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Kurt Brown

Nov 7, 2000, 3:00:00 AM11/7/00
Later. Today, VOTE NADER, vote for the underdog my AFRICAN AMERICAN
OUR TIME, and TO HEAR THE WORDS OF THE GOD OF ABRAHAM, follow the cyberlight
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From: Kurt Brown <constan...@yahoo.com>
Subject: Pic : (Velvet Throne) "HOWLING GOOD MOURNING AMERIKA"
Date: Friday, November 03, 2000 10:09 AM

Fellow citizens of the cyber-realm and of the world. Now that I have your
attention, we may begin. I will be including a more complete and absolute
picture later today. But the written word now is heard quicker since I have
your attention. A'hem

We have opened the door and now the waters are flowing in as the polar
ice-caps melt, and the ground is becoming scorched in places where it was
once wet. Changes have been occurring around us as a result of man's
selfish and foolish folly, and now the monopolistic dual-party system has
strangled many of the roots and branches of our nations tree which we hold
so dear. The same roots and branches, if allowed to bear fruit, could
provide our nation with an abundance of happiness, comaradarie, and
brotherhood. Eventually, I sincerely hope, this dream will come to pass.
But, for now, it is just a dream between myself, my father, and the truly

My spirit wrenches when I see an American born citizen miss the opportunity
for education and then become a useless and defective commodity to be bought
and sold on the free market in an indirect manner as fodder for the
monopolistic dual-party government, which was borne only recently from
squalid comfort and insepid apathy. The time has come to organize against
the tyrannical rule of the few, and to recognize that our forefathers warned
of us tyranny and wanted us all to have the right to LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE

I DO NOT RECOMMEND VIOLENT UPHEAVAL. I recommend that the horn of Jacob,
which is now the internet, and tomorrow broadcast radio and television, be
used to resound and amplify all of those things which we on the outside have
lost and want to regain. We are a nation, a people, who have only begun to
drive this nation across the cosmos and into the farthest reaches of the
galaxy. But don't get confused and think that all good things will come to
us as a gift of nature. Those sorts of gifts are rare, as we are living
beings and our consumption rates and birth rates do not allow for idle times
in our lives, or to wait on gifts from nature or our nation's development
under the monopolistic dual-party system, as time is precious, almost
ephemeral, in that in our current state of underdevelopment we risk
extinction either from the inside or the outside.

The question of infinite life is ludicrous as all things bend under the
weight of their own mass and therefore all things are circuitous, routing
back toward the point of origin but stretching out infinitely into all
directions. It is through this design, the looking back to look forward, as
where we are standing is always shifting and is not always clear.
Therefore, I say to you, look at where our country is today. Many people
would jump ship and sail away like a haphazard European on a long nautical
jaunt across uncertain and turbulent seas. We are marooned on this island
we call America because there is no better place to go. Yet, in our ample
abundance, many of our brothers are starving, either for food, shelter,
companionship, or a sense of achievement, and the simple but holy
satisfaction of knowing that he or she has achieved their life's full
potential. We all suffer as a result.

The hounds of ignorance will be yelping at your door, or I should say
squealing very loud to block the airwaves of any sounds that run counter to
the monopolistic logic which is strangling our contented development as a
whole. Case in point ---the debates by the Alpha-male Gore and the
pseudo-lucid and comically posturing Bush were resolved and constrained
from touching on issues that are affecting us all and which I have
elaborated on or will elaborate on further in the near future. So, I will
ask all of you who read this cyber cast, to yell from the rooftops, from the
seats of television studios, from any crevice where you can be heard, that
our demands for a better nation, a healthier tree of life, be given the
chance to root and take hold. It is time to demand that the dual heads of
the monopoly party be forced to reckon with two, if not three, of the third
party candidates before the election. I would like to make a motion that
the Greens and the Libertarians get a chance to expound their views and
answer the questions and fill the holes that the monopolizers deliberately

Education is the first step. We must not water the seeds of ignorance.
More funds must be channeled to the common man's child to enhance their
growth, otherwise our nation will continue to bear bitter fruit, and the
omniscient presence of blow flies hordeing the airwaves with their incessant
mono-tone buzz, all the time feeding on the dieing entrails of our nations
cankerous limbs, i.e. the men and women who were left behind by the men and
women whose only goal was to satisfy their own needs without considering the
destituteness of others.

