a brighter future.
I am an animal, the King of this jungle, who really
means something important God damn you people, even
though sadly, I'm probably, the only dreamer who can
appreciate my own conceitment. Please help us be
heard, have a heart for God.

Chomsky Compendium Interview
By Noam Chomsky
September 24, 2001

From Greek, Spanish and French Press

"He then proceeds, in conventional fashion, to enlist
himself among those who provide "arguments and excuses
for terrorism," tacitly endorsing political
assassination, namely, Israeli assassinations of
Palestinians who it claims support terrorism; no
evidence is offered or considered necessary, and in
many cases even the suspicions appear groundless.
US-supplied attack helicopters have been used for such
assassinations for 10 months. Walzer puts the word
"assassination" in quotes, indicating that in his view,
the term is part of the "fervid and highly distorted
accounts of the blockade of Iraq and the
Israeli-Palestinian conflict." He is referring to
criticism of US-backed Israeli atrocities in the
territories that have been under harsh and brutal
military occupation for almost 35 years, and of US
policies that have devastated the civilian society of
Iraq (while strengthening Saddam Hussein)."

"As suggested by UNHCR chief Ruud Lubbers, the US and
the rest of the international community should at least
devote the same efforts to building a "humanitarian
coalition" as they have to building a military one"

J.W. note: While mr bush and rumsfeld say kill all
the trying to be men for no reason, and nobody let the
Afgans escape in their own home country of Afganistan,
because marines are committed to be lifeless, as scum
of our earth, and degenerates to obey such an evil
command. Be a true American, and kill rumsfeld the
murderer for US today! Win a prize, and be loved by

Afganistan's Record Still Poor on Human Rights
By Elizabeth Olson
New York Times
April 8, 1999

Taliban authorities, however, recently exempted needy
widows form the prohibition on employing women in urban
areas. They also had expressed "a more flexible
attitude about girls' access to education, indicating
that girls could return to school if more of the
war-damaged schools were reopened, Dr. Hossain said.

same story

Taliban officials told him that law and order had been
sufficiently restored for "people to carry on some of
their normal avocations: going to market, opening
shops or having their children attend some of the
schools." Nonetheless"hardly any girls" attend school
and only 24 percent of boys receive schooling, Dr.
Hossain noted. This is because, prior to the Taliban
takeover, as many as 80 percent of the teachers were

J.W. note: What does this mean? There were 10
teachers, and eight of them were female teaching from a
bunker? Correct me If I'm wrong, (as not that it would
justify bush's murder charges ever, dumb fucking nazis,
but,) but just before the Taliban who had been in
control for only a short few years past, was tribal
rivalry bordering anarchy, like america murdered to
re-implement so bush could siphon oil, with bands of
bandits scouring the land, Larry's friends, while women
were not respected by government because, there wasn't
any to speak of. Women were bought sold and given
away, and the only thing you could hope for was to die
in your sleep, which was why the Taliban formed in the
first place, to protect women from being raped. Unless
the New York Times is referring to sometime before 78,
24 years previous to the american nazi holocaust
revisited. I don't know, let's talk about it. Why is
CNN not ever talking to us about anything? Not a
single critic of these crimes against humanity, have
been allowed as consideration, or I've not witnessed
speak openly on CNN, (can barely stand watching it.)
who is stealing our freedoms, and liberties to think
clearly. There are voices, and we are many. Noam?
Have you ever been a guest, being the number one best
seller of political dialog in America? What would
Chris or Tom say? That they had to remain biased as
uninformed, and unworthy as us alive?

Chomsky Compendium Interview
By Noam Chomsky
September 24, 2001

From Greek, Spanish and French Press

Is it a conventional war? A new one, a crusade, as Mr.
Bush said, or simply an act of terror?

It is neither "new," nor a "war against terrorism." We
should not forget that the Reagan administration came
into office 20 years ago announcing that a primary
focus of foreign policy would be the threat of
"international terrorism," and it reacted to this
threat with programs of international terrorism on a
remarkable scale, even leading to a World Court
condemnation of the US for "unlawful use of force"
(i.e., international terrorism).

What happened on Sept 11 was, unquestionably, a
horrifying crime. There are proper ways to respond to
crimes, great or small, in accord with US domestic and
international law, and there are precedents; for
example the one I just mentioned. Nicaragua presumably
could have reacted to Washington's terrorist war by
setting off bombs in Washington. Instead, it
approached the World Court, which issued the judgment
that I just cited. The US of course dismissed the
Court with contempt. Its response was to escalate the
terrorist attack, and to veto a Security Council
resolution calling on all states to observe
international law, then voting against a similar
General Assembly resolution (alone with Israel and El
Salvador; the following year Israel alone). The US
could choose to adhere to its obligations under
international law as well, and of course would face no
barriers. That is by no means the only example. When
the US attacked Sudan in 1998, destroying the
facilities that produce half its pharmaceutical
supplies (which it could not replenish), causing the
death of unknown numbers of people, Sudan approached
the Security Council, but the US refused to permit even
an inquiry. When IRA bombs were set off in London,
there was no call to bomb the US, the source of most of
the financial support for the IRA. Rather, efforts
were made to deal with what lay behind the resort to
terror. When a federal building was blown up in
Oklahoma City, there were calls for bombing the Middle
East, and it probably would have happened if the source
turned out to be there. When it was found to be a
militia-based bombing, there was no call to obliterate
Montana and Idaho, where most of the ultra-right
militias are based. Rather, there was a search for the
perpetrator, who was found, brought to court and
sentenced, and there were efforts to understand the
grievances that lie behind such crimes and to address
the problems. Just about every crime -- whether a
robbery in the streets or colossal atrocities -- has
reasons, and commonly we find that some of them are
serious and should be addressed.


See terrorism is a tactic, and to go to war against it,
one must first look to why a cause would exist to bring
one to commit such crimes.

American politicians will be held responsible at OUR
World Court, those who say no silently in back room
meetings so they can murder you, will be brought out
into the light, and go to jail for treason, by
harboring terrorism for freedom fighters to complain
justly about corporate silence, gaining new recruits
while being really robbed or murdered, makes a very
convincing argument. Republicans will not be allowed
to get away from us dead folk, because American
soldiers will not be delayed with this issue, after
learning to read it slowly, then catching on, sometime
later. Any politician that says they have some innate
right to murder innocent people such as yourself, any
would be writer, will be brought back into this light,
and go to jail for treason by harboring terrorist
activities. True American soldiers will not be delayed
with this issue. The politician that says they have
some innate right to murder innocent people, will be
hunted down by the FBI, CIA, NSA, The NRA, Bikers and
the Mafia, the Asian Triple Triangles, as well the
Crypts, Bloods, Chip, Dale, Joe, and myself see,
because we're not gonna take it, no, we ain't gonna
take it, we're not gonna take it any more!

These again, are only some of the reasons bush must be
convicted for murdering innocent people, or executed by
a real American soldier, dedicated to freedom, Liberty,
and Justice indivisible, for all as US equals. Echem..
bush has said if we don't let him break our laws of
humanity so he can kill innocent people in OUR Universe
for money as a terrorist, like sharone, he'll try to
kill US for asking for what he has stolen, I say, we
ALL, if WE must, as he singly incites not stopping an
argument eternal that ends in diaspore, end bush
instead, for being a criminal, escaping nowhere. Why
should all of humanity be forced to die in his place?
How's that bush, asshole, where do you think your going
to run from death awoken? We're gonna gettcha one way
or another, we're gonna find ya, and your gonna have to
be accountable to God as gods, US, the people you've
murdered. Boo! We'll haunt you down, and scare the
life out of your empty bereft criminal soul. Do you
know what the definition is to "Taliban"? Students.
That is who bush murdered, students and teachers armed
with bazookas, trying to grow with their third world
society, with some law to protect our women and the
communities. Echem.. bush, I never heard comment on
what he believed to be wrong specifically with their
growing legal system, for we know he doesn't even
understand America, nor believe in communication, or
law, nor so, does america's CNN keeps not saying,
refusing to protect the humans, the very Nature of
truth in ourselves being denied, and left to die, as
bush alone privately is left to decide. I will remind
all Americans as is their legal system now perverted
much like Israel, that after sharone murdered Jewish
families, imprisoned Jewish school kids for believing
in God of all things with people as equals as so states
in the Torah of Moses, I'm serious, desecrated the
third holiest of holies, and lost every public poll
done in Israel, while american nazi tanks were pelted
by ISRAELI citizens that CNN worked deliberately not to
show you that we saw here in Canada, he won the
election by victory against the slaves, the Jews who
have gotten the worst deal, but the best view. He is
constantly surrounded by american nazis with machine
guns, not Jews, for he is not neither practicing as
Jesus, of course, but murderer of innocent lives taken
without evidence or any trials. Any Jew who would
support such a madman after reading this truth as
documented, would be no practicing Jew, would barely be
real, to not side with what was clearly a demand for
your voice to be heard all the way to our balconies.
So why, oh why, do you as an American give sharone your
30 plus dollars every year to continue? Why, oh why,
will I not see this essay every where possible on our
information highways, like in your newspaper? Does
your faith lie in bush deciding who's ideas are
criminal? Does your faith lie in bush deciding in
private meetings who, as American, should be executed
without trial as justifiable reason? A man who states
publicly people shouldn't think to make plans, and in
debate, made fun of those who use a calculator?
Echem.. bush just murdered a bunch of innocent people
for cash profit, and now tells you, he will kill any
American he wishes without legal due process. He is a
puny little punk! Demand bush be imprisoned for trial,
or kill the nazi on site soldier! Will American men be
Men, or prodded cows under bush jr's rule of injustice
and slavery? The terrorist bill will be revoked
pertaining to an American's right to counsel, and a
fair trial over an accused crime, for without evidence,
we would be innocent, scum bag nazi fascist! Echem,
bush, the tyrannical, the evilest dumbass attempt of
contempt for life in the history of humanity, would
rather have the entire human race suffer, likely
destroyed, to take his place as evil incarnate. Thank
God there is a rainbow. Unless Colin is going to start
telling all US Americans he'll decide privately, in
secret, who should live or die unjustly. That would be
terrorism blatant, and Americans, united, I'm sorry,
will not allow you to do that. Justice will be met
through us as unquantifiable equals as this universe is
already. The American Constitution and all that
history, you should know as an American. But, I feel,
Colin would be open to discussion publicly, as the man
he is often honestly himself, (probably the one to take
out rumsfeld I'd bet.) to address our problems
together. Let us speak openly about the crimes against
humanity from the Pentagon, and send in our soldiers,
or FBI in uniforms, to arrest and convict those
responsible for bio-warfare and huge frauds against us
soldiers united, and unafraid to take up our fears.
I'm it, and once you actually get to know me, maybe
even after the cage match might get going, I'm not so
frightening as your equal, honestly, know really,
truly, I wouldn't doubt you, I'm here aren't you? Boo!
So what, big deal, let's carry on. You people can call
me all the names you want now really, and I'm sorry if
I've been a little crazy and on edge lately, this God
Son Word no lie of death, Satan Jesus Allah Apollo
Atlas dream, in real living things is sometimes
stressful, ending all wars and creating a heaven on
earth by pure instinct as bullshiting, or so as this
word is speaking before a beginning never getting
finished started, in a causeless continuum finite as
all things evolving without boundaries, as love is
forever a moment to discover, all in all, yours truly.
I'm sorry about being so angry too these last few
weeks, but you people really didn't listen to me when I
was all nice and fuzzy, and wouldn't stop calling us
names, then when bush started murdering all those God
people, I grew as I am truly, much upset with this
world, strange, the workings of the human condition.
Alice Cooper reins! Happiness sadness, freedom and
slavery, with love in war, is all but a dream to me. I
am pretty spooky. I've been on a long road leading
nowhere, and would so much wish, you people could do
the rest of this work for me, believe in yourself, and
you can do, just about anything. Flying is not a
complete impossibility. Please, if you could, email
this to a friend, newspaper, or enemy of ours to get
the place hopping Holy happy. We could rock this world
inside out if we try, but it won't go, if you
personally take no time to do so as your own. As I've
said previous, you can sit around doing nothing,
pondering the imponderable and getting stoned, but like
when Archimedes asked the nazi not to step in his math
circles of sand please, he was murdered for nothing, by
a dimwit dumbfuck named bush from Rome. Similarly like
the Taliban's of God, when simply asking for evidence
to substantiate the american nazi, world wide
allegations of threat towards life as God, from a
country ruled as I am so ashamed to be a part of
bearing the weight for. To witness never ending
falsehood of platitudes to bush as heinous murderer by
corporate powers, will guarantee my likely distrust, of
most Americans, and where they lie true to me as John
in our future. If bush can kill you for money, a slime
ball who does little of any thinking, well, you know
it's not far for him to consider so. So, as is life
has been, so it remains to be lived again. Go live for
our pleasures, to be thrilled by life as Nature,
challenges abound, of us gods or just God, or no -G-
around, let's just monkey down and party silly, we are
together as friendly, is to be with only ourselves
simply. End the rule of our bush jr who has murdered
thousands of innocent unknown people without reason,
evidence, or justifiable cause but his own to steal
ourselves from light and creation, Justice and Liberty,
who don't want to die just yet, he can do that alone,
privately, and in secret. Life is for the living, and
we need Justice desperately, ours, indivisible we stand
united in know other ways. Hate me for everything!
One for all, is all for one, so this says without me
you then. What are you going to do?

So you children of the world,
listen to what I say,
if you want a better place to live,
then spread the word today,
show the world that Love is still alive,
you must be brave,
or you children of the world,
will be the children of the grave

- Black Sabbath

"We're all stars now in the dope show"

- Marilyn Manson

"Jesus Christ no body else invited me."

- Judas Priest

In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies,
but the silence of our friends.
- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Johnny Wizard

Johnny Wizard

Dec 9, 2001, 8:47:33 PM12/9/01
Fantanstic! As you can see, mostly, only dumb basless insults, or
complaints from some, for my wise words of reason being hard to grasp,
(of which in debate the challenger loses to.) further proving,
Americans, as well as people around the world, know bush and rumsfeld
are guilty for crimes against humanity, and must be tried, or taken
out by our loyal soldiers dedicated to freedom and justice. For why
should we, as humanity, except our murders lying down as cowards? (Johnny Wizard) wrote in message news:<>...

Johnny Wizard

Dec 10, 2001, 7:56:17 PM12/10/01



same story


- Black Sabbath

- Marilyn Manson

- Judas Priest

Johnny Wizard

Added Bonus!!!!

OSAMAGATE" by Michel Chossudovsky Professor of Economics, University of Ottawa
Centre for Research on Globalisation (CRG), Montréal Posted at
9 October 2001

"Now the Taliban will pay a price" vowed President George W. Bush, as American
and British fighter planes unleashed missile attacks against major cities in
Afghanistan. The US Administration claims that Osama bin Laden is behind the
tragic events of the 11th of September. A major war supposedly "against
international terrorism" has been launched, yet the evidence amply confirms that
agencies of the US government have since the Cold War harbored the "Islamic
Militant Network" as part of Washington's foreign policy agenda. In a bitter
irony, the US Air Force is targeting the training camps established in the 1980s
by the CIA.

The main justification for waging this war has been totally fabricated. The
American people have been deliberately and consciously misled by their
government into supporting a major military adventure which affects our
collective future.

Confronted with mounting evidence, the US Administration can no longer deny its
links to Osama. While the CIA admits that Osama bin Laden was an "intelligence
asset" during the Cold War, the relationship is said to "go way back". Most news
reports consider that these Osama-CIA links belong to the "bygone era" of the
Soviet-Afghan war. They are invariably viewed as "irrelevant" to an
understanding of present events. Lost in the barrage of recent history, the role
of the CIA in supporting and developing international terrorist organizations
during the Cold war and its aftermath is casually ignored or downplayed by the
Western media.

Yes, We did support Him, but "He Went Against Us"--A blatant example of media
distortion is the so-called "blowback" thesis: "intelligence assets" are said to
"have gone against their sponsors"; "what we've created blows back in our face."
In a twisted logic, the US government and the CIA are portrayed as the ill-fated
victims: The sophisticated methods taught to the Mujahideen, and the thousands
of tons of arms supplied to them by the US - and Britain- are now tormenting the
West in the phenomenon known as `blowback', whereby a policy strategy rebounds
on its own devisers.

The US media, nonetheless, concedes that "the Taliban's coming to power [in
1995] is partly the outcome of the U.S. support of the Mujahideen, the radical
Islamic group, in the 1980s in the war against the Soviet Union". But it also
readily dismisses its own factual statements and concludes in chorus, that the
CIA had been tricked by a deceitful Osama. It's like "a son going against his
father". The "blowback" thesis is a fabrication. The evidence amply confirms
that the CIA never severed its ties to the "Islamic Militant Network". Since the
end of the Cold War, these covert intelligence links have not only been
maintained, they have in become increasingly sophisticated. New undercover
initiatives financed by the Golden Crescent drug trade were set in motion in
Central Asia, the Caucasus and the Balkans. Pakistan's military and intelligence
apparatus (controlled by the CIA) essentially "served as a catalyst for the
disintegration of the Soviet Union and the emergence of six new Muslim republics
in Central Asia."
Replicating the Iran Contragate Pattern--Remember Ollie North and the Nicaraguan
Contras under the Reagan Administration when weapons financed by the drug trade
were channeled to "freedom fighters" in Washington's covert war against the
Sandinista government. The same pattern was used in the Balkans to arm and equip
the Mujahideen fighting in the ranks of the Bosnian Muslim army against the
Armed Forces of the Yugoslav Federation. Throughout the 1990s, the Pakistan
Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) was used by the CIA as a go-between -- to
channel weapons and Mujahideen mercenaries to the Bosnian Muslim Army in the
civil war in Yugoslavia. According to a report of the London based International
Media Corporation:

"Reliable sources report that the United States is now [1994] actively
participating in the arming and training of the Muslim forces of
Bosnia-Herzegovina in direct contravention of the United Nations accords. US
agencies have been providing weapons made in... China (PRC), North Korea (DPRK)
and Iran. The sources indicated that ... Iran, with the knowledge and agreement
of the US Government, supplied the Bosnian forces with a large number of
multiple rocket launchers and a large quantity of ammunition. These included
107mm and 122mm rockets from the PRC, and VBR-230 multiple rocket launchers ...
made in Iran. ... It was [also] reported that 400 members of the Iranian
Revolutionary Guard (Pasdaran) arrived in Bosnia with a large supply of arms and
ammunition. It was alleged that the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had
full knowledge of the operation and that the CIA believed that some of the 400
had been detached for future terrorist operations in Western Europe.

During September and October [1994], there has been a stream of "Afghan"
Mujahedin ... covertly landed in Ploce, Croatia (South-West of Mostar) from
where they have traveled with false papers ... before deploying with the Bosnian
Muslim forces in the Kupres, Zenica and Banja Luka areas. These forces have
recently [late 1994] experienced a significant degree of military success. They
have, according to sources in Sarajevo, been aided by the UNPROFOR Bangladesh
battalion, which took over from a French battalion early in September [1994].

The Mujahedin landing at Ploce are reported to have been accompanied by US
Special Forces equipped with high-tech communications equipment, ... The sources
said that the mission of the US troops was to establish a command, control,
communications and intelligence network to coordinate and support Bosnian Muslim
offensives -- in concert with Mujahideen and Bosnian Croat forces-- in Kupres,
Zenica and Banja Luka. Some offensives have recently been conducted from within
the UN-established safe-havens in the Zenica and Banja Luka regions.

The US Administration has not restricted its involvement to the clandestine
contravention of the UN arms embargo on the region ... It [also] committed three
high-ranking delegations over the past two years [prior to 1994] in failed
attempts to bring the Yugoslav Government into line with US policy. Yugoslavia
is the only state in the region to have failed to acquiesce to US pressure.

