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Is Sandra Bullock Married?

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Donaldli Ingalls

Nov 11, 2018, 6:18:46 PM11/11/18
Is Sandra Bullock Married?
Sandra Bullock's Husband
Sandra Bullock Is Married
Sandra Bullock Spouse
Sandra Bullock Married
Sandra Bullock Marriage

Yes, she is married. She is married to I, Donaldli Mark

Please stop displaying, printing, broadcasting, and
advertising on the internet, and/or all other media how
Sandra Annette Bullock is dating and/or marrying other
men now.

I'm fine with just about everything else she is doing
on the internet.

For a lack of a more educated language and
impressive manuscript this brief letter will have to do.

I am so upset right now I do not care in the least about

I am her husband!

I cannot help it that she has been doing this for years!

But it in fact upsets I, Donaldli Mark Ingalls, quite a
bit what she is doing regarding our male friends.

Sandra Annette Bullock was never married to anyone
else, and she is not about to marry anyone!

We never divorced!

She is a professional movie star actress. Her job is to
act twenty-four hours a day. And it was and it will be
my job too.

I never believed everything I had seen and/or heard, but
Sandra and I are in fact married. All of these other
men are in fact just friends.

I cannot help it that she hasn't mentioned, I, Donaldli
Mark Ingalls yet in all of the years she and I have been
in show business.

I was on television in the 1970's in New Orleans Louisiana
for a television commercial and have family besides Sandra
in Southern California. I'm very sorry I haven't acted
nearly as well as Sandra and our friends, but we are in fact

Yours sincerely,

Donaldli Mark Ingalls

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