Hey, this is the bad like flies dropping part of the film. ...

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Jan 28, 2021, 10:03:54 PM1/28/21
Hey Rob, I'm calling for your imediate actual unconditional surrender and your actively make up for your sh't as hard as you can hopefully (japan agrees I give the best whippings), and if I dont get such, your ISP, gas, electric, off, then, authorities hatted, bribed, insented, and duressed concerning you will visit you, I will ban you from my continent, permanantly, effectively, with all of your affiliates and families.. (SoviDogs matter ,,|,, yeah?) and they do it for status, salvage right, and didn't you notice all the soviet pork already surrendered same way you should but probably wont soviet cold war nazi sovi plant and affiliates.. disexist or cease sh'ting isn't enough, surrender now and penitize thyself (Make up for your sh't, actually) [yeah, I couldn't even keep the last 4 popes from dying on their shit], you look same sovistupidfaces. Think I'm f'king you time alot, or take a walk outside and look around. Dordo.

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