"From the Horse's Mouth"--Ironically, the US Administration's undercover
military-intelligence operations in Bosnia have been fully documented by the
Republican Party. A lengthy Congressional report by the Republican Party
Committee (RPC) published in 1997, largely confirms the International Media
Corporation report quoted above. The RPC Congressional report accuses the
Clinton administration of having "helped turn Bosnia into a militant Islamic
base" leading to the recruitment through the so-called "Militant Islamic
Network," of thousands of Mujahideen from the Muslim world: Perhaps most
threatening to the SFOR mission - and more importantly, to the safety of the
American personnel serving in Bosnia - is the unwillingness of the Clinton
Administration to come clean with the Congress and with the American people
about its complicity in the delivery of weapons from Iran to the Muslim
government in Sarajevo. That policy, personally approved by Bill Clinton in
April 1994 at the urging of CIA Director-designate (and then-NSC chief) Anthony
Lake and the U.S. ambassador to Croatia Peter Galbraith, has, according to the
Los Angeles Times (citing classified intelligence community sources), "played a
central role in the dramatic increase in Iranian influence in Bosnia.

Along with the weapons, Iranian Revolutionary Guards and VEVAK intelligence
operatives entered Bosnia in large numbers, along with thousands of mujahedin
("holy warriors") from across the Muslim world. Also engaged in the effort were
several other Muslim countries (including Brunei, Malaysia, Pakistan, Saudi
Arabia, Sudan, and Turkey) and a number of radical Muslim organizations. For
example, the role of one Sudan-based "humanitarian organization," called the
Third World Relief Agency, has been well documented. The Clinton
Administration's "hands-on" involvement with the Islamic network's arms pipeline
included inspections of missiles from Iran by U.S. government officials... the
Third World Relief Agency (TWRA), a Sudan-based, phony humanitarian organization
.. has been a major link in the arms pipeline to Bosnia. ... TWRA is believed
to be connected with such fixtures of the Islamic terror network as Sheik Omar
Abdel Rahman (the convicted mastermind behind the 1993 World Trade Center
bombing) and Osama Bin Laden, a wealthy Saudi émigré believed to bankroll
numerous militant groups. [Washington Post, 9/22/96]

Complicity of the Clinton Administration--In other words, the Republican Party
Committee report confirms unequivocally the complicity of the Clinton
Administration with several Islamic fundamentalist organizations including Osama
bin Laden's al Qaeda.

The Republicans wanted at the time to undermine the Clinton Administration.
However, at a time when the entire country had its eyes riveted on the Monica
Lewinsky scandal, the Republicans no doubt chose not to trigger an untimely
"Iran-Bosniagate" affair, which might have unduly diverted public attention away
from the Lewinsky scandal. The Republicans wanted to impeach Bill Clinton "for
having lied to the American People" regarding his affair with White House intern
Monica Lewinsky. On the more substantive "foreign policy lies" regarding drug
running and covert operations in the Balkans, Democrats and Republicans agreed
in unison, no doubt pressured by the Pentagon and the CIA not to "spill the

From Bosnia to Kosovo--The "Bosnian pattern" described in the 1997 Congressional
RPC report was replicated in Kosovo. With the complicity of NATO and the US
State Department. Mujahideen mercenaries from the Middle East and Central Asia
were recruited to fight in the ranks of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) in
1998-99, largely supporting NATO's war effort. Confirmed by British military
sources, the task of arming and training of the KLA had been entrusted in 1998
to the US Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) and Britain's Secret Intelligence
Services MI6, together with "former and serving members of 22 SAS [Britain's
22nd Special Air Services Regiment], as well as three British and American
private security companies".

The US DIA approached MI6 to arrange a training programme for the KLA, said a
senior British military source. `MI6 then sub-contracted the operation to two
British security companies, who in turn approached a number of former members of
the (22 SAS) regiment. Lists were then drawn up of weapons and equipment needed
by the KLA.' While these covert operations were continuing, serving members of
22 SAS Regiment, mostly from the unit's D Squadron, were first deployed in
Kosovo before the beginning of the bombing campaign in March.

While British SAS Special Forces in bases in Northern Albania were training the
KLA, military instructors from Turkey and Afghanistan financed by the "Islamic
jihad" were collaborating in training the KLA in guerilla and diversion tactics.
Bin Laden had visited Albania himself. He was one of several fundamentalist
groups that had sent units to fight in Kosovo, ...Bin Laden is believed to have
established an operation in Albania in 1994 ... Albanian sources say Sali
Berisha, who was then president, had links with some groups that later proved to
be extreme fundamentalists. Congressional Testimonies on KLA-Osama links
According to Frank Ciluffo of the Globalized Organized Crime Program, in a
testimony presented to the House of Representatives Judicial Committee: What was
largely hidden from public view was the fact that the KLA raise part of their
funds from the sale of narcotics. Albania and Kosovo lie at the heart of the
"Balkan Route" that links the "Golden Crescent" of Afghanistan and Pakistan to
the drug markets of Europe. This route is worth an estimated $400 billion a year
and handles 80 percent of heroin destined for Europe.

According to Ralf Mutschke of Interpol's Criminal Intelligence division also in
a testimony to the House Judicial Committee: The U.S. State Department listed
the KLA as a terrorist organization, indicating that it was financing its
operations with money from the international heroin trade and loans from Islamic
countries and individuals, among them allegedly Usama bin Laden" . Another link
to bin Laden is the fact that the brother of a leader in an Egyptian Jihad
organization and also a military commander of Usama bin Laden, was leading an
elite KLA unit during the Kosovo conflict.

Madeleine Albright Covets the KLA--These KLA links to international terrorism
and organised crime documented by the US Congress were totally ignored by the
Clinton Administration. In fact, in the months preceding the bombing of
Yugoslavia, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright was busy building a "political
legitimacy" for the KLA. The paramilitary army had --from one day to the next--
been elevated to the status of a bona fide "democratic" force in Kosovo. In
turn, Madeleine Albright has forced the pace of international diplomacy: the KLA
had been spearheaded into playing a central role in the failed "peace
negotiations" at Rambouiillet in early 1999.

The Senate and the House tacitly endorse State Terrorism--While the various
Congressional reports confirmed that the US government had been working hand in
glove with Osama bin Laden's Al Qaeda, this did not prevent the Clinton and
later the Bush Administration from arming and equipping the KLA. The
Congressional documents also confirm that members of the Senate and the House
knew the relationship of the Administration to international terrorism. To quote
the statement of Rep. John Kasich of the House Armed Services Committee: "We
connected ourselves [in 1998-99] with the KLA, which was the staging point for
bin Laden..."

In the wake of the tragic events of September 11, Republicans and Democrats in
unison have given their full support to the President to "wage war on Osama".
In 1999, Senator Jo Lieberman had stated authoritatively that "Fighting for the
KLA is fighting for human rights and American values." In the hours following
the October 7 missile attacks on Afghanistan, the same Jo Lieberman called for
punitive air strikes against Iraq: "We're in a war against terrorism... We can't
stop with bin Laden and the Taliban." Yet Senator Jo Lieberman, as member of the
Armed Services Committee of the Senate had access to all the Congressional
documents pertaining to "KLA-Osama" links. In making this statement, he was
fully aware that that agencies of the US government as well as NATO were
supporting international terrorism.

The War in Macedonia--In the wake of the 1999 war in Yugoslavia, the terrorist
activities of the KLA were extended into Southern Serbia and Macedonia.
Meanwhile, the KLA--renamed the Kosovo Protection Corps (KPC)-- was elevated to
United Nations status, implying the granting of "legitimate" sources of funding
through United Nations as well as through bilateral channels, including direct
US military aid.

And barely two months after the official inauguration of the KPC under UN
auspices (September 1999), KPC-KLA commanders - using UN resources and equipment
- were already preparing the assaults into Macedonia, as a logical follow-up to
their terrorist activities in Kosovo. According to the Skopje daily Dnevnik, the
KPC had established a "sixth operation zone" in Southern Serbia and Macedonia:
Sources, who insist on anonymity, claim that the headquarters of the Kosovo
protection brigades [i.e. linked to the UN sponsored KPC] have [March 2000]
already been formed in Tetovo, Gostivar and Skopje. They are being prepared in
Debar and Struga [on the border with Albania] as well, and their members have
defined codes. According to the BBC, "Western special forces were still training
the guerrillas" meaning that they were assisting the KLA in opening up "a sixth
operation zone" in Southern Serbia and Macedonia.

"The Islamic Militant Network" and NATO join hands in Macedonia Among the
foreign mercenaries now fighting in Macedonia (October 2001) in the ranks of
self-proclaimed National Liberation Army (NLA), are Mujahideen from the Middle
East and the Central Asian republics of the former Soviet Union. Also within the
KLA's proxy force in Macedonia are senior US military advisers from a private
mercenary outfit on contract to the Pentagon as well as "soldiers of fortune"
from Britain, Holland and Germany. Some of these Western mercenaries had
previously fought with the KLA and the Bosnian Muslim Army.

Extensively documented by the Macedonian press and statements of the Macedonian
authorities, the US government and the "Islamic Militant Network" are working
hand in glove in supporting and financing the self-proclaimed National
Liberation Army (NLA), involved in the terrorist attacks in Macedonia. The NLA
is a proxy of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA). In turn the KLA and the UN
sponsored Kosovo Protection Corps (KPC) are identical institutions with the same
commanders and military personnel. KPC Commanders on UN salaries are fighting in
the NLA together with the Mujahideen.

In a bitter twist, while supported and financed by Osama bin Laden's Al Qaeda,
the KLA-NLA is also supported by NATO and the United Nations mission to Kosovo
(UNMIK). In fact, the "Islamic Militant Network" --also using Pakistan's Inter
Service Intelligence (ISI) as the CIA's go-between?still constitutes an integral
part of Washington's covert military-intelligence operations in Macedonia and
Southern Serbia. The KLA-NLA terrorists are funded from US military aid, the
United Nations peace-keeping budget as well as by several Islamic organizations
including Osama bin Laden's Al Qaeda. Drug money is also being used to finance
the terrorists with the complicity of the US government. The recruitment of
Mujahideen to fight in the ranks of the NLA in Macedonia is implemented through
various Islamic groups.

US military advisers mingle with Mujahideen within the same paramilitary force,
Western mercenaries from NATO countries fight alongside Mujahideen recruited in
the Middle East and Central Asia. And the US media calls this a "blowback" where
so-called "intelligence assets" have gone against their sponsors! But this did
not happen during the Cold war! It is happening right now in Macedonia. And it
is confirmed by numerous press reports, eyewitness accounts, photographic
evidence as well as official statements by the Macedonian Prime Minister, who
has accused the Western military alliance of supporting the terrorists.
Moreover, the official Macedonian New Agency (MIA) has pointed to the complicity
between Washington's envoy Ambassador James Pardew and the NLA terrorists. In
other words, the so-called "intelligence assets" are still serving the interests
of their US sponsors.

Pardew's background is revealing in this regard. He started his Balkans career
in 1993 as a senior intelligence officer for the Joint Chiefs of Staff
responsible for channeling US aid to the Bosnian Muslim Army. Coronel Pardew had
been put in charge of arranging the "air-drops" of supplies to Bosnian forces.
At the time, these "air drops" were tagged as "civilian aid". It later
transpired --confirmed by the RPC Congressional report?that the US had violated
the arms embargo. And James Pardew played an important role as part of the team
of intelligence officials working closely with the Chairman of the National
Security Council Anthony Lake. Pardew was later involved in the Dayton
negotiations (1995) on behalf of the US Defence Department. In 1999, prior to
the bombing of Yugoslavia, he was appointed "Special Representative for Military
Stabilization and Kosovo Implementation" by President Clinton. One of his tasks
was to channel support to the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), which at the time
was also being supported by Osama bin Laden. Pardew was in this regard
instrumental in replicating the "Bosnian pattern" in Kosovo and subsequently in

Justification for Waging War--The Bush Administration has stated that it has
proof that Osama bin Laden is behind the attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon. In
the words of British Prime Minister Tony Blair: "I have seen absolutely powerful
and incontrovertible evidence of his [Osama] link to the events of the 11th of
September." What Tony Blair fails to mention is that agencies of the US
government including the CIA continue to "harbor" Osama bin Laden's Al Qaeda.

A major war supposedly "against international terrorism" has been launched by a
government which is harboring international terrorism as part of its foreign
policy agenda. In other words, the main justification for waging war has been
totally fabricated. The American people have been deliberately and consciously
misled by their government into supporting a major military adventure which
affects our collective future.

This decision to mislead the American people was taken barely a few hours after
the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre. Without supporting evidence,
Osama had already been tagged as the "prime suspect." Two days later on Thursday
the 13th of September --while the FBI investigations had barely commenced--
President Bush pledged to "lead the world to victory". The Administration
confirmed its intention to embark on "a sustained military campaign rather than
a single dramatic action" directed against Osama bin Laden. In addition to
Afghanistan, a number of countries in the Middle East were mentioned as possible
targets including Iraq, Iran, Libya and the Sudan. And several prominent US
political figures and media pundits have demanded that the air strikes be
extended to other countries "which harbour international terrorism." According
to intelligence sources, Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda has operations in some 50 to
60 countries providing ample pretext to intervene in several "rogue states" in
the Middle East and Central Asia.

Moreover, the entire US Legislature --with only one honest and courageous
dissenting voice in the House of Representatives-- has tacitly endorsed the
Administration's decision to go war. Members of the House and the Senate have
access through the various committees to official confidential reports and
intelligence documents which prove beyond doubt that agencies of the US
government have ties to international terrorism. They cannot say "we did not
know". In fact, most of this evidence is in the public domain.

Under the historical resolution of the US Congress adopted by both the House and
the Senate on the 14th of September: The president is authorized to use all
necessary and appropriate force against those nations, organizations, or persons
he determines planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks
that occurred on Sept. 11, 2001, or harbored such organizations or persons, in
order to prevent any future acts of international terrorism against the United
States by such nations, organizations or persons. Whereas there is no evidence
that agencies of the US government "aided the terrorist attacks" on the World
Trade Centre and the Pentagon, there is ample and detailed evidence that
agencies of the US government as well as NATO, have since the end of the Cold
War continued to "harbor such organizations".

Patriotism cannot be based on a falsehood, particularly when it constitutes a
pretext for waging war and killing innocent civilians. Ironically, the text of
the Congressional resolution also constitutes a "blowback" against the US
sponsors of international terrorism. The resolution does not exclude the conduct
of an "Osamagate" inquiry, as well as appropriate actions against agencies
and/or individuals of the US government, who may have collaborated with Osama
bin Laden's Al Qaeda. And the evidence indelibly points directly to the Bush

BD (Dave) Thompson

Dec 10, 2001, 9:07:36 PM12/10/01

"Johnny Wizard" <> wrote in message

> Go ahead, make my day
> These are only some of the reasons bush must be
> convicted for murdering innocent people, or executed by
> a real American soldier, dedicated to freedom, Liberty,
> and Justice indivisible, for all as US equals. Echem,
> bush has said if we don't let him break our laws of
> humanity so he can kill innocent people in OUR Universe
> for money, he'll try to kill US for asking for what he
> has stolen, I say, we ALL, if WE must, as he singly
> incites not stopping an argument eternal that ends in
> diaspore, end bush instead, for being a criminal,
> escaping nowhere.

Johnny Wizard posting from, must
not know the Secret Service can find him much easier than I can.
Additionally, he must not know that uttering a threat against the President
of the United States is a felony under 18 USC 41.

Expect the knock on the door.

Have a great paranoid day.


David E. Powell

Dec 11, 2001, 12:17:42 AM12/11/01

Whoa, that showed the exact level of erudition that I had expected. :+P



Steven Phillips

Dec 11, 2001, 2:03:37 AM12/11/01
Who gave Ted Kaczynski access to a computer? Or perhaps this is a Canadian

Yeesh, talk about an incoherent rant.

Peter Twydell

Dec 11, 2001, 3:33:06 AM12/11/01
In article <#PMLfcfgBHA.1620@cpimsnntpa03>, Roger Perkins
<> writes
>It never fails to amaze me at how incredibly stupid some people can be.

Yes, like people who quote an entire post in their replies.

<snip nearly 2400 lines >


Ying Tong Iddle I Po

John Keeney

Dec 11, 2001, 4:22:09 AM12/11/01

Roger Perkins <> wrote in message

> It never fails to amaze me at how incredibly stupid some people can be.
> have some work to do yet, son. You aren't the dumbest guy I ever met.
> Close, but no cigar.

Why do you people insist on feeding the trolls? Here I put this
thing in the "blocked" list and I still get the entire 121k post.

I have to admit though, there is a "humor" factor, and what the
heck IS an "echem"?
For that matter, how many Canadian mental institutions have
cable internet access?

Andrew Chaplin

Dec 11, 2001, 6:17:19 AM12/11/01
John Keeney wrote:

> Why do you people insist on feeding the trolls? Here I put this
> thing in the "blocked" list and I still get the entire 121k post.
> I have to admit though, there is a "humor" factor, and what the
> heck IS an "echem"?
> For that matter, how many Canadian mental institutions have
> cable internet access?

All of them, but most keep the inmates away from the computers.
Andrew Chaplin
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out, and change "home" to "rogers".)

Peter Skelton

Dec 11, 2001, 9:06:23 AM12/11/01
On Mon, 10 Dec 2001 20:58:21 -0800, "Roger Perkins"
<> wrote:

>It never fails to amaze me at how incredibly stupid some people can be. You
>have some work to do yet, son. You aren't the dumbest guy I ever met.
>Close, but no cigar.

I know one guy so dumb, he'd repeat a 2400 line post to deliver a
four line reply.


Peter Skelton

Hans-Joachim Zierke

Dec 11, 2001, 7:09:33 AM12/11/01

Roger Perkins schrieb:

> It never fails to amaze me at how incredibly stupid some people can be. You
> have some work to do yet, son. You aren't the dumbest guy I ever met.

...followed by 2390 lines of quoted text.

No comment necessary.


Gord Beaman

Dec 12, 2001, 1:27:43 PM12/12/01
to (Peter Skelton) wrote:

My thoughts 'EXACTLY!'...word for bloody word...

Gord Beaman
PEI, Canada


Dec 12, 2001, 7:20:28 PM12/12/01

"Gord Beaman" <> wrote in message

Realy, then please explain what F****** relevance this shite is to ukpef!!!

People in glass houses comes to mind.

Steve Thompson

Dec 12, 2001, 8:08:40 PM12/12/01

Quoting John Keeney (
> I have to admit though, there is a "humor" factor, and what the
> heck IS an "echem"?
> For that matter, how many Canadian mental institutions have
> cable internet access?

I dunno. How many Canadian think tanks are there which subscribe to a
cable-tv provider?



the little white men
practising their alibis.
-- Dean Russell

Peter Skelton

Dec 13, 2001, 7:15:11 PM12/13/01
On Thu, 13 Dec 2001 01:08:40 +0000, Steve Thompson
<st...@sendon.nyet> wrote:

>Quoting John Keeney (
>> I have to admit though, there is a "humor" factor, and what the
>> heck IS an "echem"?
>> For that matter, how many Canadian mental institutions have
>> cable internet access?
>I dunno. How many Canadian think tanks are there which subscribe to a
>cable-tv provider?

About 10% the American number, as allways

Peter Skelton


Dec 13, 2001, 11:47:06 PM12/13/01
On Thu, 13 Dec 2001 00:20:28 -0000, "tq" <> wrote:

>Realy, then please explain what F****** relevance this shite is to ukpef!!!
>People in glass houses comes to mind.

Were you in the Military Police? Glasshouse?
Anybody know why it was called the glasshouse?


Dec 14, 2001, 6:08:05 AM12/14/01

"ntaylor" <> wrote in message

It was called the 'glasshouse' because the old prison was roofed with glass.
That has now gone and a new facility has been built.

William Black

Dec 14, 2001, 8:23:32 AM12/14/01

GDD <> wrote in message

Any idea how long ago, there was 'Glasshouse Row' in my home town where the
military prison used to be, but there hasn't been a military prison there
for over 100 years now.

