Street Fighter Moves - Interview With David D'Antonio - Why You Don't Need a B

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Pauline Winters

Jun 7, 2010, 11:14:00 AM6/7/10
Charles: Now, would you have any take on the idea that one needs a
black belt to fight and to defend themselves? First of all, I want to
ask you, do you believe that one needs one?
David: Absolutely not.
Charles: And are there any reasons why you can give us?
David: Absolutely. I'll give you three good reasons.
Charles: Okay.
David: First and Foremost is that we have to understand that The Black
Belt Is A Recent Creation. It was created by Jigoro Kano for judo
fighters. So, the black belt is only really indicative of what you
know in your personal martial arts curriculum, and as we all know,
some martial arts are completely impractical for street fighting.
Charles: Hmmm.
David: The Second Reason is that I know plenty of guys who are bikers,
who are bouncers, who are bad dudes, who have never once stepped into
the dojo, and through their knowledge they have gained on the street
from being in a fight for real, not point tournaments, not winning
trophies, these guys, when they walk away, their prize is winning
their freedom, their life. These guys can mop the floor with most
black belts out there today.
Charles: Wow.
David: The Third Reason is, really, and not to be clich', black belts
are only good enough for holding up your pants.
Charles: (Laughter.)
David: Unless, you have something to back that black belt up with, it
really doesn't mean anything. That black belt again is only indicative
of how far you are along in your own personal martial curriculum, and
that most martial arts are just not meant for the street. Those black
belts are worthless, guys.
Charles: Well, there you have it, so those of you who are struggling
years and years to get your black belt, you can stop, and can focus on
what really works. David, it's been an eye-opener again, and we thank
David: Thank you very much.

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