The Curse of God. [o;-)

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Mar 17, 2022, 11:10:02 PM3/17/22
♥'s ♪.
I recently purchased all of you cursed by god, not just because I could, but because you all felt cursed by god which had never happened, evidence being such would have worked, and I wasn't feeling openly rewarded by god regardless of evidence.
Feeling is believing.
So the curse is actually very simple though I wouldn't have thought of it.. since you're obviously all the people who talked to jesus in the bible, that book, the bible, the bible, aka.. the bible exactly. With the bible, saran wrapped. And you're each trapped there until you perform $20 worth of christianity twice, which should fix you at least enough. Though I'm sure you'll all need extreme nutritional therapy and change of lifestyle to really get anywhere. ~, HRB. [o;-)

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Thanks, ~, [o;-) Dr. HRB

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