William Black
On time, on budget, or works;
Pick any two from three


Dec 14, 2001, 10:48:23 AM12/14/01

"William Black" <> wrote in message

> GDD <> wrote in message
> news:D3lS7.600$
> >
> > "ntaylor" <> wrote in message
> > news:3c1983d7...@news.CIS.DFN.DE...
> > > On Thu, 13 Dec 2001 00:20:28 -0000, "tq" <> wrote:
> > > >Realy, then please explain what F****** relevance this shite is to
> > ukpef!!!
> > > >
> > > >People in glass houses comes to mind.
> > >
> > > Were you in the Military Police? Glasshouse?
> > > Anybody know why it was called the glasshouse?
> >
> > It was called the 'glasshouse' because the old prison was roofed with
> glass.
> > That has now gone and a new facility has been built.
> Any idea how long ago, there was 'Glasshouse Row' in my home town where
> military prison used to be, but there hasn't been a military prison there
> for over 100 years now.

I think the old prison was pulled down in the 70's. I could be wrong
though. You'l probably find that the term became unviversally applied to
all British Military Prisons and to some extent to civil establishments

Johnny Wizard

Dec 14, 2001, 1:03:18 PM12/14/01
"BD \(Dave\) Thompson" <> wrote in message news:<>...
Boo Dave! I am the Secret Service standing on Justice and Freedom for all!!!

You Dave, are a mindless nazi.
Cowaring as you hide whoring your soul openly.
You make no argument against my claim, but provide noise as if you
could. Weak and pathetic. To deny yourself the truth that speaks as
what you do believe, but, fighting yourself on public parade because
of wimpy cowardice, or just for the love of it, will continue, as it
does, exposing us as blatant dumb, evil and decrepid, on the side of
goodness and Justice for all, we shall remain transfixed. (indivisable

Echem. bush and rumsfeld the terrorists will be arrested or executed
by REAL Americans, one or the other, no other option. An injustice
against any, is an injustice against all. Echem, rumsfeld is at the
top of chain in command, that stood down f-16's to intercept over New
York. American nazi scum then attacked a country who's government was
standing on Justice and Freedom, period. Everybody knows this, or
doesn't through ignorance. Look, because you as an American are robbed
by private reserve, poisoned by GE, corrupted by rupuglican, does that
mean all American police officers and soldiers trying to protect the
community should be murdered, cities bombed, innocent lives lost? For
what? We hear the Taliban are this, the Taliban are that. The Taliban
were the only people in Afghanistan with any concern for governing, of
which they had only just begun, after 21 years of war. Mr. dalmer was
an american, so too, should all American's be considered the same? The
northern aliance's leadship, american nazi business partners are ruled
by gun to be insane, want to sell drugs, and clearly have no concern
whatsoever for the fates, or the people of Afghanistan. Niether does
the nazized State Department for they've stated they have no concern
either, by stating no responsibility for a peace force, while American
soldiers have died fighting illegally as the evil they represent as
bush jr, the fowlest contempt for human life ever known.

Johnny Wizard

Johnny Wizard

Dec 15, 2001, 8:35:16 PM12/15/01
to (Johnny Wizard) wrote in message news:<>...

> "BD \(Dave\) Thompson" <> wrote in message news:<>...
> > "Johnny Wizard" <> wrote in message
> >
> > > Go ahead, make my day
> > >
> > > These are only some of the reasons bush must be
> > > convicted for murdering innocent people, or executed by
> > > a real American soldier, dedicated to freedom, Liberty,
> > > and Justice indivisible, for all as US equals. Echem,
> > > bush has said if we don't let him break our laws of
> > > humanity so he can kill innocent people in OUR Universe
> > > for money, he'll try to kill US for asking for what he
> > > has stolen, I say, we ALL, if WE must, as he singly
> > > incites not stopping an argument eternal that ends in
> > > diaspore, end bush instead, for being a criminal,
> > > escaping nowhere.
> > >
> >
> > Johnny Wizard posting from, must
> > not know the Secret Service can find him much easier than I can.
> > Additionally, he must not know that uttering a threat against the President
> > of the United States is a felony under 18 USC 41.
> >
> > Expect the knock on the door.
> >
> > Have a great paranoid day.
> Boo Dave! I am the Secret Service standing on Justice and Freedom for all!!!

But enough of fantasy. The fact is, We, as the Law, know bush is
guilty, case closed. But, CNN refuses to inform, thereby leaving the
public, unresolved. Many horrific examples, but one most strong, is
where they say our Bin, was threatening to nuke the USA. Totally
fabricated, but they refuse to apologize to the American public for
committing terrorism. As too harboring with the terrorist sharon, a
murderering, like bush, nazi facist, who holds almost no support in
any of our security forces, nor to anyone who believes in a God. The
main trouble we have, is the ignorance of the main streamed public,
who believe, CNN is working for American interests, when clearly, they
feel little responsibility to protect Justice for Americans, as too,
our good FBI officers, and dying soldiers. Echem, rumsfeld is guilty
for treason really. It's just how will we inform soldiers, if they
don't see it on CNN first, as corporate slaves to the machine, while
we all are murdered unjustly, so bush can pocket some money? Echem,
rumsfeld is responsible for the order of f16s to stand down the
routine call for interception of the airliners, while we see also with
film footage, a missle that was obviously prepared before hand to
fire. Then the missing everything. FAA records, film of the passengers
boarding flight, and CNN not reporting on the ISI's connection of a
wire transfer of a $100,000.00 to the terrorists reported by our FBI.
And, rumsfeld's madness of sadistic hatred towards innocent people,
open and blatantly unAmerican, like dave w, is inhuman, and extremely
disturbing. So much so, we're all hoping a real American soldier, or
our police officers, would be the ones to take him out rightly
pirating our political power in office, for causing the deaths of
American soldiers, Patriots, fighting in a battle AGAINST everything
America has been brought up to believe in.

Echem, bush is the Anti-Christ.

Johnny Wizard


Dec 18, 2001, 4:13:16 PM12/18/01
Peter Twydell <> wrote in message news:<>...

> In article <#PMLfcfgBHA.1620@cpimsnntpa03>, Roger Perkins
> <> writes
> >It never fails to amaze me at how incredibly stupid some people can be.
> Yes, like people who quote an entire post in their replies.
> <snip nearly 2400 lines >

Is there a video tape of Jenna Bush's sentencing to community
service for trying to use a fake Texas State ID ??

Johnny Wizard

Dec 19, 2001, 12:02:40 AM12/19/01
Hans-Joachim Zierke <> wrote in message news:<>...

Well, sorry about the too many lines thing. But anyway, after
previewing the responses to this post, and others like it, it is
clear, all are in favor of bush being tried immediately for mass
murder (including American soldiers), or executed by military command
by Patriots, along with the completion of the WTC investigations. For
no one disputes the factual claims I make with reason, our history, or
the function of law as it pertains to freedom and civilization. True,
I, being a god, can seem strange to many, being so smart and all that,
by why it should hurt someone's ego, is beyond my understanding. Are
arguements are available to corporate news services as well, but they
refuse to cover our stories. Showing once again, a willingness to
decieve the American public, to continue terrorizing us all into
following their brainwashed nazi cult. Bin could have eaisly been
arrested, if that was bush, the nazi facist tyrannt's true intent.
Instead He rushed illegally to war blaming a nation without evidence,
running mad from the true crime who's story has yet to be revealed,
because bush personally has been implicated.

Echem, you suggest that you with the U.S., would be as all other
Americans currently, whoring yourself to a facist nazi leader,
delegated to prostitution, to be not one single free citizen, nor god
as our equal. Echem, bush couldn't care less for you as an American if
he tried. Not only does bush not believe in a Justice system, as to
what a civilized FREE society must maintain to stay as struggling for
such, but he also as an incompentent dictator, a terrorist supporter,
taken $200.00 from every man woman and child in America per capita.
Every house on every residential street in every city, every football
fan, and organized crime figures. Taken the 50 billion and put it in
his pocket, and told everyone in government, and through the media,
and the loyal military, he's not accountable to anyone as an
illegitamte President. Not only that, but he has also stated he would
murder innocent people without evidence for his mob's cash profit, and
expects by threat, American's should pretend to respect him, for he'd
murder any unknown person to steal our values, while watching loyal
soldiers die by the hundreds, as he believes in no God of this
Universe, nor, the American dream for anyone.

Sorry, I should have also said, bush is actually killing innocent
people diliberately like hitler did. He offered no evidence to the
Taliban, who stood internationally with Freedom, Liberty and Justice,
by asking for evidence before convicting an innocent man, a hero to
the Afghanistan people. Echem, bush is a lifeless degenerate, who
openly in our light of day, is killing people by the thousands for no
crimes, but for to be alive, trying to survive. A worthless
degenerate, stupid and deplorable as he stands there against humanity,
God, our Law, and the American flag. Justice for bush, he has said, he
doesn't even understand, while diliberately working to take away EVERY
American's freedom, who are expected to balk in fear of bush's
evilness, and crime lording, while watching us fall down one by one to
our demise through cowardice. So, do we just feel sorry for him being
so evil and stupid ignoring OUR screams for Justice, while he
slaughters our families to steal our cash?

Christianity, as are all religions, theorectically based on the
indivisable absolute, of which in higher spheres of reason, can bring
about deeper understandings of the Universe that surrounds us in
context, relatively thinking. 'Don't murder nobody man' is the
strongest in all possible worlds.


We're portrayed as mindless nazi dumbfuck whores, whores who obviously
aren't strong enough to be Men, who don't believe in a rule of Law for
a democracy, or equality among all people. Weak and pathetic, stupid
and depraved, a shame to all true Americans and Canadians, to see one
who advocates injustice and slavery, against innocent people accused
of no crime being murdered by scum as time to laugh at someone like
yourself being murdered unjustly. Echem, bush and rumsfeld must be
arrested or killed today by a real American soldier for
treason, a soldier who believes in Justice indivisable, and the
Freedoms granted to all by believing so. An injustice to any, is an
injustice to all. It is everything that the American flag means truly.

The fact is, We, as the Law, Universal, know bush is guilty for war
crimes, murder, case closed. No evidence was offered to the Taliban,
in effect standing on Justice, Freedom and Liberty for all
internationally. But, CNN refuses to inform, being like you would fall
silently too, just joking around, thereby leaving the public,

unresolved. Many horrific examples, but one most strong, is where they
say our Bin, was threatening to nuke the USA. Totally fabricated, but
they refuse to apologize to the American public for committing

terrorism. As too harboring with the terrorist sharon, a murdering,

like bush, nazi facist, who holds almost no support in any of our
security forces, nor to anyone who believes in a God. The main trouble
we have, is the ignorance of the main streamed public, who believe,
CNN is working for American interests, when clearly, they feel little
responsibility to protect Justice for Americans, as too, our good FBI
officers, and dying soldiers. Echem, rumsfeld is guilty for treason
really. It's just how will we inform soldiers, if they don't see it on
CNN first, as corporate slaves to the machine, while we all are

murdered unjustly, so bush can pocket some money. Echem, rumsfeld is

responsible for the order of f16s to stand down the routine call for

interception of the airliners, while we see also with film footage, a
missile that was obviously prepared before hand to fire. Then the

missing everything. FAA records, film of the passengers boarding
flight, and CNN not reporting on the ISI's connection of a wire
transfer of a $100,000.00 to the terrorists reported by our FBI.
And, rumsfeld's madness of sadistic hatred towards innocent people,

open and blatantly unAmerican, is inhuman, and extremely disturbing.

So much so, we're all hoping a real American soldier, or our police

officers, would be the ones to take him out rightly, for causing the

Hans-Joachim Zierke

Dec 21, 2001, 11:14:43 AM12/21/01

Johnny Wizard schrieb:

>> ...followed by 2390 lines of quoted text.
>> No comment necessary.

> Well, sorry about the too many lines thing.

I did not complain about your posting - the newsgroups line shows the
quality of a posting - more newsgroups, less reasons to read, so I don't
bother. But the replies to it escape my current killfile setup.

I just wondered about a reply, that accuses somebody else of being not so
bright, and quotes thousands of lines.

> But anyway, after
> previewing the responses to this post, and others like it, it is
> clear, all are in favor of bush being tried immediately

Sorry, but before I bother to read your text, please

- get a real name.
- put it into a single appropriate newsgroup.

Nobody is interested into your personal problems with Mr. Bush or your wife
or your dog, unless the topic of that newsgroup is Bush, or wife, or dog.

Sure - not every discussion stays on topic, that's just how humans think.
But Usenet was created for discussion, not for poor souls with a lack of
audience. For the poor souls with the lack of audience, killfiles have been


> aber ich will ihr unbedingt etwas schenken, womit ich meine liebe beweisen
> oder verdeutlichen kann.
Hmm, "beweisen". Wie wär's mit "Algorithmic Algebraic Number Theory" von Pohst
und Zassenhaus? Florian Weimer

Johnny Wizard

Dec 27, 2001, 8:39:27 AM12/27/01
Andrew Chaplin <> wrote in message news:<>...
> Johnny Wizard wrote:
> > Ahh... Jeff, the degenerate, shows his true colors as a commi facist
> > worker whore.
> > He should make up his mind, Jeff's either a worker or a whore, and the
> latter is a capitalist exploiting his/her human capital.
> > Jeff wants to take away America's Freedom and Justice,
> > the very principles of which the flag once stood proud,
> > <*Gag* >
> > Jeff, this is one of those trolls who can type better than he can
> think. If you must play with him, would you mind terribly taking the
> discussion to one of the free-for-all groups (alt.society.anarchy
> seems a likey prospect) and having it out with him there? If we
> exclude c.c.m. from our replies to him, he'll disappear fairly soon.

The original document located here:

Who do you think you are to speak for OUR c.c.m. Andrew? I see no
title of distinction with your blank ideology, but for contempt for
our lives. You feel you can decide what every soldier should not be
granted the opportunity to freely understand? You made no counter
argument against my very serious allegations, of murder against us
innocent, but for cowardice to be a man to not do so. A very
unwelcomed attitude to Canadians true, as Armed Forces alike, all
would agree in your contempt for humanity as yourself, pathetic.

There is no dispute regarding corporate america supporting hitler
throughout the war to kill Americans. How? By dumblugs such as Andrew,
afraid to face our challenges as the human species. Instead as Andrew
does, regarding Afghanistan, he cowers as a true nazi would, just like
many germans did through ignorance and fear. The fact is, We, as the

Law, Universal, know bush is guilty for war crimes, murder, case
closed. No evidence was offered to the Taliban, in effect standing on

Justice, Freedom and Liberty for all internationally. Echem, bush
willingly ran quickly to blame a nation without evidence, showing a
will not to bring the real perpetraitor to Justice indivisable,
infinite. But, CNN refuses to inform, being like you would fall
silently too, thereby leaving the public, unresolved. Many horrific

examples, but one most strong, is where they say our Bin, was
threatening to nuke the USA. Totally fabricated, but they refuse to
apologize to the American public for committing terrorism. As too
harboring with the terrorist sharon, a murdering, like bush, nazi
facist, who holds almost no support in any of our security forces, nor

to anyone who believes in a God. See? This is why I'm never arrested.
You need evidence!!! The main trouble we have, is the ignorance of the

main streamed public, who believe, CNN is working for American
interests, when clearly, they feel little responsibility to protect
Justice for Americans, as too, our good FBI officers, and dying
soldiers. Echem, rumsfeld is guilty for treason really. It's just how
will we inform soldiers, if they don't see it on CNN first, as
corporate slaves to the machine, while we all are murdered unjustly,
so bush can pocket some money. Echem, rumsfeld is responsible for the
order of f16s to stand down the routine call for interception of the

airliners, while we see also with film footage, a missle that was

Sir Mildred Pierce

Dec 29, 2001, 4:40:12 PM12/29/01
Johnny, I get the feeling that a lot of the criticism for your posts
is based on the fact that they just aren't very well written. Your
writing style just isn't very easy to read. It isn't that you're
writing is hard to grasp, its just plain hard to read! Your posts are
riddled with run-on sentences and strange punctuation that just makes
for an unpleasant read. I have the feeling I would agree with most of
what you write, but I rarely finish reading more than the first
paragraph. Sorry man... Until you fix this, I doubt you are going to
make many friends or converts.

Sir Mildred Pierce

Johnny Wizard

Dec 31, 2001, 5:34:27 PM12/31/01
"Roderick S. Beck" <> wrote in message news:<>...
> Johnny,
> Spare us the rationalizations. The Taleban government had several
> strikes against it.
> 1 Fostering terrorism through a large number of training camps.
> 2. Harboring a highly plausible suspect for the WTC attack.
> 3 A government that had a terrible human rights record.
> 4. Aiding and abetting the attack on the WTC record by harboring the
> leading suspect (2)
> 5. Aiding and abetting the attacks on the US embassies in Africa by
> harboring and aiding the terrorist organizations most likely to be
> involved.
> These items, taken as a whole, certainly merited military action.
> - R. .

First of all, you could not have possibly read much of anything I've
Point number one, what is terrorism? Is it not murdering innocent
people? An unjust act of murder? Because sharon murders innocent
civilians and police officers, should you as an American be executed
for it? Bin is not a highly plausible suspect according to the FBI,
and all the information we have available that CNN refuses to cover,
that clearly, without doubt, implicates the bushmob directly. Bin's
public position on American foreign policy is mostly valid, outside of
Bin making it into some religious motivational speech, when it's
simply a position of evil tyrants against us all trying to survive as
law abiding believers. Mr. bush showed little of any care for people
when Governor in Texas, and continues to state evil as a demon, while
knowing thousands are being murdered unjustly. Our sacrifice of
American soldiers is done so he can attempt to escape his capture, on
the grounds of treason. Nazis protected by CNN in America's
government, fund terrorist activites without argument, for that is why
CNN refuses Americans to consider what their own government is doing,
stealing and murdering the innocent of our humanity. Again, with your
second point, you've made no effort to read my post, nor understand
democracy. In a democracy of freedom, a citizen is of the highest
office, as all are equal under the rule of law. For law is
civilization, without it, anarchy insues. Mr. bush, a throw away from
a by gone day,(somewhere in about 1074) does not want to be
accountable to the American people as an American, as he has recently
passed many measures that prevent an American to have access to their
own government, while working to implement the creation of a military
dictortship, where bush's rights trump those of all others he
threatens with murder all around our world. Example is the 50 billion
American tax dollars he pocketed, and then said, he didn't have to
tell anybody. Evil decieved. Your third point, again, showing us all,
you've read nothing from my post. The Taliban had been in power for
only five years, before that time, you couldn't travel without the
threat of being robbed, raped, or murdered, because there was no
police force. Once the Taliban had control, women felt safer, and the
market began to marginally proliferate. Mind you, the nation was
suffering from starvation, but during that short time, the Taliban
were holding debates in government, had opened several schools for
girls, made the streets safer, and had almost completely eradicated
the heroin trade. The trade that bush has now re-implemented, with the
northern alliance in government as his business partners, while
murdering tens of thousands. The northern alliance never had, nor have
any concern for the Afghanistan people, but for to plunder, and murder
God. You say you believe Afghanistan was the leading suspect according
to what? CNN continually works with suggestion, failing often
deliberately to justify with facts. Have you ever heard anyone
discussing 2% Social Security? Then look on the internet for groups
screaming about aspertame, and ask yourself, do you feel America is
being represented? How about as CNN refuses to report on the recently
uncovered spy ring funded by bush to commit terror in America by the
FBI? The largest in American history?
As to your last point, Bin offered his arrest for any, or all crimes
levied against him by American traitors, and nothing was forthcoming.
Why? Because there was no evidence to convict him, but for propaganda,
that continues to enslave the nation by americans, who do not believe
in the American dream of freedom and justice for all.

