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Buddha popthrough has been applied

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David Dalton

Apr 15, 2023, 12:20:32 AM4/15/23
The Buddha popthrough has just been applied.

Also the popthrough of Tsangyang Gyatso, the
sixth Dalai Lama, who I perhaps erroneously have
been calling The Turquoise Bee, or who ever
he is referring to in the following poem if
not himself, was applied a bit less than
two days ago.

"The dragon-demon's thorns
Should be neither feared nor ignored
Without hesitation
I'll pick the sweet sugar apple in front."

For background on popthroughs see the thread
"Jesus popthrough has been applied"
on alt.religion.christian .

I'm not sure if warning signs for criminals are on yet,
but there should be charisma modulation, and read
access for those with appropriate abilities and
to some extent by common sense/intuition for others.

For further progress see alt.religion.druid .

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"I gave my love a golden feather/I gave my love a heart of stone/And when you
find a golden feather/It means you'll never lose your way back home" (R.R.)
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