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William Mahler

Jun 17, 2021, 1:53:43 PM6/17/21
For the entire month of June 2021, the song "Father To Son" from the
2021 release "Sunshine Bubbly" is a free download in celebration of
fathers worldwide, Fathers Day is Sunday June 20, 2021.


William Keith Mahler, born November 21, 1967, a Scorpio, and Cape Cod,
Massachusetts native, first of four boys and one girl. He is a
classically trained singer - songwriter since age day one. Currently
sales of his music goes directly to UNICEF.Org. Summer 1984, at age 16,
as a ghost author, he along with ex-in-laws Janet & Chris Morris,
students of Deputy Director of the CIA Ray S. Cline then of the United
States Global Strategy Council and the precognitive book "The 40 Minute
War" & "Weapons Of Mass Protection, Non Lethality, Information Warfare &
Airpower In The Age Of Chaos" to Wednesday "August 29, 2001: "Prelude To
September 11, 2001 - I'm Coming Home" giving a full 16 years advance
notice to the CIA while a founding member of M2 Technologies Inc. This
resulted in consultations with President George W. Bush & former Vice
President Joseph Biden, Pope Francis, Nelson Mandela and the late
Senator Edward Kennedy & former Attorney General Janet Reno.

The Saudi Arabian government sanctioned a secret rendezvous to take his
wife and himself to Saudi Arabia with another married couple in a
private jet. Why? That book, "The 40 Minute War"? The cover depicts a
passenger jet about to hit the Capital building in Washington DC with a
nuclear weapon. The book became the warning 16 years ahead of schedule
and the passengers of Flight 93 died not in DC but in a field in
Pennsylvania. The book had been given to the madman behind the 911
attacks, soon after President Clinton ordered Osama Bin Laden's murder
in Africa, he returned to the middle east only to meet Janet & Chris
Morris. Leading up to 0911, the lead terrorist's visited the brother
domain to Mahlers.Net, Mahlers.Com (defunct) for weeks here in America.
Eventually, the training William took told him to be in the IRC
September 10, 2001 and he was, right up til an hour past sunrise
September 11, 2001 with all 20 terrorists. God Bless & RIP Ray Charles,
his contributions to America with "America The Beautiful" the video
depicts a young woman alone on a rooftop, a "soul sister" to Leonda
Emmerich, Williams ex-wife. Who knows, perhaps Leonda & William would
have converted to Islam, perhaps, they would have met the most wanted
terrorist at that time.

In May of 2004, William penned "A HINT" for U2 & they responded with U2
"Miracle Drug" & "Mercy", Melissa Etheridge "Mercy". From September 11,
2001 circa September 19, 2001 and William's co-authored - duet with
Audrey Kelly "Freedom", Williams's teenage idol was influenced to create
Bruce Springsteen "Devils & Dust"" the tower #2 to "Freedoms" tower #1.
Blackmore's Night "Mr. Peagram's Morris & Sword" & Queen & Paul Rodgers
"Through The Night" & Adele's "Hello" and dozens of other notable acts
such as his current projects, with Journey and Demi Rose Mawby in mind.
For fun, William rehearses to primarily Journey, KISS, Queen, Bruce
Springsteen, U2 & Melissa Etheridge, recording his latest album,
"Sunshine Bubbly" March 2021 and "Outshining The Sun" re-released
October 2020, culled from 2001 - 2004. After 18 years with ASCAP & W. K.
Mahler Music Publishing Company, William as of 2020 joined BMI starting
Musicality Music International Publishing Company. William is also a
falsely diagnosed mentally ill person, hence becoming a mental health
holistic advocate, championing human rights in the health care industry
within Taunton State Hospital of Massachusetts, a 20+ year on and off
again involuntary client - veteran. William is a photographer and
journalist and also seasonally works within the landscape & culinary
arts profession. William has found a friend in Paula White, wife of
Johnathan Cain, keyboardist of Journey. PaulaWhite.Org, former religious
advisor to Donald Trump during his presidency. When Williams step dad
passed away May 7, 2021, the one song that came to mind, considering
David F. Forest spent a large part of his life in California, is sang of
in a cover of Journey's "Light's". William is unsigned and independent
at the present time and William is planning to tour fall 2021. William
is seeking a serious relationship with a member of the opposite sex. P.
S. to those who believe William would best serve in public office, that
is the highest job in the American land, best fit for his infant grand
Ban Court Ordered Medicine And Psychiatry
Outlaw Cops

William Mahler
Google +1- (774) - 314 - 4121 Voice
Free for the entire month of June 2021, the prog rock classic "Father To
Son" originally by Queen, from "II" now included on "Sunshine Bubbly" in
the form of pop blues funk beat and vocal version, in memory of Troy
Oscar Mahler
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