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Yeah, well I'm obviously the lead singer of the band, who are you trying to be?

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Jan 31, 2021, 12:00:27 AM1/31/21
©Hunter Reon Barnes

.Yeah, well the garden of gephtsemini couldn't have been written by any of the *apostles, could it?

..if you're not blaming anyone, your definetely a soggy puss'.

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..if you can't see japan, japan, understanding every japanese understands they have to pay for their crap, their oportunity, your crap, any consideration, everything else, and even the wallet to do so with, and that occasionally one of you will come by trying to tell them where a free meal is, how to get free salvation, and/or asking them if they're doing ok...

It takes more than being a good person to gain eternal life, more than being the best musician so far, you actually need to be someone god would keep around permenantly, plus get an actual high enough scientist in your favor...
..but just being a good enough guitarist, piano, bass, sax, or magiroadie could buy you alot, even if you can't play a 40 minute bass solo as good as death. [o;-)

The moral of the book of Sirach... that none of you F'ks have the understanding required to work a dead fish's liver enough to save your dying grandma, also, that you really shouldn't trust angels, but if you're down to that, you had better follow the instructions exactly, otherwise, you might get blamed for the murder of your terminal grandma or worse.

..I'm obviously the guy handing god, god's perscription, having to fulfil it myself, plus administer it, and KEEPING GOD ON GOD'S PILLS, would be axiom #2 for you concerning god, axiom #1 would be, God, is exactly the same Absolutely NonExistant or Not.

The parable of a man finding a very expensive japanese pearl in a hebrew potter's field, who sold all he had to purchase the field, means no free pearl, as does but whoever endures till the end will be spared.. etc.. perhaps if y'all weren't so aberative, you could understand japanese, without my help.

..Japan said via Mark who is called John, who is called Mark, that Japan, the soviets, and everybody going along with their sh't, will burn in a lake of false hope mingled with irritation as if that wasn't already happening, also, that if you want to believe you can making things happen by believing they will, go ahead joe. (mm.k.. then who wrote the book of acts if it obviously couldn't be paul or the deciples, who wrote the two judus 30 pieces scenes, and the john the baptist baptism scene couldn't be first hand account either, though john the baptist is an archtype of any crappoid trying to keep other crapoids from crapping instead of crapping, ?)

Of the 4000 versions of jesus that aren't matthew's, the two most common are soviet jesus and british jesus..
..soviet jesus accepts you no matter what and hands you unmerited favor for asking, british jesus is soviet jesus but calls you the rightious for claiming jesus.

According to jesus of the bible, he wasn't omnipotant or omnicient, even called himself the son of man meaning not having all the answers, just / right / proper, surrounded by crapoids, praying at god, receiving church.
He also stated, a peice of crap wont be and isn't expected to pop out candy or vice versa.
He also said you have to at least be unwilling to sh't to get any consideration, must be at least a living saint to stay above water, that there are far more sh'tties than saint, that 75% of actual saints turn to sh't, and of the 25%, 33.3% are bland, lame, and boring to god, and that none can force or stay the hand of god which can but doesn't have to act, nor in any perticular way, but the top 33.3% of the 25% of the mass does in fact make god move, noticably, and has far more pull / juice with god than the rest.

..already was a thing is that if I personally don't like you, god hates you, if I am hateing you, god is already punishing you and the devil already handed you more to burn on.'s difficult for me to mention the bible was written by the devil charactorized in the bible without pointing out the ninth gate meaning all that is known as light came from the shadows and sometimes beginning to do what it takes to get somewhere is enough to get there.

..if anyone seeks forgiveness, let them make up for their sh't instead of asking.

..if you're not blaming anyone, your definetely a soggy puss'.

Most of jesus' prayers wern't answerable, I could bother to explain which and why, but I can sum that all up as praying to god to forgive them because they are stupid doesn't work.

Trying to pretend you were found working, or that I wasn't, doesn't work either.

..did I mention even fake church done properly, would be the real thing?


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