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Robert Wahl

Nov 8, 1993, 10:24:22 AM11/8/93
Hey All,

I'm taking my first trip through Usenet also and stopped by to proclaim
my fanatic devotion to Caravan Kidd and Outlanders also. Manabe winds
a great tale with both stories. I'm hoping that CK doesn't end too
soon in the near future or that he has ometing else in the works.
Anyone hear of anything?


Nov 8, 1993, 1:13:35 PM11/8/93
to (Robert Wahl) asks if there's anything else
in the works by Manabe Johji. Here's a list of what i know about,
though i have no idea what besides "Outlanders" and "Caravan Kidd"
will be translated. My comments on the original posting are in <> for
historical reasons...

jaa ne,

R Mark Chilenskas

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From: (Larry Mann)
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Date: 16 May 93 21:51:13 GMT

In article <5982.2...@gisatl.FIDONET.ORG> Stev...@f611.n133.z1.FIDONET.ORG (Steve Yi) writes:
>I've been reading some of Johji MAnabe's work that was republished in
>English by DArk Horse(Outlanders,Caravan Kidd). I was wondering what
>other manga he did? Also, what company published his work.

Well let's see...

: CAPRICORN, Jets Comics, 1988. A five-volume set about the quest of
a dragon-girl named Mohna and her human friend Taku (who is
transformed into a huge dragon in mid-series), to save Earth
[a.k.a. "Capricorn"] and Moon from colliding when a dimensional
anchor separating the two is misused by the warlord Zolba.

: DORA, Jets Comics, 1989. (My personal favorite) A collection of short
stories, most of which follow the adventures of the one-eyed
female mercenary Khada, who's one of my favorite characters.

<The two above are from "Wings" comics. At least that's what's on the
spine of my copies...>

: DRACOON, Fujimi Fantasia Comics, 1991-93, in progress. Currently
four volumes, follows the adventures of the warrior princess
Karla Orzen, who lost her home and family to the ruthless
Romieniran (sp?) Empire
<1-3 are available at Nikaku. I haven't seen a listing anywhere for
volume four. Maybe Sasuga...>

: THE KEY OF GRACIALE, 1984-1989. A collection of short stories,
a few of which were the source material for OUTLANDERS.
"Key of Graciale" is one of them, obviously. Also noteworthy
is the nuclear war story "The Last Shelter", in which
Johji originally created the character Raisa Vogel.

: JUNK PARTY, 1992. Only one volume so far, and I don't know much other
than this: a schoolgirl gets kidnapped by a bunch of dark-skinned
humanoids with insect wings and antennae, but she makes friends
with them, and both races learn a little about each others'
way of life. (As always with Johji's recent work, the schoolgirl
is one serious babe. There's this great full-page panel of
her lying on her bed with a photo album and-- well, never mind...)

: JYAMKA'S BIG ADVENTURE, 1993, in progress, Wings Comics.
A shojo (at least it runs in the shojo comics) story about
the (mis)adventures of the sea pirate Jyamka and his gang
of loonies. Very silly stuff.

<This is nicely drawn, has more visual humor that some, and is
quite accessible to people who don't read Japanese. V1-3 are
available from Nikaku.>

: POWERFUL MIXED RICE, 197x-198x. This two-volume anthology
is a collection of Johji's earliest work, back when his drawing
style was more like Leiji Matsumoto's. Each volume has a
full-color short story for an opener, and also includes several
X-rated pencil sketches of Kahm, Mian, Khada, and several
others. Not suitable for people under 18.

: RAI, 1991-1993, in progress. Formerly COMP comics, now printed by GAO.
A space opera in the tradition of the big Chinese and Japanese
feudal war stories, following the life and times of the samurai
Rai, and the quest of several spacefaring factions for control
of territory and, of course, the Empire.
(It's an interesting mix of feudal Chinese/Japanese custom and
space-going technologies, and several of the warships are
reminiscent of biomech designs from OUTLANDERS.)

<The byplay of the two princesses vying for the attentions of Rai are
quite nice. Had this been my first Manabe-san book, Shion-hime might
well be my sweatheart rather than Kahm-sama. And in some ways Reira,
the other princess, is even more interesting...>

: RUSSIAN CLASH, 1993. Another compilation which proves Johji can do
just about *any* kind of story. This one has everything from
a cutely drawn children's story to a borderline hardcore porn
bestiality/lesbian story. Khada appears in one of the stories
as well, and boy, she's looking hot! (If you're into full-
figured, muscular women, that is.)

Johji's also running a story in one of the big comics (sorry but I
don't know the name), about a women's armor division of the German
Army in WWII. Sexy uniforms, but definitely NOT 1940s style. There
was one crucial picture of this Nazi babe named Ella Braun (sp?), who
specializes in "morale improvement". I did a drawing of her and
posted it to the venice FTP site, if anyone's curious. :-)

That's all I can think of. I need to go home and double-check my
collection to see if I missed anything.

<There's another collection of short stories like "Russian Clash"
called "Vampanella". It features many of the same characters as
in "Clash". I suspect Manabe-san will produce one of these
complilation volumes every year or two...>

- Larry

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Richard Young Lee

Nov 8, 1993, 4:45:58 PM11/8/93

Last I heard, it was half way through the series.


Dec 23, 2014, 12:49:32 PM12/23/14
Hello? Any manabe fans still out there?
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