Mentifex Genius page for spreading of Strong AI memes

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A.T. Murray

Aug 31, 2021, 5:41:06 AM8/31/21
The author of "The Art of the Meme" at among Kindle books at Amazon has developed an interesting, nay, diabolical technique for spreading memes qua Memes.

is the basic URL (Uniform Resource Locator) with an appended anchor tag that zeroes in on a particular image taken from a source of Memes such as Reddit, which has many subReddits devoted to Memes. Although Genius.html has the title "Great Minds Have Great Ideas" to shamelessly flatter visitors who see their own work cited there, the webpage is mainly devoted to spreading memes about AI in Latin (and other languages) by posting comments in such subReddits as "LatinMemes" (low volume) and "RoughRomanMemes" (high volume). In the "daily miracle" of work on AI, your fellow memeticist Mentifex tries to post a brief Comment on a brand-new posting in a memes subReddit, with such Comment ending in a link to the Genius.html page, which has been found by visitors to be an enjoyable page to view. What the visitors may not realize is the extreme, nay, obsessive tradecraft used by Mentifex to get maximum memetic Impact (the results, not just the font) out of each foray in the memetic campaign to spread memes about open-soure artificial intelligence.

For instance, observe the tradecraft in posting a brief comment that does not start or middle-muddle, but only _ends_ with an embedded link to the "Great Minds" Genius page. The idea is that the Netizen should not be clicking any link until the very end of the reading of the keep-it-brief Comment. Then the anchor-tag at the end of the link takes the visitor to the particular image which illustrates the gist of the Comment. Of course, the visitor may scroll up or down the page and find other items of interest.

There are subReddits which will censor or ban a user for embedding links within a Comment. For instance, the "memes" subReddit has an enormous quantity of daily readers but is hostile to embedded links. So what is a memester to do? You there in the back row of the class! You are right when you raise your hand and say that posting the first Comment on a new "memes" submission invites Redditors to examine the posting history of the Commentor and then to click on links embedded in other Comments made by the Wily Coyote, er, Memester. -- down the Rabbit Hole.
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