Defining Self

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Harry Davis

Mar 13, 2002, 12:41:06 AM3/13/02
My self it seems
Is but a means
For memes and genes
And their routines

Harry Duimering

Mar 13, 2002, 2:26:05 AM3/13/02

Nice little poetic meme.

Harry Duimering

Mark Matthews

Mar 19, 2002, 5:12:15 PM3/19/02
My turn:

Self it seems mere memes to please my genes
A string of code to be bought and sold
I accept this trend, makin' self my friend
Never mind who sinned, listen to the wind

Knowing self must be the noblest endeavor
The trick is knowing what thoughts to sever
What I think I know, tis my only real foe
Letting go of illusions is how I grow

We are more than blood, tissue, and bone
Inside a spirit reside, and maketh known
that with attention and care maybe grown
Our ideas have a lifeforce all thier own

Words contained a will which is very bold
Infecting minds of both young and old
Eagerly we host the lies we are told
Dreaming we may brake the mold

Yet is it I, or something else inside
A truth from which I earnestly wish to hide
I cling to the shelter in which I abide
Like a faithful pet ever by my side

Self at it's best, is merely a protest
Relinquish control, cries my human soul
But to my chagrin, my ego speaks again
Perhaps in the end, I may see to begin


Harry Davis

Mar 20, 2002, 12:17:48 AM3/20/02
My finest endowments are spirit and dreams
They too seem the constructs of genes and memes..

Mark Matthews

Mar 25, 2002, 9:38:57 PM3/25/02
"Harry Davis" <> wrote in message news:<0YUl8.123771$>...

> My finest endowments are spirit and dreams
> They too seem the constructs of genes and memes..

What is God?

Merely man's dream of the Supream Meme?
Or the true meaning of every human being?

Faith in a higher power helps us grow
Yet, this higher power we can never know

Some ideas of God are abusive, hurtful and sad
But, we must admit, not all our memes are so bad

So what can be said? Is it faith that is real?
Or illusion, delusion, just something we feel?

Even if the object of our faith is not true?
Faith itself is what makes us do what we do

Our finest endowments are faith, hope and love
Which can set us free, like light from above

Limited only by our ego--and more so by our memes
Yet propelled by will, we may seek out our dreams

We are beings of evolution with conscious mind
We are beings of creation with much to find



Mar 31, 2002, 10:41:22 AM3/31/02
Hello. I am putting together a list of song lines or famous quotes to
be used for video/sound artworks dealing with memetics. If anyone has
some suggestions, I am up to about 300 of these and could use some

I am mostly looking for memes that fair well in modern western
culture. So catchy songs, tv jingles, etc are good.

What I would really like most are memes that you can 'hear' in your
head, but have never actually heard the original quote, ie. "four
score and seven years ago", where i am sure we all have a "Abe Lincoln
voice" but, I am willing to bet no one living today has actually heard
him speak, and we are just immitating the immitations..which is one of
the most clear examples of memetics I can think of..

please reply with examples

My bologna has a first name
I wanna rock and roll all night
Meet George Jetson
Pizza Pizza

thank you, ben

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