NYT quotes Institute for Justice on licensing/cert absurdities

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danny burstein

Jun 17, 2016, 6:19:32 PM6/17/16
They must have crossed the streams in the new Ghostbusters movie.

The Institute for Justice ("IJ") is such a right wing Free Enterprise stalwart
it makes groups like ALEC or the Manhattan Institute look like Karl Marx and
the Red Diapers..

The IJ often does good work. One of their pet projects has been pointing out
the absurdities of licensing/certification barriers to occupations, with
special attention to how some states might require nothing, or just a few
hours, while others want a thousand days.

Here's the money quote (and yes, those of us following EMS issues have seen it

"Mandates often seem mismatched with the needed skill set. In Michigan, an
athletic trainer needs 1,460 days of training compared with 45 for an emergency
medical technician."


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