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Apr 7, 2006, 3:10:38 PM4/7/06
On 16 Dec 2005 12:34:49 -0800
"Andy C.(never #)" <> wrote:

> Where are all the articles telling us misguided souls that use Linux
> every day at work to administer 1000's of win losers how stoopid we
> are?
> Oh, I know... They're at night school getting their MSCE diploma's, so
> they can click a selection on a menu.
> How much do those worthless pieces of brown paper go for now? $5000?
> $6000 and they answer all the questions on the test for you, Do the
> tests come in the form of menu selections? I mean that's pretty much
> all they know how to do, right?

I'm a debian person myself, I have a MCSE, there's quite a bit to it. It
doesn't tell you how to read Apache's conf, or /etc/aliases, but it does
have quite a bit of reading required.

People who think all there is to MS is a menus need to learn a bit about
PC hardware, operating systems, threads of execution, IPC etc first, no
OS is trivial (well, DOS perhaps).

The thing about comparing a RHCE to a MCSE is that someone who KNOWS
unix probably knows a lot about the OS to begin with as it's more bare
metal than those menus.

Regards, Ed ::
:%s/\t/ /g :: proud unix system person
:%s/Open Source/Free Software/g

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