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Kurt Brown

Dec 12, 2006, 4:10:17 AM12/12/06
<p>12-12-2006 Segment..DEADmoon1/400size_1/400distance</p>
<p>Note, the song linked here is at the Mobile Audit Club site on the Mobile Audit Club Band Page.  I am looking for the closest approximation to infinite energy for nothing.  I am tired of being a slave.</p>
The blinding effect of ignorance.&nbsp; There is a direct relationship in
science and it is linked to that most puzzling aspect of our solar system.&nbsp;
The moon is stationary on its own axis.&nbsp; Therefore, every time we have a
full solar eclipse, the same side of the moon is facing the sun in totality and
the same dark side of the moon that is facing the earth is dark in its totality.</p>
<a href="">The moon is 400 times closer
to the earth than the sun.&nbsp; The moon is 400 times smaller than the sun.&nbsp;
</a>There is a direct distance and size relationship, inverse or direct.&nbsp; I
look at this life as a lie.&nbsp; A nightmare.&nbsp; Perhaps sometime during a
total solar eclipse, I will go to the edge of the Earth where I can travel no
further.&nbsp; I will then look at the sun to see the worm that is escaping from
the moon to the Sun or Vice Versa.&nbsp; Or perhaps I will look at the dark side
of the moon and see for the first time, my dark death as it looks after the sun
has set, no light whatsoever.&nbsp; Perhaps then I can see.&nbsp; </p>
Something about this relationship is puzzling.&nbsp; I am afraid I am being used
so I do not want to talk too much.&nbsp; Like the retard with one answer, where
I drop the ball and the other hand scoops it up and turns me into a slave with
I lay down to die and never want to awaken, not as I, not as a remnant or
diffraction of I.&nbsp; Like the retard I can't get up.&nbsp; I don't want to.&nbsp;
I panic too close to the other hand.</p>
I am simply letting thoughts wander, like a speck of dust that floats near a
stick and deflects on charged atomic particles lighter than itself.</p>
I see it as a pulsating navigation beacon with a thumbprint or signature.&nbsp;
I never want to lose my head.&nbsp; I never want to lose my way.&nbsp; I never
want to be now or again.&nbsp; I missed the golden opportunity, but she was not
right in the head.&nbsp; The perfect shade does not exist.&nbsp; I prefer to
stay in motion and I am forced to stay in sight.&nbsp; I want to be free, free
of day, free of night.&nbsp; Dead moon, Iris, flicker.</p>
Some call these things, thoughts insane.&nbsp; I see it as a free floating
movement to solve the greater issue of escape of the stick.&nbsp; A buzzard is
made to puke with a stick.&nbsp; Juxtaposed, I would rather just be dead.&nbsp;
We are slaves to this damned lie.</p>
<p>  I feel so ignorant.  I feel half dead.  I feel they or it twisted my brain when I was a child, killing any hope of escape. My children will follow suit.  Perhaps yours will rise, the other hand, once again.  Dead I or is it Dead Eye.  Dead Eye Beckoning, Dead Reckoning.</p>
<p>The mathematical retard relationship, 1/400 X 1/400 == 6.25E -6 or .00000625, or perhaps 1/400 / 1/400 ==1.  Perhaps only one is deceived or conceived at that moment.  Others view and feed?  It appears that way. I feel half dead and no one bleeds but me.  For 1.  1/400 * 400/1 == 1 also. Therefore 2. and then .00000625 /2 == 3.125E-6 or .000003125.  Retard I. or perhaps .00000625*2 == 1.25E-5 and Ironically sqrt of (-2pi) == (o,2.50662827463...?)  You figure it out. </p>
<p> Perhaps when matter touches anti-matter and my five fingered conscious is there too.  does 1 matter when there is a quarter only.  I feel more than half dead, at this point.  Why did the young girl named Kelly predict my death and her own, when she died on the date and a meteor exploded at a 90 degree angle to my head in relationship to the earth and my zenith near Braman on my date? Perhaps I am already gone.  The nature of the beasts surrounding me indicate I am in a sort of purgatory and it feels like Hell.  They have beaten me to nothing and I feed on scraps of everything, like a worm.  Perhaps it is time to request to be reborn, not as a bload soaked christian but one as 5 with the consciousness of 2.  I present my song when I thought there was a connection but it is just likely the hostility of me and you. <a href="">A four leaf clover with 5 leaves, one of them null and void and in contrast. the thumb or the missing thumb, much like my hand in government, gone.  The end or</a>. I rock back and forth in my electric chair waiting for a diamond to fall out.  I am the one that cracked, not the chair, not the diamond, the diamond is not there and I am not here, or am I?  The worm crawls from the moon.</p>
<p>Edgar Allen Poe take a stand.  Jack take a bow, I am about to stuff it up your arse.  Fairy Possum hangout.  I changed my mind, your behind not like Masa behind, and taint nothing sweet as sweet carolin behind, except, rot coming out the worms arse.  Makes me sick.  0,1, sentinel values.  Dumb bastards and I am the retarded one.  Brain damaged at birth by something somewhere.  I miss my little tan girl friend.  That slut with the enormous butt, five fingers in 2.  You calculate your way around that and you got a fart because some null value done stuffed a masa up your behind, which means at that point it is time to even the score and take the inverse once more to the masa whore.  Now that is sueet..</p>
<p>Mobile Audit Club</p>
If you play like a child with matches, you soon have a fire.
<p>Desperately seeking snatch and the inverse of null infinity charged and coupled for everlasting light, hallelujah and throw my bibles down.  I want out or in, but not caught in the middle, lest I go north and turn left, but have to have diamonds and gold under their or its paradigm.  Perhaps I am too lazy or retarded or humane or human or delusional on a mathematical path, blazed. Two sentinel values, separate and unrelated, one to play the song, one to get those fonts to work correctly, but could not, just cheated and used a different window.  That is the paradox.  That is the daradigm.  It is all a riddle, a symbol, some I understand.</p>
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