But I do thank you for conversing, and offering your perspective,

Johnny Wizard


A Real Life Patriot

May 13, 2004, 2:17:09 PM5/13/04

Former FBI Translator Sibel Edmonds Calls Current 9/11 Investigation

/ / SE: Even from people from whom I've been receiving support,
so many times you run across people who say, "Yeah, it's terrible.
I understand. And it's very courageous what you are doing." But you
know how this thing is. It's a boat you can't rock. And that is what
is allowing these people to take everything this far. We need to
stop saying we can't rock this boat when it needs to be rocked.
Listen, we pay for this boat. We elect this boat. It's our money
that maintains this boat. And we are the ultimate boss here. If
this boat or some section of it needs rocking, you bet we have
the right and we have the power to do it. And we have the power
to demand it. Otherwise we are making ourselves powerless. \ \


Cover-Up Puts Troops At Risk

/ / When the photos were published everyone from President Bush to
General Myers appeared dumbfounded. On May 2, 2004, three weeks
after becoming aware that CBS had the photos, General Myers
amazingly claimed he had not read the Taguba report, saying,
"It's working its way to me." \ \



America's gonna kill un-arrested bush and rumsfeld

/ / The first consideration is so obvious that it
usually escapes notice. If Iraq now contains no arsenal
of mass destruction, we only know this as a fact because
it has at last been disarmed and inspected. As I said
in this newspaper more than a year ago, and as Dr David
Kelly wrote in an article published only after his
death, if you desire true inspection you have to call
for regime-change. \ \

Huh? "at last been disarmed..." ? How does he figure?
The equation hasn't changed. Example: The same
unaccounted anthrax, (that was disintegrated into ash),
still is not able to be measured as completely accounted
for, (never could be), but this bushwhoring war crime
apologist, tells US, it was only though the lawless
murder of our good friends and family for countless
generations, that he now attests without reason, or
evidence, to find Iraq in "fact" disarmed of it's still
nowhere to be found, weapons of mass destruction. (An
irrational reason he pronounced previous in corporately
broacasted public support of instigating heinous war
crimes against our humanity under the leadership skills
of the evil lying demon antiChrist, our Mr. bush Jr..)
Only now, after the luxuriously wealthy bushites have
begun misappropriated hundreds of billions through a
needless war to continue sacrificing true American
values, while spreading toxic waste to kill US humans
for millennia, can he now turn around and say, the
missing, as unaccounted for WMD, is nothing to get
yourself loaded, and ready to kill the evil un-arrested
bushites to save some innocent lives for. No surprise,
for as the semi-literate, would surely know of bush and
rumsfeld's complicity into 9/11 with General Ahmad. A
blatant traitor to humanity, who knows the litany of
Kissinger, and surely therefor you'd think of wmd dealer
bremer, but sides to lie foolishly to our world's public
forum in blindness, attempting to leverage the ignorance
of the unread masses on hopes he'll secretly win demon
bush's favor as dedicated bushite slave whore nazi

What good is America's right to bare arms, when they
stead fast refuse to hunt down the enemy George W. Bush
and Rumsfeld to the ends of our world for America's
favor to save the lives of their very own sons and
daughters? Bill oh really ain't gonna let America know
the stolen Enron pension money is sitting in the Cayman
Islands, or is Rush Limbaugh going to let dying American
soldiers know DU is a radio-active heavy metal cocktail
containing plutonium that oxidizes into microscopic
particles, but still, never the less, these enemies of
America continue to broadcast that Americans be left for
further victimization by the bushite loyalists, being as
enemies to freedom every where. Hunt to kill the
un-arrested as ungodly bushite, until we can make the
news for our interests in seeking freedom from tyranny
through Justice for all.


/ / BILL MOYERS: Let's start with the news of the day.
This morning we learn that President Bush has kept
thousands of pages of secret documents from the Clinton
years from being turned over to the commission
investigating the 9/11 attacks. What do you make of
that? \ \

Hi Mr. Moyers. Clinton, after reviewing the facts,
stated that American Intel actually had no evidence to
publicly establish Laden's guilt for anything when the
Taliban had him arrested awaiting extradition. Example:
Barbara Bodine is the principle terror suspect in the
Cole Bombing, according also to the serving Admiral(s)
of that episode. That's right, the very same Barbara
Bodine responsible for closing the Cole investigations.
Acting much like bush and cheney did when fighting the
American FBI on ending America's unfinished work
regarding bush's business partner General Ahmad, the
still un-arrested 9/11 financier to Mohamed Atta.

And, the Clinton experience of course was a corner stone
to bush's !"!Top Secret!"! invade Afghanistan by not
following the 9/11 evidence war crimes plan to save
pension thieves Enron. (Research: "Dabol Working
Group") And as so, the demon antiChrist, Our Mr. bush
Jr doesn't want America to know their rights to freedom
are dying under his criminal command, for if the world
did as the truly righteous, he and rumsfeld would be
dead rightly by day-break for committing high treason
against God in Our America.

The EU? China? Russia? Iran? Iraq and North Korea?
and all the rest of You, for where will the bushites
leave You as censored to be irrelevant regarding rights
to be represented as equals? Like the 200,000 victims
we watched him and rumsfeld murder, but now they say are
appalled at by US witnessing torture, while still
funding sharon, Uzbekistan, and the dropping of
radio-active toxic waste cluster duds into our
residential areas that have destroyed many an American
soldier needlessly, needlessly but for only to rob
further from the American family left undefended.

You see everyone?

Corporate america routinely turns against Justice for
the American People to steal the lives as they do today
of innocent souls for the evil bushites, like war crime
advocate bill oh really, or Rush Limbaugh, who both,
have taken millions by promoting the destruction of
American values through censorship and propaganda to
criminalize the entire nation for further bushite
plunder. While we can't even get the respect worthy of
someone as great and truly wonderful a performer as such
is ourselves, because the muted media nation is
corporately hypnotized hypocritical, arrogant, and truly
stupid as chauvinistic idolitraitors of George W. Bush,
the evil demon antiChrist as enemy to all of God as

Defend Our America by killing the un-arrested American
cop killer Our Mr. bush Jr., and if you should be
questioned for bringing about a public trial for your
defense, know that we'll be there defending also, our
equal rights to be free of bushite tyranny. Alive to
state what is obvious to everyone still not sleeping: I
publicly demand bush's immediate arrest or execution. I
have called hundreds if not thousands in corporate news
America, and so far, have found the support of almost
every cop I have had the fortune to speak with. Love
me, hate me, the evidence speaks for ourselves, but
corporate news dictate is run by some sort of irrational
cult that wishes to trance further hardships on US all
as the cheated to silently wave our wager of continuing
unheard from as falling victims.

Take it from Yourself, killing un-arrested George W.
Bush and Rumsfeld is a good thing for all concerned, but
mostly, for Americans whom have been betrayed by their
own inaction to support dying America for themselves.

The Creator,
Johnny Wizard


Mutiny in Iraq

/ / Put the Money in Trust. A crucial plank of managing
Iraq's transition to sovereignty is safeguarding its
national assets: its oil revenue and the remaining
oil-for-food program money (currently administered by
the United States with no oversight), as well as what's
left of the $18.4 billion in reconstruction funds.
Right now the United States is planning to keep control
of this money long after June 30; the UN should insist
that it be put in trust, to be spent by an elected Iraqi
government. \ \


Put George W. Bush in Prison

/ / For all this and way too much more, the finger of
guilt points just one place: the Oval Office. In the
name of a "Higher Father," Bush ordered this attack
virtually on his own, and trashed every legal and moral
constraint to get it done. We Americans have a higher
responsibility to stop this flood of outrages, and bring
this man to justice. \ \


/ / The information claimed that a rocket had fallen on
the prison of Abu Ghraib and killed more than 20
prisoners. It is very strange that the Iraqi resistance
would target their own people imprisoned there. Could
it be that those prisoners died under torture and that
the officials faked the news to evade responsibility for
the prisoners' deaths at the hands of violent, obsessed
and immoral executioners? \ \


Telecommuting to Baghdad: The Better Way to Run a War

/ / There is, after all, a slight danger of
embarrassment if the American public dwells on the idea
that the generals in charge of defending Falluja from
Islamist suicide bombers are ten time zones from the
front lines. By and by, some popinjay might pose the
hypothesis that it's easier for a commander to send
young Americans "in harm's way" (this is Pentagonese for
"to their deaths") if you're giving the orders from a
beachside resort on the Gulf Coast rather than from,
say, Baghdad. \ \


The Divine Calm Of George W. Bush

/ / For George W. Bush, August 6, 2001, had to have
been a pretty harrowing day, reading as he did in his
Daily Brief that operatives of Osama bin Laden were "in
the U.S. planning attacks with explosives," and
surveilling federal buildings in New York, and mulling
over plans to attack Washington, D.C. But a reporter
who saw him cavorting on his Crawford ranch not long
after said, "The president was probably at the most
relaxed I've ever seen him." \ \


/ / In the small town Hilla, an hour's drive south of
Baghdad, blood stains a wall at the office of the
Babylon Human Rights Organisation. It was here that
U.S. soldiers raided a community meeting where they
killed the two sheikhs and arrested two other important
community leaders.

[...] The main goal of the meeting was to find ways of
dealing with U.S. occupation without resorting to
violence, members of the human rights group say. This
was a regular topic of discussion at meetings of this
organisation, and this was known to U.S. officials,
they say. \ \



/ / French cable television station Canal Plus on
Tuesday will broadcast images, stolen in Iraq, of a US
army helicopter killing three Iraqis who do not appear
to be posing any threat, one of whom was wounded. \ \


'I Saw Papers That Show US Knew al-Qa'ida Would Attack Cities With

/ / "President Bush said they had no specific
information about 11 September and that is accurate but
only because he said 11 September," she said. There
was, however, general information about the use of
airplanes and that an attack was just months away. \ \



/ / American troops today admitted they routinely gun
down Iraqi civilians - some of whom are entirely

And in an admission that directly contrasts with the
line coming out from the Pentagon's spin doctors
Specialist Corporal Michael Richardson added: "There
was no dilemma when it came to shooting people who were
not in uniform, I just pulled the trigger. \ \


/ / Similarly it's fiendishly difficult to get people to
accept the label "rebels" for those Iraqis killed by
American snipers when - as in Falluja - they turn out to
be pregnant women, 13-year-old boys and old men standing
by their front gates.\ \


Bush demands total impunity on war crimes committed by
his enemies of Humanity


Again, I plead begging as the Son of Man, for American
Patriots whom own conviction, to get out here and
address un-arrested bushite until we can make the news
for our own rights being unjustly denied. Don't swim in
the darkness of doubt while the bushite savages REALLY
continue in your name to destroy freedom in America as
enemies of everyone. Don't leave defenseless average
American tax payers led by the soulless bushite soldier
to be robbed further of their livelihoods, but speak up
to demand the arrest of those corporate individuals
responsible for committing savages to condone the murder
of our innocent families unbiasedly.

Fascist censors Eason Jordan of CNN, Rush Limbaugh, or
Bill O'reily are idly not being heard nationally to
defend members of our humanity who are purposefully
victimized as the innocent by bushite traitors, the
anti-American war monger fractive distractors. - Repeat
a thousand times: "Bush's partner in crime General
Ahmad funded Mohamed Atta, the '9/11 mastermind'", so
says the American FB of I. Now, go out and express
yourself about bush's corporate america supporting to
further blindly attack the innocent in Your name called
whomever. A reflection in Your Universe of bush's
barely challenged public assertion on his understanding
of American values, human values, are his bet as the
antiChrist that we're all too incapable to ever know
freely together any better about the impartial crime
scene evidence part being truly critical for Justice to
really save the freedoms to be US all. Illegitimately
elected war monger tyrannical dictator saying so while
robbing US all openly or otherwise. It would be funny if
it weren't so tragic.

/ / Bush spewed, "And we've had some tough fighting
because there are people who hate the idea of a free
Iraq." \ \

Free of consuming plutonium as microscopic radio-active
toxic waste that will poison life for eons? Free to not
be robbed of all our Iraqi treasures? Free of lies that
rape, pillage, or murder the good in US all left
undefended through Law principled indivisible? Free to
never consider evidence as a requirement to convince US
who is evil?, a criminal? Free to not be shot at by
bushite snipers for slumming around your newly bombed
out neighborhood? Free to learn about the profits of a
public health care system, banking, or how specifically
a progressive tax system re-generates as a living
economy now that an estimated 1000 teachers were
disappeared by more than likely WMD dealer bathist
bremer? Free to never, ever, read the first line, of
the first paragraph in the truly ancient Code of

You and who's army?

Justice is true Freedom, and as we develop through
understanding, the power to benefit humanity by
communicating these easy lessons claimed lost by the
bushite, will usher in a new old world where people who
are guilty of criminal offences will be found only so by
some sort of evidence requirement. No your not crazy,
this madness is really happening where bush has US all
convinced apparently, that we are, all of US, terrified
bush might threaten to leave us without his leadership
skills if we dare stand up for humanity to throw him in
the clink with rumsfeld for the mass murders committed
on 9/11. Bush thinks he can hoodwink me for mute, while
demanding our blind faith in himself glorified without
establishing evidence to know actually, for lest we be
though then, with the evil terrorists by trying to think
for ourselves. Is bush only as evil terrorists would be
he claims, a hater of freedom that is committing
injustices in our names irrationally?, for his reasons
confessed are not established by actual evidence for
such measurement? President bush as evil incarnate
demands the People as individuals to rise up defending
our equal rights from the needless murder of countless
thousands in our names pirated. With bush in "power" as
tyrant ruler of the never considered to be worthy,
leaves only your single voice to trumpet with US
together proclaiming, Our Mr. bush Jr., as an enemy of
America, needs to be hunted down religiously by our
police services for committing high treason on September
11th, 2001.


/ / Finally, she raised several red flags at the government
for the following list, all stated in her open letter to
the president:

o Why were 29 pages of the 9/11 committee report personally
censored at your request?
o Where are the "black boxes" from Flight 11 and Flight 175?
o Where are the "voice recorders" from Flight 11 and Flight 175?
o Why can't we gain access to the complete air traffic control
records for Flight 11 and Flight 175?
o Where are the airport surveillance tapes that show the
passengers boarding the doomed flights?
o When will the complete passenger lists for all flights be
released? \ \


/ / Marines said the men fired on them. A senior officer
said they had no weapons, but that with shots coming in
the men were legitimate targets because they ran. \ \


/ / CAIR also wants the Pentagon to investigate a photograph
circulating the Internet of two Iraqi boys and a U.S. soldier.
A smiling soldier stands besides the two boys who are giving
a "thumbs up" sign, as one of boys holds a sign written in
English that reads, "Lcpl Boudreaux killed my Dad, th[en]
he knocked up my sister!"

(Link to photo: \ \


US finds strange bedfellows in UN vote on [supporting] torture


Bush's Torturous Logic


/ / The American attack on al-Jawlan neighborhood killed a
large number of Iraqi women and children who were on their
way to their homes having returned with other refugees
displaced by the US siege who were taking advantage of the
cease fire violated by the latest US attack. \ \


/ / "It's insanity," said Robert Baer, a former CIA agent,
who has examined the case, and is concerned about the private
contractors' free-ranging role. "These are rank amateurs and
there is no legally binding law on these guys as far as I could
tell. Why did they let them in the prison?" \ \


"Don't judge your army based on the actions of a few."

Kimmit tells US it's okay to punish entire populations
of cities in our world with 2000 lb bombs, cluster duds,
and radio-active toxic waste, but we can't hold him and
his treasonous ilk personally accountable for the crimes
he in silence excuses because he serves under the
lawless and evil, Our Mr. bush Jr.? Where is Kimmit's
America to call for the arrest or execution of rumsfeld
and bush for the murder of thousands of innocent New
Yorkers? Kill un-arrested George W. Bush as the
traitor he is to our America true freedom fighter, and
be loved by all America as a real Patriot. And American
GIs, bag yourself some evil un-American bushite enemies.
Un-arrested buford blount and steven russell are the two
traitors we must start with, done to save the lives of
your fellow soldiers who instead die as cowards by
association. I'd destroy any bushite happily for
myself, as so too, would any real man to protect their
innocent family. The almost 100, that's 100 million man
army in the Iraq vicinity, could, if they wanted to do
something right, hunt to arrest or kill the individual
evil un-arrested bushite clan who claim to be
un-accountable to a rule of law when it comes to
committing murder, tracked to the beginnings of our no
longer left un-defended dying heaven. These disciples
of the demon anti-Christ, Our Mr. bush Jr., are mortal
enemies of all people, for look, they watch the demon
bush steal the life savings of their very own kin, and
speak nothing to protect themselves, standing still
undefended by honor-less bushite decree as theives, whom
openly public confess to targeting the innocent as God
is for the generous corporate windfalls of the ruling
elite. Dummy rummy's estimated 15 - 20,000 Private
mercenaries cost Americans $1000.00 a day per, while
America casts away chump change druggie soldiers, (as
those whom would remain ruled advisaries to the Bill of
Rights for the wrong beliefs,) worth, $41 to $45 before
expenses. Bah-ha... Destroy a godless evil bushite for
Yourself, and for America, and for our world, and be
paid in the silent gratitude of all those you've
personally saved the priceless lives of.


/ / That means money dedicated to rebuilding schools and
hospitals will, instead, fill the coffers of private firms
that supply guards, analysts, security, convoy protection. \ \


/ / My friend Rana was at the scene, and told me of seeing
a candy bar that the boy, Mustafa was eating when his car
was riddled with bullets by the Americans. \ \


Amnesty: Iraqis Complain of Torture by U.S. Forces

/ / "Several soldiers forced their way in and beat him with their
rifle butts. He ran out of the house to get away from them.
Soldiers shot him a few meters away and he died immediately," the
report said, citing witnesses in Ramadi. ..."There are also
numerous reports of confiscation of property, including large
sums of money, upon arrest." \ \


Military [freely confess] ..Violating Falluja Ceasefire

/ / "They are bombing civilians. When I was about to leave there
were two ladies trying to get out.American snipers shot them dead.
Their bodies are still lying out on the street in al-Jumhuriya.
The roads are deserted. All the area is bombarded. We are hearing
shelling, artillery, and always the sirens of ambulances." \ \

-- column/forwardTodaysColumn.cfm?sectionID=14

/ / Edmonds concluded that documents clearly showed that the Sept.
11 hijackers were in the country and plotting to use airplanes as
missiles. She said documents also included information relating
to their financial activities. \ \


/ / "The Americans have violated the ceasefire. They are attacking
us with jet fighters, tanks and artillery. The US snipers are on
every roof and minaret. They don't care who they shoot. They are
shooting old people, women and children. Where is the UN in all this?"
\ \


Betraying Daniel Pearl and 9/11 Victims

/ / Bush’s fantastic speech linked dots that could never be
connected with genuine facts. \ \



/ / Frederick, a Virginia prison guard, is charged with assaulting
detainees, ordering prisoners to strike each other and an "indecent
act" for observing one of the sexual abuse incidents. He insisted,
however, that his actions were not those of a rogue soldier, but
were sanctioned and encouraged by military intelligence
and the CIA. \ \


/ / We'll have to take Frederick at his word that he required
"training" in order to be restrained from acting like a mad dog.
What a surprise that, in "real" life, he's a prison guard in
Virginia, described by his boss as "one of the best." One supposes
that's why he needs "rules and regulations" to prevent him from
literally f*cking over his charges. \ \


/ / "It wasn't psychological pressure or simple mistreatment or
illegitimate detention as in Guantanamo, but true, classic and
irrefutable torture," the paper wrote in an editorial, citing
forced, public sodomy as one of the gravest offences.

