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Aug 12, 2012, 1:17:52 AM8/12/12

Welcome to exciting China programs

Study in China

Free guided tours

Enjoy Chinese Food

Learn Chinese Culture

Chinese relicts

Chinese famous gardens

Beautiful girls Dancing

Spectacular Nature

Gastronomic specialties

Chinese People

440 US$ each month Chinese language course or Shaolin Kung Fu/Tai
Chi/Sanda Training or a combination incl. accomodation and food!!!

Learning Chinese Language

Learn and master Chinese in our exciting and comprehensive Language
program. Choose from a minimum of four weeks, total beginner to
advanced levels - click here
Martial Arts Training

Train in the wonderful Yuntai Mountain area real shaolin kung fu. All
master speaks chinese and english. They trained in shaolin, the origin
of all martial arts. They won several competitions and have rich
teaching experiences - click here

Tai Chi Training

Learn Tai Chi with instructors, who learnt at the origin of Chen Style
Tai Chi. Improve your Qi, control your breath and your internal
energies to promote relaxations and mental agility - click here
Sanda (Chinese Boxing)

Train and be ready for fight. The Sanda trainer is a really good
fighter and won several competition. He has rich teaching experiences
- click here


Visit world famous chinese cultural relicts of chinese history. Find
more about chinese rich history, famous gardens, beautiful nature and
chinese life - click here
Our organization

The purpose of our organization is to advance kungfu skills and the
knowledge, performance and cultural exchanges. The school is located
in the Yuntai Mountain in a fantastic vicinity. This quiet and
peaceful place offers enough place for learning, training and living -
click here

Our programs are offered to persons from all over the world, therefore
our organization offers an international atmosphere with participants
from all over the world, different linguistic backgrounds and martial
arts skills.

PROGRAM FEES of 440 US$ cover training, language course,
accommodation, food without drinks, transfer from Zhengzhou airport to
our school, kung fu theories and buddhism and much more.

Some MORE FEATURES in our program:

Training provided by experienced and qualified Language or Martial
Arts Instructors

Language or Martial Arts exchange (Shaolin Kung Fu/Tai Chi/Sanda) with
native Chinese

More than 25 years of martial arts experience

Excursions to famous attractions (additional fees), e.g. world famous
shaolin temple, Buddhist grottoes in Luoyang, old capital of china
kaifeng and more

Activities with native Chinese speakers

Our organization provides computer and free Internet access

For insight into our organization in China, see our picture gallery,
click here

Live in china, enjoy this unforgettable adventure in one of the most
exciting countries in asia, learn more about Chinese culture and
religion. You will never forget this time of your life!

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Training][Our Organization][Master Trainer][Sightseeing][Pictures]
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Learning Chinese Language
Learn and Master Chinese language from native speakers in the land of
the middle/China - click here

Martial Arts Training
Train Shaolin Kung Fu at the origin of all martial arts from great
masters - click here

Tai Chi Training
Learn Tai Chi and improve your Qi energy from great instructors -
click here

See many unforgettable world famous relicts of chinese culture - click

Life in china

Chinese Cooking

Learn Chinese Buddhism

Finding new friends

Chinese Culture

Buddhist Monk

Training in snow


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