There are no options. We as a nation will continue to rot and be
constrained in certain sections, and eventually die as a whole, or we can
take positive aggressive action and derive the maximum benefit that nature
can provide. All of these demands and desires are perplexing. But we must
move conscientious people to the forefront or we will all end up being
fodder for a machine that has run amuck, and that beautiful tree we call our
nation will be ground asunder by our own rotten weight.

I am growing rather weary as election day, and my own personal D-Day
approaches-- the day in which it is a win-all or lose-all proposition in
relation to my financial future and the likelihood of a third party
candidate, or possibly two, breaking the rythym of the dance and shuffle of
the misguided tyrants who lead us through the lowlands during the floods,
and the highlands during the storms, simply because the moving shelter they
have built does not encompass us all. I have worked in what should have
been a decent occupation in this country and I was still forced to live
among the destitute in this nation of ours, not even being able to afford
the creature comforts of a home.

Some say that I am Allen Ginsburg or have the ghost here with me. Of that I
am not certain. I traveled the same streets as he and witnessed the same
atrocities. My own father was very much like him in appearance and in his
behavior traits. Perhaps it was our commonality in regard to genetic
factors and our environment that created the similarity. But like a lense
over a weakened eye, this strange new light has opened my minds eye.

A home, in many cities in our great nation, has become an unattainable dream
under the current monopolistic system which is posing as a two party
lean-machine. The current system from an astrological perspective is more
in the nature of an enlarged bulge that is blocking the flow of energy to
the weakened limbs of a celestial tree giant.

I have seen and felt the intense human suffering in our once great nation.
It has only occurred to me recently how severe the problem is, and how
easily, with enough effort, it can be corrected.

My health is continually growing worse and I am not even as old as
Methuselah yet. My tirades of thought and emotion in my art and writing are
well-directed and well intentioned however. A flow of energy, or a spirit
if you will, traverses through everything. It is upon those waves that a
select few are allowed to see and hear the minute sound of destiny and
therefore rule and design.

Despite the deafening sound of my Ginsbergian Howl, We all must stand
together brave and united as we are all just small points or pixels in a
very large screen which stretches across the cosmos. Some day we may be
able to travel the entire length of the galaxy, but as it stands, we aren't
going to be able to watch Haley's comet or Jupiter's moons from a close
perspective again without having the wretchedness of the weak and selfish
mans desires be our folly and our end.

Remember, we must not destroy those material things that are already there
as the world has limited resources, and there is nothing left to waste. The
current monopolizers of democratic thought and action are comfortable with
their current arrangement and are afraid of change however, so we, as the
third and fourth party enlightened members must counsel those of their
congregation who have been duped by the expert monopolizers of today and of
the not so recent past. With the correct leadership, we, as a nation, can
be the perfect tree, whose every seed, whose every branch is tended and
cared for, to create the illustrious forest, the sanctimonious place that we
all want to share next to heaven. These things are possible, but only if we
rid ourselves of apathy, bloodlust, and greed, and move forward with a bold
new leadership whose hand can guide us through our development just as the
perfect algorithm can drive these wonderful computing machines.

Nothing ever comes simply and there may be bloodshed in the end, as the
nature of humans to hold on to the static nature of things is strong and
resolute. For example, witness the heinous flatworm springing and thrusting
from the truly blind mans mouth who wants to Conserve everything, including
the growing rot.

Conservatism-my eye. The purpose of the enlightened men and women who need
to and who should, by ancient law guide us, will be to protect and serve,
not to devour and seize. Therefore the desire to grow, change and improve
is part of our genetic make up and has undoubtedly allowed us to survive for
a short time on this strange and wonderful planet thus far.

The truth is that increasingly greedy corporate moguls would just as quickly
sell you or kill you as look at you as they are blind in one eye, the eye of

Constructive peace is deemed appropriate and we will arrive at our true
destiny, unharmed, and unscathed (at least somewhat) to achieve the eternal
and global and some day inter-global peace that we all need.

The machine (the modern day monopolistic dual-party system which squeals
that each party is different) which imprisons my brethren for victimless
crimes, and then uses them to derive wealth through the sale of the victim's
labor, their upkeep, and eventually their demise, is so corrupt that it is

Free speech is even stifled through their design, which resembles an arm
choking a foot until it is gangrenous simply because the faulty mind wants
the genitals to have a greater blood supply. The entire scene from an
enlightened perspective is both Barbaric and inane.

