The sauna story be advised it is long and a little rude

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May 17, 2001, 7:17:47 PM5/17/01
Took some time but I have refined the sauna story to nearly be
acceptable so were goes and I appologise in advance if it offends

It must have been some 6 or 7 years ago that I read that a sauna was
good for relaxation and thought it could be good for me. My wife had
been going to an all female session with a few of her friends and
offered to take me but it would obviously have to be a mixed sex
session. We were both a little concerned as we had been told stories
about things that will become obvious later in this story.

To understand the story you need a little idea of the layout of the
sauna which is the full thing. On entering you have three rooms, two
small rooms on the left and right become private changing rooms at mixed
sessions and the third room is a large open changing room and the only
place the lockers are. From there you enter a fully tiled room where you
have two steam rooms, a dry heat room, two showers, a large Jacuzzi and
a large cold bath. It was actually built in the late 1800's and is the
proper thing.

Back to the story, as we entered the changing rooms I was absolutely
amazed as in the large changing room there were several male OAP's in
various states of undress. Most of them needed a good ironing rather
than a steam clean but we got through that and changed in the private
changing rooms. So there we are in our costumes as was everyone else
when in the sauna rooms the difference being that I wore tight trunks
and most of the others wore baggy "Y" fronts which would was not a
problem for me but as the wife is only 4ft 10 her field of vision was
somewhat different.

My wife is very embarrassed by and my sense of humour was probably not
helping so we decided that a steam room was the best first stop. As we
entered the steam was heavy so I could not see where I was sitting but
made sure it was not on anybody. The steam eases a little before
starting up again and I get look at the wife to see if she is OK as I
have a really good sweat on then I look to my other side to see the most
heavenly body stretched out in the smallest bikini I had ever seen,
three postage stamps would have covered more. At this point, to save my
life I felt it necessary to try the dry heat room as the scenery in
there was less exciting with Sue, my wife, following but in-between she
jumps into the cold pool suggesting I do the same as it is good for the
skin. I make a few suggestions of my own and decline the offer opting
for a warm shower before the dry heat room. Again Sue suggested going
back into the steam room and after checking the previous distraction had
gone I agreed but no sooner had I sat down than the girl came back and
sat right next to me again. She must had been in the cold bath as her
small costume was now see-through and she was obviously cold, not that I
was looking specifically for that. This was bad and I am sure that the
sweat I was producing had nothing to do with the heat in the room. If
that was not enough she starts rubbing an orange smelling body oil all
over her body and was I ever tempted to offer to help but did not fancy
the physical damage I would suffer. Now the problem really starts as
this girls actions are having effect on me and I was beginning to
understand why all the rest wore baggy pants. I am stuck and the heat is
rising { I removed a few lines from the story here}, I was suffering but
could not really get up at that moment without showing that I was really
enjoying the show even though I was looking in the other direction, it
was the smell of the oil. It was getting desperate so I thought that
when the steam hit its maximum density I would get up and go directly to
the cold bath and jump in, the idea being that the cold would save my
indiscretion. Now this bath is not just cold, it was bloody freezing and
in my condition it really hurt as well but it did the trick.

I got out feeling safe and decided not to go into the steam room but go
to the Jacuzzi instead, I set myself up over a water jet so it was
against my back, closed my eyes and rested. This was pure heaved and I
was almost falling asleep when I started to smell oranges. After a few
minutes that seemed like hours I opened one eye and there she was
directly opposite me and then I hear my wives voice say " I told you,
you would enjoy this" if only she knew how much. Up again and into the
cold bath by which time I was tally worn out and decided to go shower
and get dressed. The whole experience had really worn me out and I was
not sure if it was the temperature changes or the scenery. There was
wooden benches in the big changing room so I had a rest while I waited
for Sue and fell asleep for a few minutes till I started to smell
oranges again but she had changed from the postage stamps to a full
length robe. Problem was it was a silk material and semi-see-through. I
astonished Sue when we got home as I was totally fatigued but for some
reason was really frisky. We stuck to same sex saunas after that.


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