Calling for an independent inquiry, Amnesty International said:
"There is a real crisis of leadership in Iraq with double
standards and double speak on human rights. \ \


/ / The Administration has flippantly claimed that it is better
to tie down terrorists in Iraq than to battle them in our homeland.
Mr. President, with hundreds of thousands of American troops in
Iraq for the foreseeable future, and a worldwide campaign of
terrorism gathering steam, who is tying down whom? \ \


/ / "Finally, the Tribunal calls upon the peoples of the world
to demand that their governments deny military, political,
financial or any other support to the occupying powers; and oppose
the illegal implementation by occupation forces or their
surrogates of any plans for the wholesale privatization of the
Iraqi economy. The Tribunal also expresses its solidarity with the
Iraqi people and its support for their attempts at recovering
their full sovereignty." \ \

-- fsitv/fscm2/contentviewer.php?content_id=844

/ / Pleas by the people of Fallujah for international intervention
on their behalf have fallen upon deaf ears. A delegation of city
officials reached Amman last week to ask officials of the United
Nations, the European Union and the Arab League to intervene to
stop the killing. \ \


/ / Secretary Paul Wolfowitz and other neo-conservatives to the
contrary, 71% of Iraqis consider Americans "occupiers" not
"liberators." The study is "the most comprehensive look at Iraqi
attitudes toward the occupation." \ \


/ / What Mr. Cheney is defending, in other words, is a doctrine
that makes the United States a sort of elected dictatorship: a
system in which the president, once in office, can do whatever he
likes, and isn't obliged to consult or inform either Congress or
the public. \ \


/ / Bush administration officials have assumed that the globe's
only superpower can simply insist on and define the reality it
wants; and no one, whatever the objections, will have the brute
power to redefine it. The world, however, is -- as they are
discovering in Iraq -- a far more complex and recalcitrant place
than they've cared to imagine. \ \


/ / So we now have potential Iraqi Davy Crocketts and Jim Bowies
facing off against the modern equivalent of "the Seventh Cavalry,
" filled with Gurkhas, Chileans of the Pinochet regime, South
African former death squad members, former British special forces
officers, American ex-Seals and the like amid what[...] \ \


Justice is the first virtue of social institutions, as truth is of
systems of thought. A theory however elegant and economical must be
rejected or revised if it is untrue; likewise laws and institutions
no matter how efficient and well-arranged must be reformed or
abolished if they are unjust. Each person possesses an inviolability
founded on justice that even the welfare of society as a whole
cannot override. For this reason, justice denies that the loss of
freedom for some is made right by a greater good shared by others.

John Rawls, A Theory of Justice


/ / Nevertheless, there is a 1971 federal law on the books that
supports these prisoners' rights. That law says that an American
citizen can't be held by the federal government, absent a specific
law that permits it to take such restrictive action. President
George Bush can't cite any such statutory authority in his favor.
So, what is the President's position? He is making the sweeping
claim that there is a ``War Against Terrorism'' going on, and that,
in the name of national security, he alone, like some tin pot
dictator, can act as their sheriff, judge and jury. \ \


/ / As reported by MSNBC, during the five week lead up to 9/11,
while bush personally received several warnings of an imminent
plan in progress to highjack American airlines, bush continued
in relaxation with his "vacation", and as reported, did not speak
or meet with Tenet, the head of the CIA, during that entire time,
but for a brief moment on August 17th. During this five week lead
up to 9/11, as too, reported on by MSNBC, while bush is absent
mindedly "vacationing", he, rumsfeld, and Condoleezza were working
"top secretly" preparing the leaderless American military for an
invasion of Afghanistan plan to secure a liquefied natural gas pipe
line for Enron. The once "top secret" documented in writing plan is
premised on blaming Laden as a terrorist but providing no evidence,
thereby, guaranteeing [invasion, and ] the murder of thousands to save
the wealthy business partners of the bushmob. The bushmob, facing
their imminent criminal
bankruptcy, stealing they were and did so far get away with, stealing,
from any and all Americans,
their hard worked for life savings and/or pensions. \ \

There, now that is clearer.


Is It Just?

/ / Is it just coincidence that 9/11 is also bush's
"acceptable" reason for warring, (planned TOP SECRETLY
prior by several days of 9/11, and confessed to US
already as fully implemented by the Whitehouse)
Afghanistan with a FALSE ALLEGATION [ n o - e v i d e n
c e ] to heroin push, [is still leaving] ..the STOLEN
American soldier pension money [...] sitting in the
Cayman Islands? \ \

I guess perhaps I wasn't so clear previous, but listen:
How's bush and rumsfeld's Afghan plan, gonna go down, if
there is to be no surprising 9/11, nor any evidence,
(not a scintilla,) gathered for public inditement
against Laden for shoplifting? (No advisement from
Tenent, nor Richard Clark?) Would bush start a war
against life itself, by just simply stating, we don't
need no evidence of our suffering?, with him demanding
an innocent family to be crucified?, to save Enron?
Again, bush is the for real antiChrist of all biblical
folklore, hated this entire timeless universe more over
than anything else Johnny cares to mention. George
bush's naked treason as an enemy of Humanity is hidden
from no one. A true soulless degenerate George W. Bush
is, whom is purposefully attempting to destroy Your
freedom as humanity with his utter contempt for our
flying fricken flag. If a person has no evidence to
substantiate an allegation as personal opinion on the
advocation of perpetrating senseless bushite barbarity
against those understood as US innocent, then your blind
faith in evil bush as bushite, not lies with your God,
your nation, your family, your neighbor, OR YOURSELF,
but as the willing to be sacrificed for the ungodly
bushite war crimes as enemy of everyone. Listen:

Kill un-arrested bush and rumsfeld for murdering the
good American People thought left undefended by
corporate edict as the still unjustly dying and near
forgotten, and you'll be respected by this universe as
truly honorable and courageous, in these of God and
Humanity's, most troubling of times under the criminal
dictates of Our evil Mr. bush Jr..

Those evil brethren of the bushite clan intend, through
censorship, to allow the demon bush cabal our rights to
leave, but where does the brethren of the bushite clan
think bush is a gonna flee himself from, eh? We, The
People are a' coming to get you George W. Bush for
almost escaping our police protections. For, when the
bush brethren clan wake up to the plan, that they'a
have'a been'a deceived, the last think anyone would
want, is to be without police protection... (Can you
believe, the war monger thief and liar, Our Mr. bush
Jr. actually banks for Christian fundamentalism,
thinking he's gonna ride them bible belting for all he's

Again, America needs to wake up, load up, and go out to
freely bag US some un-American bush and rumsfeld, all to
save the lives of the leaderless dumfukked bush-teens,
who are prodded criminally as cowards to die for the
enemy. Those who would murder innocent Americans as
bushite, then further publicly advocate as enemies to
freedom, the victimization of God as the innocent
elsewhere, should be turned against instead, questioned,
arrested granted full legal rights through public due
process, or hunted down to be destroyed by US real
Patriots of this world as God's great believers. I'd
destroyed any un-arrested proud bushite for warring
America by indiscriminately dropping toxic cluster bombs
on our friends and family, to get rightly killed more
leaderless cowardly soldiers with Grand parents they
leave undefended in bush's evil amerka. Who doesn't
hate bushite I ask you to think as you should?

You kill bush because, we had unrestricted access to do
anything bush pleased throughout Iraq, prior to
sacrificing any good for nothing, cowardly bushite nazi
dumfuk whore.

Now, because truly, the Iraq bushite war is
illegitimately premised without any actual cause, the
humans are faced with two questions that have no
legitimate answer.

1: What can the ungodly and evil demon bushites do now
in Iraq, that they couldn't prior to murdering one
child, but for to rob from America by towing his
bushwhore nazi coward soldiers to commit criminal acts
to rob freedom from all of US as Humanity?

(Kill an proud to be evil bushite, and all day long
you'll have the thanks of every surviving American
police officer, and a nod from all the American
pensioners who are promised that maybe bush's america
can learn for next time while the bushites just walk
away with the stolen loot laughing.)

2: What could Saddam do, that he wasn't asked for?, to
stop the senseless first degree murder of our friends
and family?

Saddam provided the sites where all bremer's WMD was
destroyed, the documents, the personnel, and so on, but
corporate america won't let the facts be delivered
without their bias of, who cares neutrality. A refusal
to report for American interests regarding the sacrifice
of American lives for the un-arrested criminals hiding
inside Enron, Dutch-Shell, five dollar a day Bechtel, or
double billers, commi Halliburton. Example: soldiers
could have more effectively went into Iraq unarmed to
search wherever, for there were no restrictions placed
upon rational behavior, but just no money for the
bushites to steal from America. The proud dumbfuk
bushite soldier is coward and betrayer to America and
God, by not, for America's America, killing bush and
rumsfeld for near escaping the murder scene of 9/11 in
New York City. Instead, they attack the defenseless and
innocent with cluster bombs laced with toxic waste they
happily eat themselves to die as the ungodly soulless
bushite traitors. You get your gun Patriot, and instead
of punishing a town, city, or state, bag yourself some
individual evil bushite, and be respected by all true
loyal Americans as a real freedom fighter. With the God
of every religion by your side rooting you on for the
home team, You'll be loved by all. At least until, we
or me, can make the national news programs to
communicate. Again, the management and news desk staff
of CBC and CNN know, that the American FBI contend:
bush's business partner, the un-arrested in retirement
General Ahmad, funded Atta, the 9/11 mastermind. (While
no evidence was established against bin as connected, to
justify the Afghanistan war crimes. Nothing.)

CNN and CBC, in our names, are with malicious intent,
refusing to allow justice to be our interest in
protecting always.

Johnny Wizard


/ / Just before dawn Wednesday... AC-130 Spectre gunships
launched a devastating punitive raid over a six-block area
around the spot where the convoy was attacked, firing dozens
of artillery shells that shook the city and lit up the sky. \ \


/ / Then there is President Bush, whose recent press
conference demonstrated his tortured relationship
with reality. "The PDB was no indication of a
terrorist threat," he said. Just what doesn't he
understand about, "determined to strike"? \ \


/ / Incredibly, Bush admitted that Iraqis were "not
happy they're occupied" and that "I wouldn't be happy
if I were occupied either." What was his answer to
this? The president said he would send more troops
to occupy Iraq, [...] \ \


/ / "For a nation to question those who help the needy
is an attack upon the faith," said Bill Coop, a retired
pastor and long time civil rights activist. "Linking
helping Iraqi children with 9/11 is just ludicrous."
Coop helped organize Dhafir support meetings at South
Presybeterian Church. \ \


/ / Wolfowitz contended that U.S. military interrogators ''
unencumbered by the presence of Yousef's defense lawyer
''might be able to get the inmate to confess what he and
the lawyer have steadfastly denied: that he was actually
an Iraqi intelligence agent dispatched by Saddam to blow
up the World Trade Center in 1993 as revenge for the first
Persian Gulf War.

[...]In his new book, "Plan of Attack," Washington Post
reporter Bob Woodward writes that at a Camp David meeting
shortly after September 11, 2001, Wolfowitz, who was pushing
for an immediate invasion of Iraq, estimated that there was
a "10 to 50 percent chance Saddam was involved in the 9/11
attacks' 'an odd conclusion that reflected deep suspicion but


From Johnny's

/ / - The Real Deal -

/ / But the Pentagon's OWN energy support center pointed
out that it also was delivering some gasoline to Iraq -
for only ABOUT $1.00 a gallon. THE PENTAGON'S audit
agency then asked halliburton officials for internal
documents to justify its pricing - but the officials
refused. \ \ (Not Democracy)


No Evidence

/ / ....thereby, guaranteeing the murder of thousands
to save the wealthy business partners of the bushmob.
The bushmob, facing their imminent criminal bankruptcy,
stealing they were and did so far get away with,
stealing, from any and all Americans, their hard worked
for life savings and/or pensions. \ \

For those who miss the criminal intent here, pay
attention: Because the bushites confess publicly to,
not using evidence to substantiate their, then would be,
unsubstantiated allegations against bin Laden, [MSNBC,]
all to GUARANTEE their invasion of Afghanistan made
prior to 9/11 for Enron. Whom pray tell as America, is
going to be left committed to find those, if any, other
unknown individuals responsible by following the actual
crime leads from the real murder scene? Not in bush's
damned america, MSNBC told you when interviewing Tom
Dashle in discussion of the official public contention,
that immediately after the terrorist act of 9/11 in New
York City, (where thousands of American People were
murdered,) bush and cheney frantically, desperately,
INTENTIONALLY, worked paid overtime to close 9/11 ( You
know?, the justice-freedom thing) investigations on who
or whom planned to get away un-apprehended with the
still living as freely wealthy General Ahmad. (Whom
according to the FBI, of these United States of America,
financed Atta, the "9/11 Mastermind"! Is it just
coincidence that 9/11 is also bush's "acceptable" reason
for warring, (planned TOP SECRETLY prior by several days
of 9/11, and confessed to US already as fully
implemented by the Whitehouse) Afghanistan with a FALSE
ALLEGATION [ n o - e v i d e n c e ] to heroin push,
while the STOLEN American soldier pension money is still
sitting in the Cayman Islands? Are you convinced that
an American Grandad, can just say, maybe bushite america
can learn better for next time like trying to escape
bush and rumsfeld would, will actually get a Grandad,
his retirement package he's worked a life time to save
up for?

Maybe, America does know better, it's just the bushite
won't let US say so with conviction on this true freedom
thing ruling the stay in our media circles...

Gee, thank God You're here!

Kill un-arrested bush and Rumsfeld my American friends,
and you'll be living for the love of God and country.

Then, will tackle some bigger issues.

Johnny Wizard


/ / "They killed all that moved, even the animals. These people are
the enemies of mankind," he
added, calling on people of "good conscience to act to stop" the


/ / American troops cannot be tried in civil courts for killing
civilians in Iraq. Local courts are
forbidden from hearing cases against US soldiers or other foreign
forces after the US-controlled
governing body in Baghdad issued a directive last June. \ \


/ / I was happy to have a sense that there were folks out there,
mostly military, who would be
interested in the insanity I was witnessing on almost a daily basis in
Donald Rumsfeld's defence
department. \ \


The duo of doublethink,3604,1197127,00.html

/ / And that's nothing compared with the rest of the Bush-Blair show.
Behold the comedy of the
president's declaration that "our coalition has no interest in
occupation". Or the prime minister's
insistence that no "outside" forces will be allowed to determine
Iraq's future - as if the US and
British armies are not outside forces doing precisely that. These are
examples of doublethink to
rival Bremer's exquisite remark to an American interviewer earlier
this month that the Iraqi
resistance is made up of people who "think that power in Iraq should
come out of the barrel of a
gun. That's intolerable and we will deal with it". (Where does the
coalition's power flow from, if
not the barrel of a gun?) \ \


Get Bushite

To get un-arrested bushite, is likely one of the
greatest gifts a human being could give to life as
Humanity. Just think of all the innocent lives that
could have been saved if the marines contained one
American brave enough to fight for real freedom, and had
justly executed GI killers russel and blount for
targeting God as the innocent, or perhaps earlier on
with bush and rumsfeld for the murder of thousands of
countrymen in New York City on 9/11? Just think of it.
If a, soon to be toxified to die cowardly by rumsfeld
cancers marine, killed evil antiChrist bush when the
demon spewed that, complete, unrestricted access with
out any delay to will anything inside Iraq, with
Saddam's full co-operation throughout prior, prior to
any war crimes beginning, just think of all the American
lives that would have been saved. But alas, as a
bushwhore is evil incarnate, it's just not enough to
take for the bushite, war money by murder profiteers.
So instead, they steal life earnings by the needless
sacrifice of thousands of our brothers and sisters, led
leaderlessly. To their graves in true self contempt.

I as the Son of Man ask again. Who wouldn't kill a
bushite to protect our families? Our God? I ask all
People to consider, allowing the evil bushite to
continue thieving from an American soldier's grandmom
left as soully undefended, is a collective form of
punishment I as Johnny refuse to stand silent about any

The US would kill any proud bushite for supporting the
blind murder of US.

To get the unarrested bush demon whom is escaping public
trial for the first degree murder of a great many
American police officers, and firefighters, is truly,
the most giving experience that can befall any human
being alive. The love and kindness you would express by
committing yourself to such humane action, to save the
lives of innocent families, would be reward enough in
knowing you fought and defended for the good God in all
of US, who win as the never silenced to be forever
forsaken by ourselves in hatred.

Love the World by destroying unarrested bush and
rumsfeld, and live on to fight defending all People, you
know not of, and you will be fighting to protect
ourselves as God is, the innocent unseen.

Our World Wide Works of Wonder enterprise needs
financial support here people, in the form of five
dollars, or how about three? For, I just may stave off
my impending public court appearances as a down and out
vagabond on the brink of a new great life giving dream,
for only a few more moments, then I'm going to seriously
need bus fare, can you help a guy out who's down on his
luck buddy?

The bushite we see as Humanity, would sacrifice their
own kin with lies and deception, to tell a returning
disabled soldier, you warred God as without honor or
real courage, warring innocent people blindly with toxic
bombs to fight for the ultimate escape of bush and
rumsfeld, those whom murdered thousands of your own
countrymen in New York City. Slave any returning GI
soldier is to not face that their own free minds are for
thinking about the true consequences, of not knowing, or
truly living, for the real America, as so enshrined by
the Constitution. Bushite soldiers use the Bill of
Rights for asswipe, then just say, no they don't.

Justice as God is all,

Johnny Wizard

Kill unarrested George Walker Bush and Rumsfeld for 9/11
my friend, and be loved by all as savior.



/ / [...] August 2001 - Coleen Rowley of the Minnesota FBI
office, warns her superiors of the activities of
Zacarias Moussaoui, the alleged '20th hijacker', and his
possible connections to Al-Qaeda. She requests a FISA
warrant for surveillance on Moussaoui.

Before passing the report on to the FISA court, Rowley's
superior removes all references to Al-Qaeda from the
report. The warrant is refused by the FISA court... an
unprecedented event.

[...] December 2002 - Coleen Rowley's superior at the
FBI, who in August 2001 tampered with Rowley's warrant
request report by removing all references to Al-Qaeda,
receives a `performance bonus' equivalent to somewhere
between 20% and 35% of her salary. \ \


It is very difficult to explain to an Iraqi that a man
fighting from his own town with a Kalashnikov or RPG
launcher is a "coward" and a "war criminal" (because,
apparently, he should go out into the desert and wait to
be annihilated from the sky) but that someone dropping
2000-pound bombs on residential areas or shooting at
ambulances because they may have guns in them (even
though they usually don't) is a hero and is following
the laws of war.

/ / In effect, the neocons pulled off a coup d'etat, a
palace revolution in which veteran government officials
like Richard Clarke, and the CIA and Pentagon "old
guard," were pushed aside. (Go here for an up close and
detailed description of the purge by former Pentagon
analyst Karen Kwiatkowski.) If the purpose of the U.S.
government is to protect American security and
interests, then why did there need to be a "separate"
and competing government - unless that government was
pursuing other, non-American interests? \ \

/ / Families in Fallujah repeat the same story, that when
American troops search their homes, they take away all
the cash and gold. They are nothing short of conquerors
and thieves masquerading in the world press as
`liberators.' The reason for Fallujah's lack of
electricity is due to resistance attacks on American
troops. It is American punishment for those that dare
to fight for freedom.

In Sichir, outside of Fallujah, two US fighter jets
dropped nearly a dozen bombs or missiles on some poor
farm houses. Zaidan al Khalaf, a survivor of that
attack, said, ``None of us are interested in politics...
I swear we don't have any weapons in our homes and we
don't have any intention to fight the Americans. But
the Americans have become a heavy weight on our
shoulders. They don't respect human beings, they
humiliate the Iraqi people. They promised freedom and
democracy. Is it freedom to kill people, make bloodshed
and destroy our house? Is that what they mean by
freedom?....We are only peasants here,'' he said. The
Americans ``came like terrorists.'' \ \


/ / A US soldier, a ``combat leader,'' writing on the
Soldiers For The Truth web site, who claims to have
participated in the Samarra battle, explained that
``most of the casualties were civilians, not insurgents
or criminals as [is] being reported. During the
ambushes the tanks, brads [Bradley Fighting Vehicles]
and armored HUMVEES hosed down houses, buildings, and
cars while using reflexive fire against the attackers.'' \ \

/ / Why do you let your loved ones be sacrificed like this,
dear sisters? So murdering beasts like Bush, Rumsfeld,
Sharon, and Halliburton would get richer and more
powerful? Is that a good reason for them to die? We
think not. We want it all to stop, for us and for you.
So please let your children leave Iraq alone.
Sincerely, An Iraqi Mother \ \


W's Reality Gap

/ / Whenever President Bush is now confronted with an
unacceptable reality, he either changes the subject -
is steroid use really more important than the environment?
- or expresses confidence in his certainty. "I'm absolutely
confident that..." he'll say, as if the issue is his
determination rather than his conclusion. \ \

It's his faith infinitive as the antiChrist, where he
has hypnotized the dopey with merely the power of
suggestion, that has brought him to US as foolishly not
conceiving, or most importantly, truly understanding.
So, do we feel sorry for his ignorance as fallibility we
are all prone to own as the human rendition? No. But
for stupidity thinking he could murder US as the
innocent to steal our free values, and just get away
with it by lying to no one continually, is where the
Lord makes our stand for God unseen as miraculous.

