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Richard Watson

Oct 30, 2020, 2:00:40 AM10/30/20

As you may know already, Homer Simpson is a cartoon character

with the persona of an overweight middle-aged man who is dim-witted,

clumsy, lazy, and addicted to beer, junk food and watching TV.

One day, realizing his life is half over and he hasn't accomplished anything,

he begins admiring Thomas Edison and decides to follow his path and

create inventions of his own.

Many of his ideas are quite wacky, and it's too bad Homer didn't have an

easy way to test his inventions on back then,

because he may have just struck gold.

Take a look at some of these wacky products currently selling on Amazon..

that bring in anywhere from $5k to $40k/mo in revenue per month for the sellers...

Bear Paws Shredder Claws - These essentially allow you to turn yourself

into Wolverine from X-Men and shred your dinner meats apart with

claws attached to your hands...

If you're thinking that sounds weird and no one would buy that...

think again. It's earning $41,375 per month in sales.

And then there's..

Tiny Hands for Your Fingers - These are exactly what they sound like...

tiny hands that you wear on the tips of your fingers. They're a bit creepy

if you ask me.. and yet pulling in $11,382 per month for one seller.

FreezerBoy Fridge Magnet - This makes your fridge look like a giant

GameBoy that you can write on.. and brings the seller $24,690 per month in sales.

I think you get the point.

There are literally dozens of similar examples... and these are products

anyone can have produced (quite easily) and sell as their own Brand.

And the process is extremely simple.

The reason I tell you this is to give you an idea of just how far

and wide the opportunities are when it comes to selling your

own product on Amazon.

The opportunity is there.. you just need to know how to get in on it.

This is where the unique hybrid approach to product testing becomes crucial.

The system that I'm telling you about today is set up so that

you don't need to re-invent the wheel or blindly test product ideas..

Instead it allows you to start and test with less than 50 units,

saving you time, money and eliminating close to all of the risk.

You will know for sure that the product will make money before going

into a full private label inventory order.

Take a look here to see exactly how this method is bringing in $13,349



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