Ancient hidden knowledge revealed.

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richard safe

Jun 30, 1999, 3:00:00 AM6/30/99
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[ Subject: Ancient hidden knowledge revealed. ]
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Hi, This newsgroup seemed to be interested in esoteric
spiritual matters, and since it is possible you might find this website
interesting I am passing it along to you. A recent conference was held
in Egypt where many ancient Shamanistic, and hidden traditions of
were revealed for the first time. There is a link included of the
website for Ethnomycology which explores Magical Plants and Sacramental
substances (the first link) the second link is for the conference
website where video-tapes of the various speakers are available. I hope
you find this revealing as well as valuable.
Thank you for your time, and be ever well, James

<A HREF="" > Shamanism encoded
world Religion </A>

<A HREF="" > Ancient wisdom Conference

Please send me all followups,replies to my email..thanks alot
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