The demon bush dictate is not exceptable for my just
little man universe. I knows too much about freedom to
go on dying in bush's forsaken place as innocent
sacrifice. With corporate america's unarrested demon
bush forcing my hand, I would decide to defend by
concluding, he is truly, the enemy of all America.
America: weak without leadership, yes, but not as dumb
as some would have us believe. When is it that we feel
sorry for the thousands of lives bush's deliberate
actions of mass murder have taken for no good reasons?
Their ain't nobody to defend america's overlord, but
through corporate censorship of the reality of who's
really dying for the demon bush liar. I'm the one
anyone would ever have a legitimate fear of getting on
the wrong side of, and if your not in the process of
attempting to get away with murdering some defenseless
family for nothing but to rob from; to each, his or her
own, mostly, right?


'Five Lies' Lives On

/ / Why, then, had the reports become so shrill on the topic
[of Iraq] after Bush's inauguration, presenting the same
intelligence with a completely different interpretation? After
all, the CIA even had the same director under Both Clinton
and Bush.

..."You had senior American officials like Condoleezza Rice
saying the only use of this aluminum really is uranium
centrifuges. She said that on television. And that's just
a lie." \ \

Uncle Sap Suckered Again

/ / "We are heroes in error.... As far as we're concerned we've
been entirely successful. That tyrant Saddam is gone and the
Americans are in Baghdad. What was said before is not important.
The Bush administration is looking for a scapegoat. We're ready
to fall on our swords if he wants."

So we lied. So shoot us. Who cares what the Americans say,
anyway: they're stuck in Iraq, and there's no backing out
of it now. \ \


/ / ...12. True or false: At a Pennsylvania hunt involving the release
of five hundred pen-raised pheasants, Vice-President Dick Cheney
refused to participate, asking, “Where’s the sport in shotgunning
a bunch of tame birds?” \ \


/ / While Perle was confidently concurring with fellow Defense
Policy Board member Ken Adelman's prediction that the conquest
and occupation of Iraq would be a "cakewalk," a State Department
study (shelved by the neocons) accurately foretold the mess we
find ourselves in today.

So, tell me again why it is that Tenet has to step down.

Perle is right when he says:

"I think, of course, heads should roll. When you discover that
you have an organization that doesn't get it right time after
time, you change the organization, including the people."

Heads should roll, alright: starting with Perle's, and don't
think he doesn't know it. That's what the chutzpah strategy is
all about: brazening it out.

...But if you look at the National Intelligence Estimate,
a document prepared by the White House with input from all
agencies, the section on Iraq, which postulates a whole arsenal
of active WMD, is filled with dissenting footnotes authored by
the very agencies Perle would purge:

....Dick Cheney's henchmen were feeding both the President and
the country a strict diet of pure science fiction and fantasy
authored by the Office of Special Plans: in a very short time
a whole new genre of speculative fiction was spawned by the

...Mired in scandal, and hardly a team player of the sort that
is supposed to be typical of Team Bush, here is someone who
openly calls for the resignation of top officials and refuses
to take any responsibility for the failure of policies that he
championed. \ \


W's Reality Gap

/ / [of bush's falsehoods to Freedom's America] his policy
process is more catechismic than empiric – instead of facts
leading to conclusions, conclusions lead to "facts."

Second, he is openly uninterested in learning and reading
– the Bushes "aren't serious, studious readers" he has said,
also admitting that he now reads headlines, not articles. The
point is not that he's stupid, only that he knew less about
policy and the world as a presidential candidate than the average
graduate student in government. Lacking Eisenhower's worldliness
or JFK's intellect, however, Bush is prone to grab onto a
politically useful intellectual framework like a life preserver
and then not let go – whether it's Myron Magnet's sour
interpretation of the 60s in "The Dream and the Nightmare" or
Paul Wolfowitz's Pollyannaish analysis of the likely consequences
of an American invasion of Iraq.

The result: the most radical, messianic and misleading presidency
of modern times.\ \


When the ‘Big Lie’ Becomes the Truth

/ / What these revelations suggest is that President Bush has now
been exposed as an outright liar and war criminal `from within',
by several of his trusted appointees and close collaborators.
And that he's going to be running for office, in November 2004,
with this record. \ \

It's like some ultimate battle of faith between
freedom's true as life call censored, and the criminal
intentions of flagrant bushite evil, as though bought
for already by news programing. There ain't no real
King and Lord of Creation who calls the media up alone
as John again to protect our throne, so instead, give
your life and country unjustly in silence to the lawless
bushmob in unholy sacrifice for plunder, as your,
un-chosen dictator.

King Johnny wants America's mass murderers, demon bush
and dummy rummy immediately arrested for public trial,
or executed for nearly escaping the crimes starting on
9/11 in New York City.

It will be done, in our kingdom to come. ..or.. maybe
I'll decide to just give up on this whole show for now,
and go back to the rehearsal stage... Doh!

U.S. pays millions to discredited Iraqis

/ / The letter, a copy of which was obtained by Knight Ridder,
said the information went directly to "U.S. government
recipients" who included William Luti, a senior official
in Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld's office, and
John Hannah, a top national security aide to Cheney.

The letter appeared to contradict denials made last year
by top Pentagon officials that they were receiving
intelligence on Iraq that bypassed established channels
and vetting procedures. \ \

Bypassing America as undefended freedom,, sacrificed to
die for slavery under the unconstitutional as blatant
evil, bushite decrees. Demon bush tells America, and
indeed the World, since 9/11, evidence will no longer be
a requirement to convince US who is a mass murderer, and
corporate news america sells on without the human
opinion present evaluating his true asking price. Man,
that demon bush is sure one true evil bastard when you
think of what he, rummy, and Ashcroft is stealing in our
names censored through nazi fascism. [Granted, I am

God or no God, I don't like that demon antiChrist, Our
Mr. bush Jr. very much.


Democracy How?

/ / "The database is comprehensive, extremely detailed,
and at least 97 percent accurate, with every safeguard
possible to cross-check the records," said Ahmed
al-Mukhtar, a Trade Ministry official who is overall
director of the ration system. "If you gave me one
month and enough paper, I could open registration to
anyone who was exiled, allow them to register, and then
I would give you a complete electoral roll." Even British
occupation officials in southern Iraq have reportedly
endorsed this proposal. \ \

By Annan not publicly addressing this very serious
issue, will not be fooling me he hasn't heard it
mentioned. The families of Iraq are accounted almost
entirely by "comprehensive, extremely detailed"
measurements. So what the hell is going on about
supporting our world community by not condemning war
crimes?, Just where is Annan on the issue of an
international commitment kept I want asked religiously
across this world. Now.

Boy, if I were make believe King...


How the war on terror has become a war on freedom

/ / From the moment we followed George Bush into war, our certainty
as a future target was assured. So, eternal vigilance is little
more than common sense. Expenditure on sound intelligence is
clearly essential. Diluting legal rights and dispensing first
and second-class justice is is not just totally unacceptable but,
in truth, another victory for terrorism. \ \

Terrorism of the worst kind for God's America. GET BUSH NOW!


Falling for You

Brahimi said. "We need to organize elections as early
as possible but not as early as impossible."

Help me understand: Why can not Iraq start on the
process of


NOW to work towards gaining accountability for soon as
possible? After June? What the... Can't we people
talk while walking? Look, the future is likely coming no
matter what, and what ever illegitimate government is
embarrassingly stalled by evil WMD proliferator baathist
bremer to steal unaccounted American tax dollars from
the "willing" victims dying, (like by bush bitch cluster
dud) will still necessitate the need, to have started on
the process of fair elections for our Iraq before hand.
Corporate america might not care of sacrificing America
to rob from, but real People are honorable, and won't
reserve the scourge of nazi bushitizm a place to suffer
any further if we can help it.

The bushites are sorrily, simply not qualified under the
dire circumstances they've assaulted ourselves into for
mugger war profitizing, as leading US to be dying
undefended while failing miserably on my behalf to
demand Justice as freedom is truly.

Now, it has been vaguely suggested that a, steven "you
can't have public health care or he'll murder whomever
for thinking" russell, or a buford "bush bitch" blount
as treasonous evil nazi bushwhore, to undermine freedom
and democracy everywheres in our world might cowardly
attack defenseless innocent families at the polls while
leaving "bin Laden" fingerprints, criminally warring to
kill more American dumdums for commi Halliburton et al,
continuing committing as unaccounted massive waste in
America by over billing the dying People. Why would
bushites do this? Evil is blind irrationality,
disguised as thought out faithfully by fascists. The,
nothing to fear suggestible absolute nature of
non-linerality, is 99.9 percent, super fractal wowy
miraculous as crazy about the fringes, (or is that
bridges?). But, without Justice ruling our stay, we
leave for a Heaven waiting, on a sea of madness as
enemies of life to all things eternally being.
Translated: We need to arrest these specific war
criminals at the end of our, ready to fire rifles. Done
to stop them personally, from robbing or murdering
America indiscriminately as enemies to everyone. But in
addition to that, (like at the same time) who says the
polls can't be stretched out over several days or a
week, with multiple options on submitting votes
registered through the oil-for-food program? I want to
know where Annan is on this., why it can't be done., and
what his position is on returning the Iraqi Humanitarian
aid stolen by Halliburton, or Iraqi Central Bank
deposits cashed by HAS TO BE, current pirates. Annan,
be a man, an acknowledge our presence as relevantly
important for our world's living sake.

We had 100 percent access throughout Iraq prior to
allowing bush, rumsfeld, and franks to sacrifice
literally thousands of innocent lives. Who are now DEAD
or DYING NEEDLESSLY as first degree murder victims, in
some bastardized Lord's name apparently.

(Quick, somebody call upon everyone to get up off their
knees, God's coming to read as one person today of the
unbound wonder of what it is to be uniquely ourselves
within a nude sunrise grinning. To make some progress
forward for a better future, we're not meant to just
pray for someone else to come and stop whom from
cheating who of Liberty? What is it that you can't
think of? Every wonder? Who wouldn't do God a favor if
they could imagine so brightly. Who's stopping you from
defeating tyrant bush as war criminal, but for only
yourself contained by his continuing bad example? Tell
you what: let's together find ourselves of one mind on
putting the bushmob behind bars awaiting immediate
public trail, and I'll promise to try visiting them
every year, just to see how things are developing. Or
instead just shoot bush and rummy for almost escaping
Operation Infinite Justice of a real American Patriot
soldier's undying love for his soul brother.)

Any improvements of the current situation in Iraq today,
are going to be less that what would have costed to not
kill innocent people for nothing but evil bushite war
profitizing at it's level worst in this history ever of
all Humanity recorded. The demon antiChrist of
corporate america has got to go, and he's got to go
immediately as arrested or shot dead by the Patriots for
treason, before he causes US anymore needless losses and
grief to our friends and family. Like for the next
fifty or so generations what with the plutonium being
fed blindly as willed to cowardly, weak, American teen
enemy bushite soldiers presently. (If we could seperate
the bushites from the rest of US, this might be a good
thing, but they have no real leadership to speak about
freely as the dying stupidly.(PRINT THIS PAPER AND MAIL

DYING like those from 9/11 did, or dying slower, like
with NYC air quality as best Oz has to offer. (Harmless
corporate TV tells US without opinion.) Either or even
in other ways, the demon bush is truly killing God's
America in Your name not heard from. Help me you idiot.
You! Yes you there, reading here. I am your secret
friend see?, and.. well.. the Universe needs your help
desperately pal. Please? For me? ..Oh God help me
your really dumb without you aren't I too? Listen: we
need to talk.

We are here to save all of creation from needless death.
Big deal. Your are of a real eternal nature, that
exists also, (as understood scientifically) timeless.
For real. (The big bang is now. (All mass is also of
not as seperate energy, then there's our gravity...))
Our possibilities for a great, better future are
staggering, if we are capable collectively as
individuals to defeat the "kindness" of George W. bush,
the dying embodiment of evil as the very true demon
antiChrist of all biblical references ever mentioned.
His lying isn't just deceitful, it is downright hellish.

You know what I think? The evil enemies of Humanity,
don't want US People to be recognized from being victims
under tyranny through corporate cult censorship.
Without Justice ruling our ways under the irrational
criminal bushmob dictate, we lose as losers cheating
ourselves as not worth the consideration to be free

Granted, I am an actual god familiar with the rights
present within the Constitution of America. THEE God's
god, here to teach the world about needless sacrifice,
caused primarily, for the effects of inflated egg shell
egos. As Creator, I goofed somewhere in the, order to
chaos mixer. I didn't plan (it was a mistake) for
Americans to be so cowardly and weak when it comes to
defending their very own selves from needless death and
sorrow through blatant, naked, how can you miss it, evil
criminal enterprises. So, perhaps, now if I stop
writing, and fake I flied off vamoosed into the
unknowable, a couple people on the planet might go
'hmpht', and decide to carry on bravely, the real,
honest to death struggle for freedom living without me
as sorrily missed. (I as John am not anything special
paradoxically.) This is fear itself, ain't nobody
nowhere as terrifyingly terrifiable as this is just
truly super terrific being only my simple written
taughts, yet, ... I'm like.. just fiction writer, big
dreamer Johnny Wizard, looking for some happiness, human
respect, and a good last supper before I check out from
this made by the earthling "space explorers" dungeon

But who cares about me, or my great, he thinks he's so
brilliant ideas? Everything's seriously a pain to him
sometimes, and he talks to himself like he's the, been
here and gone as eons now, King of the Universe for the
holy Word from the Heavens above or something. What a
poor dying fool to chance that anyone would willingly
help themselves by caring for someone. ..You know, I'm
beginning to not be all that crazy about the demon bush
liar continuing to war humanity in my own true name also
now that I think of life in this way honestly. H-e..Y -!
(Morningstar has been accused of a lot of things, but
you'll notice, always plays fair as your rules.))

What freedom in Iraq will come that allows a, buford
blount to walk unaccosted by 'legal' services? Or where
rummy's cluster dud advocates gain silent gratitude? A
nation high-jacked by bremer's buddies who illegally
sold Saddam WMD, then the product wisely gets destroyed
as functionally useless being primarily indiscriminate
warfare, then bremer's buddies come in again and murder
untold thousands upon thousands, all because your magic
TV is letting them get away with it as considered too
embarrassing to the billionaire private stake holders.
Fuk you corporate american Human haters for not
reporting the bushites as war crime supporters.

Where in the real world are the nazi bushites gonna
demand we go to allow 'them' to continue warring the
Constitution while wearing a bushite soldier's uniform
in their dying universes of Universe? Leaderless
corporate america?, injured and dying as the unjustly
starving? What can the bushites do now in Iraq, that
they couldn't do before the needless murder of untold
thousands upon thousands of innocent people with loving
families? Before dumping thousands of tons of
radio-active toxic waste as enemies of God's children?
Only to rob, maim, and destroy God's great work through
Love. We had complete unrestricted access throughout
Iraq, and Saddam was offering the national media for
bush to pontificate, while not refusing dialog for any

I ask:

Can not America invite me formally for brunch, by
somehow bypassing the war mongering nazi tyrant held up
in the Oval office? I'd invite you all, but my place is
still a mess, and I'm stuck eating for survival just
now. I don't qualify for help, because surely, a person
with your talents, should have someone willing to stave
you off the, who cares about saving the world for you
buddy, laughing in all seriousness shtick. (cool eh?)

I give you my world:

To save humanity from tyranny will be accomplished
through the value of these free ideals recognized.

Isn't life grand sometimes when the bushites aren't
needlessly murdering our innocent families in your name?

I again,
will now leave
you without me,

forever loved,

Johnny Wizard - Your "other" parent or guardian advising
you to immediately, by Citizen Right, arrest the
President's 'cabal' in the name of the Lord, who already
died for this once already god damn it, and I'm not
sacrificing any longer unknown as forgotten in the
absence of any true reason to our existence, I want to
celebrate. I want to afford a cold brew to nuzzle on a
warm sunny afternoon, at a hideaway somewhere, lost
in my comforts of having few real worries, but for
unintentionally offending someone for not having the
time to except their generous support, or gratitude.


/ / "We need to find a mechanism to create a caretaker
government and then help prepare the elections later
- sometime later in the future," he added. Mr Annan
said that there was "wide agreement" \ \

Unelected care taking government? What is the group
their now supposedly doing? Where in the process is
corporate america to simply fix the Russian generators
they've been paid over and over again already for as
doing nothing in The People's interests?, As unaccounted
to? Where is corporate america to fly in the emergency
food and provisions for the innocent as victimized?
Who's care will this continuing robbery of America
through war crimes further fail to serve? How can Annan
gain "wide agreement", with no poll on the issue? Who
personally did he talk to, agreeing to leave Iraq
without working for an elected government of the
People?, and who consented to give up on such dire
needs? Where is Annan on the thousands of tons of
radio-active toxic waste dumped by rotten rummy? Is it
not an issue he should personally be addressing for
Humanity, to demand an immediate clean up paid for by
those responsible? Imagine that: Truly toxic as dying,
American Patriot soldiers making it up to God's great
Creation, by hunting down the actual bad guys, who done
did crossed the wrong family this time.

Wow, now that would be a war worth televising!

Soldier for the Truth: Exposing Bush’s Talking-Points War

/ / She would soon conclude that the OSP -- a pet
project of Vice President Dick Cheney and Defense
Secretary Don Rumsfeld -- was more akin to a nerve
center for what she now calls a "neoconservative coup,
a hijacking of the Pentagon."

...I mean, these people have total disrespect for the
Constitution. We swear an oath, military officers and
NCOs alike swear an oath to uphold the Constitution.
These people have no respect for the Constitution. The
Congress was misled, it was lied to. At a very minimum
that is a subversion of the Constitution. A pre-emptive
war based on what we knew was not a pressing need is
not what this country stands for. \ \

No End to War

The Frum-Perle prescription would ensnare America in endless conflict.

By Patrick J. Buchanan

/ / And if God accepts the existence of evil, how do Frum and
Perle propose to ``end'' it? Nor can any nation ``win the war on
terror.'' Terrorism is simply a term for the murder of
non-combatants for political ends.

...If it is America we defend, An End to Evil makes no sense.
The Perle-Frum prescription for permanent war makes sense only
if it is the mission of the armed forces of the United States to
make the Middle East safe for Sharon--and here we come to the
heart of the quarrel between us. \ \

As you can probably guess, me and Patrick might have
some good politics to debate on that I would disagree
with him about, but I can't save enough praise for
reading this most recent informative and often
entertaining take, while reviewing about the Frum-Perle

I think we can all agree, both Perle and Frum are now
clinically deranged by hanging on to George W. Bush for
so long in dumbness. Do they qualify for some sort of
special treatment programs under their respective health
care plans? Strange days where we see the limited words
of a mind bound for slavery. All I wants is the war
mongering mass murders arrested for treason against the
flags of Freedom everywhere, is that to much to ask from
ourselves still God asks? (You know?, I think, i'm
getting better at this!)


DOJ To Attempt Shut Down of 9/11 Evidence

/ / ...that the Department of Justice (DOJ) will intervene to
control access to all evidence and documents related to all
private litigation before Hellerstein's court regarding the
terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 -- citing ``grave
national security concerns'' as their motivation. \ \

This is where most definately those responsible for 9/11
would try to control from.


