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Dr. Marc-Alexander Fluks

Sep 1, 2021, 4:17:24 AM9/1/21
Source: Medicina
Special: ME/CFS: Causes, Clinical Features and Diagnosis
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Special Issue Information

Dear Colleagues,

In order to reduce the public health burden of ME/CFS and to mitigate
the damaging effects of the illness on individual patients, there is a
need to focus on the early stages of the condition and the underlying
factors predisposing to it. This Special Issue will focus on the origins
and early stages of ME/CFS and thus will address the causes of the
illness, its clinical features, and diagnosis. As regards causes, papers
on risk factors and on underlying pathological processes will be equally
welcome. On clinical features, we would be particularly interested in
the development and application of validated instruments for assessment
of the various clinical features of CFS/ME. On the question of
diagnosis, we welcome papers critically reviewing case definitions, and
also papers on biomarkers of disease. Papers on the social impact of the
early stages of disease including its economic implications, both for
affected individuals and their families and for society as a whole, will
also be welcome.

Prof. Derek FH Pheby
Prof. Kenneth J. Friedman
Prof. Modra Murovska
Prof. Pawel Zalewski
Guest Editors

Keywords: Epidemiology, risk factors, pathology, case definitions,
validated instruments, biomarkers, health economics, social research

(c) 2021 MDPI
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