Just as a tree that has strong branches when the roots are cast into rich
soil, a person can flourish if given the opportunity to truly grow at an
early age. It is obvious that something is very wrong. The public school
systems are a disgrace, bordering on being a baby-sitting service which can
only produce a true success rate of 10% and probably less. After all, we
all know that the upper 10% in our nation, the lucky few, are the only ones
who ever achieve any real measure of success, and therefore happiness. But
even their happiness is somewhat thwarted because the society around them,
our tree of life, has started to crumbled from the dead weight and our
senses register all these aspects of decay but feel helpless because the
enlightened and compassionate have lost control of the steering wheel. The
thousand points of light one of the smooth talking monopolists waxed happily
for hours about, have turned out to be the lights from the jailers den, and
I cringe to count the number. It is more than I care to bear witness and
we as enlightened leaders of America should not tolerate it.

Rehabilitation for the victims of our past leaders design should be
considered paramount. As the only other option would be to kill them, and
that is against nature's law.

All of the babble about conservatism is a hoax, a lie, a sham, which insists
on conserving and preserving a past system that somehow forgot to bring
along all of the passengers, the world's brothers and sisters.

To look at a man, woman, or child, and to despise them for simply being,
simply because they are not in our inner tribe, or simply because they are
different in some other manner is reminiscent of a primitive homo sapien
turned cannibal who feasts on the entrails of another homo sapien for the
sheer pleasure of gluttony.

It is time to move beyond those primitive things and to enjoy the feast of
happiness that life has given us. There is always room at the table of
life, but there is also the probability that if we don't take action and
release the grip of the misguiding hand that is thwarting us, we will cease
to exist as a nation and possibly as a species.

In my most recent post I was very harsh on the people who are in my
geographical area, and I do apologize. I said that the people of Alabama,
and for that matter, much of the nation, were ultra-conservative, and many
were fascists, with a few being extremely violent. Just as in the rest
of the conservative states in the nation, There are not many fascists here
in Alabama. There are some however. In the mean-time many peoples ideals
are being guided by a small group of fascists who lack a social conscience
or lack the knowledge and intuition to guide and lead us to our maximum
achievement. I suppose it was a matter of evolution for the ignorant to
rise to the top, like bad cheese in a vat of turbid milk, but it is time for
the next bold step or all of our future generations, and consequently past
generations as consciousness is strung from mother to child like a thread,
and we will suffer the consequences.

We must always remember though, that the nature of man is to take more than
he needs. It is a primitive trait borne out of survival in harsh conditions
which must be overcome by the conscious deeds of the higher self.

We must not tread on others personal beings and we should not let them tread
upon us. I recently read that the pseudo-lord of the flies, the little
Bush, is going to have all political appointees undergo a drug screen. It
is the most holy of trespasses and should be admonished as an atrocity in
betraying the sanctity of the rights of the human body. The Bush is
failing the test of trespass. His motives are thwarted and bent to serve
his kiln and his cronies in their alcohol and tobacco absorbed frenzy of
self gratification while sitting in front of a mundane television doing
nothing more than spewing hypocrisy out like vomit from a vulture.

Theirs is a culture of alcohol and tobacco borne out of self-righteous
deceit, and now greed in maintaining the drug warriors coffers, that simply
annoys all of those around because of the nature of alcohol to affect the
speech and the dissolution of all human inhibition and the treacherous smell
of burning tobacco infecting all of the people's senses who surround them.

Rosh Hashana Abraham

Brought to you through a humble man,

Kurt Brown

Donations are accepted as I am, to put it in Bank Examiner's terms, without
Assets of my own.
Soon, I hope, that pleas of this sort in this nation are ancient history.

Send donations to my clandestine forwarding address

Kurt Brown
P.O. Box 941
Santa, Rosa CA 95402

Remember, we feast on a HOWLING pic tonight, so stay tuned and keep those
donations coming or I will lose power to this computing device.

Listen to the silent music, if you dare.

Time is ticking. Two heads have become one and it will take the power of
three to drive their ignorance asunder. Act quickly and with thrift my
enlightened friends. You know who you two are. Only you know of the direct
line. I will be waiting and watching.

Ctrl V for victory

Keep the world GREEN, Give Him a chance to speak for those on the OUT.

LET US STEER, Keep the GOREY BUSH IN HOOT'S REAR. See Clinton Hoot like the


Also, remember to save the truly green prophets, the tree of THREE, WHICH


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