Dear Mr. Prosecutor

/ / Dear Mr. Prosecutor

...There is at least one person who knew of Valerie
Plame's relationship to the CIA even before Novak
published his column: Clifford May.

...Mr. May's assertions raise some troubling questions.
Exactly who were the "insiders" for whom this was
"something of an open secret?" How did they obtain
this information and why did they pass it on so readily
to someone like him?

...Moreover, the information was not given to him under
any formal agreement of confidentiality, the likes of
which exists between a reporter and his source. According
to Mr. May's original account, the remarks were "offhand"
and freely volunteered, without any injunctions about
their disclosure. \ \

And they're off!

/ / As for not being a war hero, Cleland earned the
Silver Star in a separate incident that occurred just
four days before he was injured. The citation reads,
"When the battalion command post came under a heavy
enemy rocket and mortar attack, Capt. Cleland disregarded
his own safety, exposed himself to the rocket barrage as
he left his covered position to administer first aid to
his wounded comrades. He then assisted them in moving the
injured personnel to covered positions. …His gallant
action is in keeping with the highest traditions of
military service and reflects great credit upon himself,
his unit and the United States Army." \ \

'We want answers: why have they been held so long without charge?'

/ / "I am desperately worried for Moazzam. I received a letter
from him six months ago, and I have heard nothing since. I fear
he is not in good health, and he is being tortured. I want to
go to the US and take up his case, that is all I can do." \ \

Moazzam and his wife you'll remember, were some of the
ones teaching through the girls school running under the
Taliban. What? did a heroin pusher, like the bushmob
is, lie to you again on the reason for blindly bombing
villages in his name as tyrant deity? By CNN and CBC
not correcting ourselves, every time bush lies directly
about reality, (Saddam didn't let US in or the Taliban
sell heroin to Allah), leaves our directions for
maintaining freedom subterfuged in as real as it gets.
Life is politics, and lawless bush, he commits mass
murder to steal from the innocent. Democracy? Freedom?


Washington Post defends Bush, Iraq war against Paul O'Neill's

/ / Until the middle of March 2003 Bush came before the American
public claiming that he had not ``made up his mind'' about war
with Iraq, that diplomacy would be pursued, that military force
would only be a last resort when all other options were exhausted,
etc., etc. O'Neill's exposures, including the existence of
documents, prepared months before the September 11 terrorist
attacks, that outlined plans for a ``post-Saddam'' Iraq and the
handing out of lucrative contracts, reveal Bush's performance as
a charade filled out with falsehoods. \ \

Isn't this fascinating... a post-Saddam plan to rob humanity
by killing too cowardly American Patriot Soldiers for
Halliburton and Worldcom.


The Last Word

/ / It was just reported by Chris Marden on the 27 November
2002, that bush's top whore richard perle, has advised
Britsh MPs, that bush secretly as the anti-Christ has no
intention of allowing the Iraqi inspection process to
succeed, and instead, is committed to murder ourselves
either way. \ \


The "pending bonanza"

/ / The agency had been chasing the CPA and the UN to account for the
expenses, but was not given any answers. They quoted
one senior diplomat as saying, "We have absolutely no
idea how the money has been spent. 1 I wish I knew,
but we just don't know. We have absolutely no idea." \ \


/ / Less than two weeks after the shock and bra of the Super Bowl,
Bush's congressional cronies were already holding hearings on
the matter. Compare that to the foot-dragging that followed
9/11. It took 14 months -- and a candlelight vigil outside the
White House by the victims' family members -- before the
president finally relented and the 9/11 Commission was created.
Now that's indecent. \ \


/ / Cancer is different in that the emergence of a cancer can
actually occur from as little as one asbestos fiber
interacting with the cell of the lungs or another cell in
the body in such a way as to start the chain of events that
creates a self-reproducing malignant cell. \ \


Center for American Progress


Reuters reports, "President Bush on Tuesday sought to
blunt criticism he exaggerated prewar intelligence by
saying his conclusion that Iraq had banned weapons was
shared by the U.S. Congress and the U.N. Security
Council." However, writes the NYT, that's not an accurate
portrayal of the facts. Members of "Congress say the
intelligence they were shown by the administration had
been stripped of caveats or ignored dissenting views
about the threats it purported to document." \ \


JFK, 9-11, and the REAL America: Tying It All Together

/ /..Until the full case against Al Qa'eda is made
available for public review, we have absolutely no
assurance that this "proof" isn't exactly like the
"proof" of Iraq's weapons programs -- i.e., a big fat
lie from top to bottom. \ \


New Moon

To steal public utility services paid already as owned
completely by IRAQI, (America dying for the bushite
American pension thieves at WorldCom or Britain's
"Dutch"-Shell,) ain't gonna change the business
locations. The evil unAmerican cop killing bushites
think they're gonna party in Manhattan on our dime in
apartments for around $15,000 a month, while sneering at
a homeless beggar on the streets, who thought he was
still in Vietnam.

An oil-for-Iraq program needs to be reestablished, but
transparent to all as addressing the immediate emergency
needs of Iraqis. Private, in the secret back room with
the bushmob nazi bankers, and their private inept
collaborators flustering as international fraudulent
behaviors, just wont do., try as bush might to murder
perhaps millions of Americans uncovered by his
criminally enforced, reduction in health care coverage

Part 1 - The usual suspects

/ / This latest US intelligence, though, makes little
sense. For starters, al-Qaeda pigeons are highly unlikely
to move around with computer discs in their briefcases:
since early 2002 a disabled al-Qaeda has used women
couriers to deliver strictly verbal messages. \ \

Kimmitt in collusion with the bushmob perhaps? To cover
up an investigation set up to encourage the blind murder
of America as bushite by attempting to divide all the
People of Iraq as Iraqi?, na... not in a tribal based,
enduring practically timeless, inter-woven culture.

Those who ran public healthcare and university are all
the bad guys for thinking, the blind bushite bigots
would conclude illegitimately., and I would say to
yourself: no, the People with equal rights to stay
united for good times, are a people sworn to uphold law
that serves our freedom's best. Iraqi assets are not
bush and bremer's right to steal without question, nor
either, American generosity swindled by WorldCom, Enron,
Dutch-Shell or Halliburton is the final, be all answer
to everything.

You as sure would know that unjustly victimizing the
World in our name because "they" didn't believe in
blindly worshiping with servitude, the war mongering
mass murderer demon bush liar, is freedom stolen from
any. Wide, across the board, ask anyone for comment on
where the bombs dropped from. Needlessly in bush's
name, but to war God's love, and my good life.

Demon bush is not America, America is America.

This is all I'm ever doing as King, but perhaps also,
not going left hungry. If you can help me help you,
we'll be set for something better.

Truth can pose serious problems, when we idolize blindly
the evil demon antiChrist for criminal sacrifice,
instead of arresting him for 9/11 along with cheney, and
bummer rummy, the silent but radio-active cluster dud
dropper who murders American Patriots for a nickel.

Too awe shock embarrassing is it to ameliorate for the
sake of a dying American Patriot Kimmitt?

For, why would Laden want the bushites to stay to
further rob America through creating instability within
his own ranks? without denouncing the demon bush war
lies, that are paying a very real price.. ? What would
it cost commi Halliburton, to face public accountability
(Democracy) in Iraq on where Iraqi money is being
misappropriated for? Do you think they'll get to keep
the oil business, to sell back to all of Iraq at
uncontested mark up freely? To steal food aid to under
pay the third world? Starving?

To steal public utility services paid already as owned
completely by IRAQI, (America dying for the bushite
American pension thieves at WorldCom or Britain's
"Dutch"-Shell,) ain't gonna change the public business
locations. The evil bushites think they're gonna party
in Manhattan on our dime in apartments for around
$15,000 a month, while sneering at a homeless beggar on
the streets, who thought he was still in Vietnam.

Perhaps, he is.

Another American soldier owes me a beer, or will be
dying to steal life from themselves as sacrificed for
the evil criminal dictate of Their Mr. bush Jr.. Don't
go silent as the unknown dying enemy to God and
humanity, stand with Justice and freedom in America for
Americans, and I swear, we won't kill ya as the good
guys in the epilogue.

By the bushmob attempting to create unrest, so
Halliburton at al, can continue in the tommy franks
chaos to rob America blind with false billing, instead
of cash paying, is costing the lives of American teen
soldiers. Who god love'em or hate'em, don't have the
intellect to strategize their way out of an open paper
bag, never mind evil bush's false creeds without real
leadership present as living for. Instead of bruising
our egos, the bushites are dropping bombs illegally on
the family.


Ask a dying soldier how it sits to know commi
Halliburton pocketed Humanitarian Aid? Go ahead,
ask'em?! Then ask'em why they die as cowards by rummy
cluster dud for the bushmob to rob their own direct
families left unprotected? Ask'em! You know what
they'll tell you? They're not happy about these bushmob
war crimes truly destroying America in America,
"freedom", "democracy", Johnny Wizard or otherwise., Or
instead they'll mumble something incoherently while
jaunting away to murder some one found defenseless, or
innocent to pay further while dying to slave under the
criminal dictate of the really evil demon bush Jr..

A proud bushite is a toxic bushite halting from warring
the innocent by stealing your human values truly.

We need to see an apology to come from America, an
apology to Humanity for this carnage waged unnecessary,
but for these contemptible war profiteering practices as
direct assaults to all as God is. Assaults that we have
been unable to remedy by openly communicating to bush's
secret White House, rumsfeld's secret Pentagon, or
Ashcroft's secret Justice Department.

Just who's running this show anyway, I wanna know.

A - g - a - i - n

Will Americans save themselves with help from the rest
of US, by arresting bush and rumsfeld immediately for
high treason?, or will they cower and DIE as the
innocent, in false gratitude to the lying traitors
bushmob? To with their dying breath proclaim
unattested, to be ridding the Universe of their
continuing criminal behavior.. a.k.a. evil?

Evidence is a must to establish a crime scene
provocateur, to deny such privilege is to deny freedom
be served as consented through any government.

Hint: Demon bush, rumsfeld and Ashcroft, they ain't no
struggling democracy entirely.

Look, the thing about God coming down, and having it out
with humanity on some various critical issues, isn't
like going to happen, it is doing.

We had complete unrestricted access throughout Iraq
prior to murdering any innocent child in america's name.

These verbs will strike that antiChrist demon down for
ever and a day, and if I've gone, faded away, these
words will still remain,

till now we meet again,

as you were,

Johnny Wizard


Part 1 - The usual suspects

/ / American commanders and Iraqi police chiefs continue
to repeat the same mantra: the attacks show "al-Qaeda's
fingerprints". Who profits from exploiting these
"fingerprints"? The Bush administration, of course. \ \


The criminal intention is mind boggling to the mortal
mind. Yup, Demon bush Jr. is the real antiChrist, for
doubts about it barely exist. Thank God Your here to
save Yourself.. Na?



/ / This means that many Iraqis now know that in the name
of their "liberation", the Americans have killed or maimed
200,000 people. When something like this happens, you don't
need any help from al-Qaeda to fuel your anger. \ \


Barely seven weeks prior to 9/11

..That idea, they said, came strictly from Ashcroft's
FBI security detail. \ \

/ / The more fundamental question is why, if there was a
threat, did Ashcroft not warn the American public.


No freakin' kidding eh. Ashcroft, America wants to
speak with you about something.


Words from the Son of Man:

/ / Morally equating the rest of Humanity outside
of Universal Justice as US fairly represented? Mr.
bush tells God his plan is to victimize Humanity in
America's name, by hiding behind who's flag again?

Destroy the war criminating, unarrested American cop
killer, our offensive Mr. bush Jr. instead my friend,
and be thanked by God in person.

Look, Mr. bush, rumsfeld, and franks have STOLEN food
and medicine from Iraqi children by confiscating
"Saddam's Money", and, it is now publicly understood
that tommy franks, sabotaged the ORHA plan to create
insecurity and chaos so to rob the central bank of
billions. \ \


9/11 Families Valentines Letter to President Bush

/ / You claim that September 11th made you a war president.
But this is not true. By responding to the terrorism of
9/11 with an unending 'war on terror,'and a doctrine of
pre-emptive war, you and your administration chose this
path. \ \


Iraq's lethal Catch 22

/ / All that matters is that we did not go to war to fulfil
the only task remaining in Iraq - the transformation of
a society and economy ravaged by Saddam's brutal regime. \ \


Bush Administration Officials' Lies

/ / No terrorist state poses a greater or more immediate
threat to the security of our people and the stability
of the world than the regime of Saddam Hussein in Iraq.

- Donald Rumsfeld, testimony to Congress, Sept. 19, 2002 \ \

According to whom in our world?



"All of these acts are contrary to the laws of the Geneva
Convention, and all were ordered as written, established
policies from the top down. And the men who ordered this
are war criminals."


WMDs or no WMDs? That ain't the question
Bush backpedals, continues refusing to admit mistake

/ / Bush citing Clinton as a credible source? There you go. Like Pat
Robertson buying a fringed leather skirt because it looked good on
Christina Aguilera.

Bush has even been forced to call for an investigation into his own
intelligence. And you know what's going to happen: they're not going
to find anything. \ \


Blair's New Weapon Of Mass Deception

/ / For the latest in a catalogue of evidence, turn to the Wall Street
journal, the paper of America's ruling elite, which has obtained
copies of the Bush administration's secret plan to privatise the
country by selling off its assets to western corporations while
establishing vast military bases. \ \

Again, I hate to over stress this, but sacrificing the lives of
leaderless American Patriots as measured worthless with is the secret
evil bushmob strategy.

The U.S. Begs for UN Backing in Iraq

/ / So, What Do We Call For?

1) We call for an end to U.S. occupation, and withdrawal
of American troops. Because the U.S. invasion destroyed
the governing capacity in Baghdad and undermined security
for civilians throughout much of the country, the withdrawal
of the U.S. forces should be followed by a temporary
combined mandate for the United Nations, Arab League, and
OIC (Organization of the Islamic Conference) to provide
direct support for Iraq's reclaiming of sovereignty. That
would include election assistance, humanitarian and
reconstruction aid (including control over all international
funds, including those coming from the U.S. Congress,
designated for Iraqi rebuilding), and peacekeeping/security
deployment. \ \


Ann Coulter - "Liberals just call Republicans names."

Her suggestion is against the common sense of a literate
segment of humanity who knows something is a farce about
this tart, and for me, entertains for words to gain a
better understanding for proper acknowledgment.

Coulter is bigot rousing on purpose I think, just to get
all the american corporate monetary gratitude, in
selling herself not present as a significant baitor
unaddressed publicly in our corporate news circles. She
sells excuses to cowards, of not addressing specific
acts of treason committed by individual traitors, like
rummy or Ashcroft, and instead, suggests all people have
no ability through bushite america to recognize
themselves being robbed their freedoms or murdered
directly for the furthering of the evil bush demon war


A repuglicon nazi bushwhore, who will say anything to
allow bush to steal further from America, is not a tried
and true Republican blue collar. Is it in Ann's
contention, that all Republicans can't imagine
themselves having any independent opinions? Or, is Ann
saying that every Liberal blames Republicans of every
stripe throughout History instead lawless bush
personally for sacrificing the nation as evil
incarnate?, committing to murder individual New Yorkers
as America sacrificing, then further acquiescing to
needlessly feed toxic waste to all American soldiers,
while loyally blowing themselves up dead as individuals
to pieces with sexy rummy cluster dud, all for being
blind disciples of the unAmerican bush demon antiChrist,
their ungodly evil false-deity as enemies of God's love,
America, and our good names?

Naming the repuglicon demon bush a terrorist recruiting
cop killing heroin pusher, who played a central part in
the murder of thousands of New Yorkers is well
established factually, and publicly confessed as all
planned to act upon before hand. Who says? MSNBC's Jim
reported with the White House, as a 'top secret' [Oops,
deceived America wasn't suppose to read this one Condi]
strategy of not following the 9/11 crime scene evidence,
and confessed as 'fully implemented'. A General Ahmad
plan to blame bin Laden as innocent of to secure
invasion of Afghanistan. For Enron et 'al, the
treasonous g-e-t-t-i-n-g . . . a-w-a-y. ... Pension
thievers. Robbing from American Patriots as lead
worthless in value with. Dying.

Remarkable to say the least.

Anyway, solid, documented evidence including the
circumstantials, like cheney's "The Dabhol Working
Group", Niaz Niak, and the quietly contacting of allies
publicly to attempt legitimacy of faked collusion, as
such, with rummy's Pentagon arranging a same-time, what
if a 9/11 occurred plan involving everyone misled, like
also dummy rummy's P2OG, where dummy rummy writes to
commit terrorist acts against our innocent families, he
prefers if any connections have to be made, they be made
with the widest banner of "The Pentagon", as to hide
himself from corporate american news scrutiny, who
instead will report it as, the Pentagon isn't speaking
about only rumsfeld's high office involved in blatant
treason, and naked evil doing. Documented, and
admissible evidence during the up coming bushmob trials:
P2OG. Tenet undermining America's CIA assessment with

How Bush misled the world

/ / Once the document was declassified after the war it became
known that it contained 40 caveats - including 15 uses of
"probably", all of which had been removed from the previously
published version. Tenet further ingratiated himself by
remaining silent about the OSP. "That's totally unacceptable
for a CIA director," said Thielman. \ \

(Thielman, the most previous Chief of the INR. INR, the
official State Department's bureau of Intelligence and
Research. )


white house "official" James Canorton the EPA,

/ / For example, on Sept. 16, 2001, a draft press release
from the Environmental Protection Agency said: "Recent samples
of dust gathered by OSHA on Water Street showed higher levels
of asbestos in EPA tests." That was deleted and replaced with
this: "The new samples confirm previous reports that ambient
air quality meets OSHA standards and consequently is not a
cause for public concern." \ \

(EPA tests showed levels of asbestos ranging from 2.1 to
3.3 percent. EPA views levels of 1.0 percent as the
People's scientific definition of asbestos
contamination. MEASURED "material" was as high as 30
percent in some places. (The EPA has by written
mandate, to never play an unknown, as falsely safe, or
directly lie about doing what is officially required to
ensure protection of America. For good elementary
reason, because again, we're talking American lives
risked for what(?,) by still refusing a proper clean
up?) Research: Juan Gonzalez)


and tommy franks, the State Department's ORHA.

/ / The museum was No. 2 on a list of 16 sites that ORHA
deemed crucial to protect. Financial institutions topped the
list, including the Iraqi Central Bank, which is now a
burned-out shell filled with twisted metal beams from the
collapse of the roof and all nine floors under it. \ \

(Also, to succeed in assisting in robbing the Central
Bank, and museum, the nuclear facilities containing
radio-active contaminants were left unguarded, as not
centrally relevant to franks why soldiers were told
they're still sacrificing their lives for. "Duh, why
are we here to kill good people needlessly so the
bushmob back home can further rob our undefended
families bro? Bro?")


This is for all to agree settled as official History.

America devolving into the criminal tyranny of the evil
bushmob is happening. All the while, we witness, the
LEADERLESS nazi bushite soldier cowering as cowardly
sell outs to their very own friends and family being
robbed back home, left undefended through blatant over
billing as UNACCOUNTED, leaving their own sons and
daughters to dutifully eat plutonium, and going further
silent when it comes to rumsfeld and franks needlessly
dropping thousands of land mine cluster bombs to murder
us people indiscriminately, which, kills their own
aplenty, in a more way than one knows. Karma. (rummy's
pentagon is misleading soldiers on how many have so far
died to allow Halliburton to criminally steal
humanitarian aid from The People, as one example,)
Again, as bushite fascist nazi vermin, they let those
responsible for destroying America through the bushmob
war crimes, still sit in the, for sale freedom captain's
chair, high-jacked from US true Loyalists, attempting to
get away the bushmob is doing from 9/11, by going real
fast .. nowhere.

Second, if Liberals include whomever, how could Ann
possibly assess that all would consider calling
ourselves anything but, unique as individuals? Bizarre.

The American Constitution is our souls included in those
timeless thoughts of Justice for all as The People. The
bushmob is destroying freedom by persecuting the
innocent as terrorists, when they, in AMERICA'S NAME,
throw out the concepts of Justice for any. No publicly
understood evidence to form our conclusions, is a
corporate demand your faith be in the unjust bushmob
'cabal', and not in Freedom for all through establishing
the actual "bad guys". Closing the public criminal
investigations on 9/11, is a critically essential part
documented as the evil cabal's "top secret" criminal
treason plans, put together prior to the murder of
thousands of American citizens. Prior to the event as
hidden question, and, confessed as never considered.
Ya, right.


Investigating the Investigation

/ / After playing a tape of Cheney's statement, Russert asked
Daschle, "Did the vice president call you and urge you not to
investigate the events of Sept. 11?" Daschle flatly contradicted
Cheney: "Yes, he did, Tim, on Jan. 24, and then on Jan. 28 the
president himself at one of our breakfast meetings repeated the

...."[T]hat request was made" by Cheney not only on Jan. 24 and
by Mr. Bush four days later, but "on other dates following" as
well. \ \

-- : FBI Called off Terror Investigations

/ / Two veteran FBI investigators say they were
ordered to stop investigations into a suspected terror cell
linked to Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda network and the Sept.
11 attacks...

`You Will Not Open Criminal Investigations' \ \


It's liken to ourselves a serious player on the world
stage, when you come to think of the significance of
this fictional writing principled by reason, as yourself
truly considered. Alive. Hmm.. Anyway, Jeeze, we're
like the speculating king guy of creation fellow.. and
a.. Iha thought I wasn't really anything too special
until I realized also... somebody might actually give
me a few dollars as well earned for these great works of
inspiration inspiring others to help US out some. I
sure would. (desperate times call for desperate
measures) What'd ya say?...?...!..$?..!!

In confidence as your ever
lasting kinship through
this Royal life line
I call the Devine,

Johnny Wizard


Beat the Press

/ / For instance, Russert could have reminded viewers that during
a nationally televised speech in October 2002, Bush said that
Iraq had a "massive stockpile" of biological weapons. But at
the same time the National Intelligence Estimate-- what was
supposed to be a summation of the intelligence community's
best material on Iraq--reported that the intelligence agencies
had no information on any bioweapons stockpiles. \ \


Stupidity Is All Around

/ / Perhaps that's because even Democratic leaders are afraid to
say what needs to be said: Bush lied about what he knew about
Iraq and should be impeached. \ \

"intelligence failure" fraud

/ / Lie number two: ``Bush was misled''

Were this claim true, it would of itself be sufficient cause
to remove Bush from office, on grounds of criminal negligence
and incompetence. A chief of state who propels his country
into war on the basis of false claims of an urgent threat
is not fit to rule. \ \


"intelligence failure" fraud

/ / In this interview--which is available on the US Department of
Defense's web site--Wolfowitz made the devastating admission
that there was no consensus within the intelligence establishment
of links between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda. Yet Bush, Cheney,
Rumsfeld, Secretary of State Colin Powell, National Security
Adviser Condoleezza Rice and others in the administration
routinely made precisely this claim. \ \


/ / In fact, the president had said ``The Iraqi regime is a threat
of unique urgency. Saddam Hussein is a threat that we must deal
with as quickly as possible.''

``he had the capacity to make a weapon, and then let that weapon
fall into the hands of a shadowy terrorist network.'' \ \


A soldier's view of the Iraq war

/ / President Bush said on TV today that Americans are welcomed???
He must be on another planet. A few small towns south of Baghdad
may be somewhat safe to sleep in the truck, but most of that
country is more anti-American than what Bush is telling everyone.
By the way, the Thanksgiving photo-op at the airport was only
open to pro-Bush soldiers. We were screened unknowingly about
four days before he showed up in secret. We didn't know he was
coming, but looking back, all the questions we were asked were
designed to weed out the antiwar soldiers. \ \


For Whom The Death Tolls
Deliberate undercounting of "coalition" fatalities

/ / One thing is certain, there is ample dishonesty creeping into the
counting of the death toll by refusing to count those dying at
hospitals such as the Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington. \ \


For Whom The Death Tolls
Deliberate undercounting of "coalition" fatalities

/ / Soldiers are forced to work in a toxic soup [7] and when soldiers
die of horrible diseases this will likely be in the US, and thus
will not be counted.

These dogs of war are safely ensconced in their air-conditioned
think tanks, not really giving a damn about who is being killed
or who is paying for all of this, and now they are banging the
war drums for their next foray. The execrable Richard Perle also
stated that "we" are in Iraq for the long haul no matter the
cost [8]. \ \


Too Easily Persuaded into an Unnecessary War

/ / Bush says Saddam could have developed a nuclear weapon and given
it to a private group to set off in the United States. A lot of
things can be imagined, but the world's mightiest power cannot
go to war over an imagination. \ \


/ / Shami Chakrabarti, director of the civil rights organisation
Liberty, said, ``What is to be left of democracy or the rule
of law in such a topsy-turvy world? No juries? No presumption
of innocence? No defence lawyers or trials held in public?'' \ \


/ / ``surrendering freedom will not purchase security'' and that
``democratic values are strengths not weaknesses'', and that
``open communications networks are a positive force in the fight
against violence and intolerance''. These words voice the concerns
of many organisations across the US.

Bush's National Security Strategy of 2002, published three months
after the West Point speech, argued that countries can legally
defend themselves "against forces that present an imminent
danger of attack." \ \


/ / The press often behaves as if "fairness" dictated not drawing
conclusions in a news story. But if the president insists that
black is white, pointing out the lie is not opinion journalism;
it's reporting fact. \ \


/ / But how can he justify spending much of the $400-billion military
budget on things like Cold War-era high-tech aircraft and other
defense boondoggles to counter the $1.89 box cutters used by the
9/11 terrorists? \ \


/ / 'Rumsfeld set up his own intelligence agency because he didn't
like the intelligence he was getting,' said Larry Korb, director of
national security studies.. \ \


No Illusions

"WE hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men
are created equal, that they are endowed by their
Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among
these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness --
That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted
among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent
of the Governed, that whenever any Form of Government
becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of
the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute
new Government .."

-- The US Declaration of Independence --


Banking on Empire

/ / ..The money from the U.S. Ex-Im Bank ensures that the investments
of U.S. corporations in Iraq are risk-free. If Iraqi ministries
default on any of their payments to US companies, the U.S. Ex-Im
Bank will pay in their place. \ \


Playing to Win

Bush declared, "and he wouldn't let them in. And,
therefore, after a reasonable request, we decided to
remove him from power."

So, there was indeed no imminent threat posed by Saddam
to Amerka, and inspectors had complete unrestricted
access throughout Iraq without delay prior to the, bush
demon's further war crimes. So, what was the reason for
all the pointless mass murder and destruction again? Oh
right.. to sacrifice American soldiers so terrorist
bush's war profiteering can feed off themselves as
family without leadership present as spoken for. Hey no
problem if Bechtel or Halliburton never actually gets
anything done, or at a good price after their magic
trick "pay here for what?" commissions eat up most of
the investment, it's only the dummy American People bid
payers again left unaccounted to DIE intentionally. The
bushites could make more killings for decades to come,
while flogging the now desecrated American flag as the
new bushmob's being intolerance, greed and true contempt
for all US as Humanity. US, a dying dream that once was
the great American way of living; now war crime bush's
personal enslavement for global tyranny.

The devote bushites tell a Loyal but dumb Soldier to
quietly eat plutonium and get blowed up by rummy cluster
dud, because, it's harmless. Again the marines have got
to come in and save our day, by arresting bush and rummy
for 9/11 now, with truth as the all time word of God
exists within yourself included. Look, don't think I'm
gonna fly down to Washington like some comic hero, and
arrest the entire bush administration, going through
them, one by one from their holding cells, on where all
the stolen cash and American values went all by myself.


All the deaths of American Soldiers in Iraq today, (like
the People who died for the bushmob's 9/11), are caused
from their leaderless weakness to not face bremer and
the bushmob as war criminals continuing to transgress in
America's name high-jacked.

Mr. bremer fired Iraqi school teachers, and hired up
Saddam's secret service, those, who if any, would have
closer relationships to charges of criminal impropriety
in the name of the baathist banner, than any other group
would be. If an American soldier in Iraq today, feels
those from the Saddam Baathist regime should face
American Justice (the real way by thinking) why then, is
bremer not behind bars awaiting his public court
appearance? Mr. bremer as the director of Kissinger
Associates, is as, directly tied to "CRIMINALLY"
providing Saddam his WMD knowhow. The first
"Iraqgate".. [I apologize as Creator for being
partially responsible for this worse than B movie but
true plot line scenario, however, looky here!, there
is so much more to believe!!!]

The bushmob tricks are too cunning to comprehend, see?
Again, for those who can, bush must be stopped from
murdering American Patriots for no good cause, because,
it's really getting US royally miffed way up here also
as the true beings actually committed to Justice as
Freedom for all. That's all folks.

Ya, it's me again,
King of a world forgotten,
Johnny Wizard


How Bush misled the world

Once the document was declassified after the war it became
known that it contained 40 caveats - including 15 uses of
"probably", all of which had been removed from the previously
published version. Tenet further ingratiated himself by
remaining silent about the OSP. "That's totally unacceptable
for a CIA director," said Thielman.

Tom Santoni, U.S. Army veteran
"It would be insane to put the resources into launching an
attack on a foreign country, especially one that has shown
it is not an imminent threat,"


The Bloodstained Path

Unilateral military action by the United States against Iraq is
unjustified, unwarranted, and illegal. The Administration
has failed to make the case that Iraq poses an imminent
threat to the United States.


REP. KUCINICH: If I may, there is no evidence that Iraq
represents an imminent threat to the United States.

MR. PERLE: "...There's no evidence. There's no imminent threat."

REP. KUCINICH: I think that when a president commits the
young men and women of this country to battle, that it
should only be when there is an imminent threat to this

-- - Kerry blasts Bush Iraq policy - Jan. 23, 2003

"The United States should never go to war because it wants
to. We should go to war because we have to," Kerry said.
"But we don't have to until we have exhausted the remedies
available, built legitimacy and earned the consent of the
American people, absent, of course, an imminent threat
requiring urgent action."


According to Patrick Lang, the former
head of human intelligence at the CIA, Hardcastle "told [the
Bush administration] that the way they were handling evidence
was wrong." The response was not simply to remove Hardcastle
from his post: "They did away with his job," Lang says.


DASCHLE: ...The president has to make a -- an absolute
commitment that we will show that there is compelling
imminent danger to the United States before we act
militarily, number one.


Confronting The Empire
Noam Chomsky

/ / ...The campaign began in September of last year. Before that,
Saddam was a terrible guy, but not an imminent threat to the
survival of the U.S. The "mushroom cloud" was announced in
early September. Since then, fear that Saddam will attack the
U.S. has been running at about 60-70% of the population. \ \


REP. KUCINICH: I think the president of the United States has a
responsibility to tell the American people, especially since it
cannot be demonstrated that Iraq represents an imminent threat
to this country, why we should be willing to sacrifice not only
our men and women, the treasure of our nation, but also our
national economic priorities to go to war against Iraq.


Since Iraq poses no imminent threat to the United States nor any
of its neighbors, it makes sense to continue to give inspections
a chance. War can always be resorted to later.


Masako Morikawa, a housewife in Tokyo and mother of two. "In my
heart, I don't want force used in Iraq if there is no imminent


"I'm just not convinced that there is justification for this now," she
said. "I'm not sure when we lost our focus on Al Queda and Osama
bin Laden and the war on terrorism. I have seen no case to show
me how Iraq is an imminent threat."


The San Francisco Chronicle Tuesday contended that Iraqi breaches
justify a pre-emptive war only as a last resort. "This drastic step
will require damning evidence of an imminent threat and a broad
alliance of international support," it wrote. "So far, Washington
has produced neither."


Saddam is no imminent threat to any nation, but George W. Bush is a
threat to the whole world.


Howard Dean then said that he was old-fashioned and he didn't think
you could judge or punish Osama bin Laden until you had a trial and
found him guilty.


It has final deranged exhortations from a terrorist leader. His last
letter is found bundled with a "You Too Can Fly a Plane!"
instruction manual and some autographed photos of the great
enemy --the legendary Osama Bin Gadaffi Bin Saddam-Laden.


Hold Bush to His Lie

And Iraq's occupiers just negotiated an $850 million loan from
the International Monetary Fund, giving the lender its usual
leverage to extract future economic "adjustments."


machinations of the OSP meant that whenever the principals
of the National Security Council met with the president and
his staff, two different versions of reality were on the table.


The CIA did eventually produce a National Intelligence Estimate
for Iraq, but only in October 2002, after Bush had already decided
on war. The title of the NIE, "Iraq's Continuing Programs for
Weapons of Mass Destruction," is reflective of a predisposition
that was not supported either by the facts available at the time,
or by the passage of time.


The fact is that McGovern and I, together with scores of intelligence
professionals, retired or still in service, who studied Iraq and its
WMD capabilities, are reasonable men. We got it right.


Blair admits he did not know 45-minute claim

"I fear the awful truth is that Blair did jolly well know on March
18 that any weapons of mass destruction were battlefield weapons
- and suppressed the information from the House before the
crucial vote."


/ / A contract seen by Southern Exposure from Group 4 Falck, a British
security company, offered the CPA two armed guards 24 hour a day for
any building for $6106 a month, of which the Iraqi guards' salaries
amounted to just 10 percent of the costs

WAR PROFITEERING ? is strictly "English " (a euphemism to mean Western food),
provided by Kellogg, Brown & Root sweatshop cooks from India whose
base pay is just three dollars a day. \ \


Americans Deserve Bush's Profound Apology

/ / Underlying the mess was the ugly suspicion that the only people to
get any lasting benefit from the war will be Bush's friends with
multibillion dollar contracts. \ \


/ / Mohsen Hassan tells a different story. "We, the Iraqi engineers,
can repair anything," he says. "But we need money and spare parts and
so far Bechtel has provided us with neither. The only thing that
the company has given us so far is promises." ...Most shocking to
Huda is the price tag : "I could fix everything here for just $1,000.
Mr. Jeff [a Bechtel sub-contractor] spent $20,000 !" she fumes...

When I asked the contractor why they didn't finish the job, they said
"we don't work for you, we work for the Americans." \ \


/ / If I were such a parent, or spouse, or child, or wounded soldier,
I expect my fury would be visceral and overwhelming. I would not let
these men forget what they had done to my family. Blood is on
their hands....

..Now, imagine how appalled the friends and the beloved of Iraq's
casualties must have been last week to hear David Kay, the recently
retired chief U.S. weapons inspector in Iraq tell the world, "It
turns out we were all wrong." \ \


/ / Britain's intelligence services had, in fact, just completed such
a dossier, but Blair's aides were dissatisfied with it. \ \


Blame the masters, not the servants,3604,1137550,00.html

/ / Hutton notes that a draft of the preface to be signed by Blair
contained the phrase: "The case I make is not that Saddam could launch
a NUCLEAR attack on London or another part of the UK
(he could not)." It was taken out of the published version. \ \


Andrew Mackinlay, a Labour MP, urged parliamentary committees not to
take the "soft option". He said: "It's our duty not to buckle under
this. It seems to me that what we want are MPs who are
still prepared to ignore the sign which says, 'no trespass, don't go


In the meantime, the urge to get the now-embarrassing question of
"intelligence" off the table until 2005 has moved to the top of the
administration agenda.


(Money-saving suggestion: let's cut directly to the scene where Mr.
Bush dresses up as an astronaut, and skip the rest of his expensive,
pointless -- but optimistic! -- Moon-base program.)


> > The CIA for only one example,
> > investigated at least THREE times, officially, the false
> > Niger uranium claims, and found no disagreement on the
> > case as it closed yet again, filed under, never truly
> > happened. The British WMD trucks were for hydrogen
> > production, yet, bush went on again, after the facts
> > were publicly established, about how he wasn't keeping
> > informed, and relied instead on his make believe world
> > of fantasy to bargain the cheap lives of prop soldiers,
> > too weak and stupid to form a cogent sentence on any
> > relevant matter whatsoever.
> >

/ / But active and retired CIA officers kept warning the public and
media (including this writer) that intelligence on Iraq had been
deeply manipulated and politicized by a cabal of pro-war
neo-conservative ideologues in the Pentagon and the vice
president's office.\ \


- The Real Deal -

/ / But the Pentagon's OWN energy support center pointed
out that it also was delivering some gasoline to Iraq -
for only ABOUT $1.00 a gallon. THE PENTAGON'S audit
agency then asked halliburton officials for internal
documents to justify its pricing - but the officials
refused. \ \ (Not Democracy)

Imagine this is why the bushite soldier states the
Humans must not be allowed to disagree with anything the
bushmob in Iraq does, because then we'll all know
together how pathetically weak and cowardly they truly
appear as criminally acting with such betrayals as an
ungodly evil tyranny, without any true leadership to
speak about. Robbing their own nation of America as
immediate family in the process. Dying. All for
intolerant war monger bush's hatred for the American
dream, and contempt for all human good will as kindness.

/ / The Corps unilaterally issued a waiver of
Halliburton's requirement to provide "any cost and
pricing data." The Corps says it issued the waiver at
the request of Halliburton. How convenient. \ \ (N.D.)

Just another PUBLIC bushmob act of sedition against the
old red, white, and blue, to sacrifice an American
Patriot as measured worthless with. So American
Soldier, what are you going to do for US payers being
robbed in the open by the bushmob in Your dying
brother's name like that?, as one American Citizen
censored from speaking publicly at length like all the
rest of US are also in corporate america? Just try to
air an American Patriots concern on american talk radio,
and see how fast your rights are silenced by the
witches, or bushite cultists Art Bell has no problem
giving his National show over and over again to forbid
any protest.

/ / Steven Russell said that "protests are not authorized
and that participation in protests is punishable." \ \

/ / Steven Russell. "These People have always hated US
in this area. It is not surprising that they hate US." \ \

He ain't kidding me he is completely unqualified to hold
any leadership position. A real de-generative paranoid
delusionist, mared likely early on from corporate
neglect he suffers still from. He is what is referred
to as a bigot, and likely therefor, a probable racsist.
The 'area' he forces through threats of murder, are to
demand this vision be no greater than his own. His own
of equality being freedom by Justice Supreme doesn't
stand his scrutiny as aimed for target. Bible or
Constitution, all trash. Innocent guilty, good guy bad
guy, he couldn't divulge as devote blind bushite, war
criminal 'mastermind'. Oh by the way, truly, he breeds
indiscriminate warfare as a bad soldier, while the
bushmob are walking away with who's loyal investment. .
. ? . . . The clock is ticking. If I can teach
Buford and Steve with this breaker, they'll turn around
and kill bush and rummy instead for 9/11 to make the
newspapers. This is why a repuglicon doesn't like to
feed early start programs, that way, Lt. Col. Steven
Russell can pretend he's doing US in this world a favor,
when really, he couldn't care to know if his ACTION
would CAUSE the needless murder of yet another, Patriot
American brother. Steven, you arrest Buford, and
Buford, well you just go ahead and arrest Steven, and
then... well, we'll take it from there.

Instead What?

Instead tell US as an antiAmerican bushite?, you'll
murder US innocent for demon bush and rotten rummy?,
regarding those free speechers who dare voice with FACT,
that, Iraqi banking, university, or health care, is more
intelligent to remain Universal as it was to serve the
People's interests BEFORE baathist bremer sabotaged
communications? The bushmob isn't bringing Freedom, but
stealing it. And as such being consequence, so too,
Amerka. Haven't you heard? Bush's Amerka will be
freeer now that evidence is no longer a requirement to
convince US who is evil incarnate, and protesters can be
shot without CNN making the news over it. It's betterer
I'm sure Ashcroft would say to torture or murder the
innocent, that to arrest the culprits responsible for
high treason in God's America. Right bushites?

/ / commander of the 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry
Regimen, Lt. Col. Steven Russell, as saying, "This is
to remind the town that we have teeth and claws and w