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Jan 11, 2001, 5:49:50 PM1/11/01
Spiritual Furry Lifestyle Survey - Thervey v 2.0
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Main purposes of the Thervey:
[Greek: therio, animal form: anthropus, of man]
Therianthropic+Survey = "Thervey"

* Examine your animalistic side! Most lifestyle furries identify
with an animal (or animals) with characteristics that reflect their
human side, in a physical, mental and spiritual way. Many furs feel
these animal qualities very strongly.

* The Thervey can be used as an introduction or delurking tool to in the same way as the Furcode or Furvey. For furs
already delurked, it can be used to introduce your spiritual/furry
qualities to others. Either on the newsgroup or furson to furson.

* To explore furriness in new ways. Many furs discover new things
about themselves after taking the Thervey. The Thervey is based on many
questions and views found on the newsgroup Alt.Lifestyle.Furry (ALF)
and is challenging by design. A typical Thervey takes 3 to 4 hours to

* Version 2.0 Beta has 81 questions in five categories. All questions
are optional and open-ended. Write as much (or as little) as you like
for each question.

* You can omit any questions, which you can't answer - either because
they are uncomfortable or stressful (i.e. questions about sexuality) or
if the question isn't applicable to you. Be as honest as you can and
have fun!!!

General: 44 questions

1. Furry Name?
2. Your Age?
3. How long have you been in/known of the furry fandom?
4. Are you a regular reader of the Alt.Lifestyle.Furry newsgroup? 5. Do
you attend furry gatherings or conventions?
6. What is the species of your personal animal/phenotype?
7. Do you feel a close, personal connection with animals?
8. Would you become an animal of your choice/totem assuming it was
9. Have you ever thought of being in a place where there are only
10. Do any animals own you? Describe.
11. What animals would you like to eventually have?
12. What is your most acute sense?
13. Are you nocturnal (nitehawk) or diurnal (early bird)?
14. Do your physical characteristics fit your personal Furry or totem
animal? Which ones?
15. How do express your Furryness? (writing/music/mannerisms)
16. Do you wear clothes that have a Furry theme?
17. Do you own/plan to own a fursuit?
18. Do you fursuit on a regular basis?
19. What qualities in a fursuit do you find most attractive?
20. Would you wear a tail or fursuit always if given the chance?
(work/school) to do so?
21. Do you like to walk around in your living space without clothes?
22. Do you often find yourself sitting/lying in unusual positions? 23.
Are you a barefoot lifestylist?
24. How would you react if your friends and family shunned you after
telling them of your furriness?
25. Is furriness an important quality to you in a human mate?
26. If you had offspring, is being Furry something you would encourage
in them?
27. Do you have a totem animal?
28. Is your totem the same phenotype/species as your Furry self? 29.
What role does your totem play in your furriness?
30. Describe the presence/personality of your totem?
31. How often are you aware of your totem?
32. When did you first become aware of it? Was it before or after you
found "Furry"?
33. Did your totem give you it's name or did you choose one?
34. Do you think that your behaviors and feelings mirror that of your
totem animal?
35. Has your totem ever left you for an extended period?
36. Do you have any items that symbolize your totem animal?
37. During what times/situations do you become most aware of your
totem? 38. Does the presence of your totem change your behavoiur?
Describe. 39. Do you have special places where you search for/be with
your totem? 40. What emotions do you experience when your totem is
(fear/happiness/curiosity etc.)?
41. Does your totem increase your yiffiness or awareness?
42. How often do you dream Furry or of your totem animal?
43. Do you ask your totem questions or advice?
44. Has your totem has benefited you in a non-Furry way ?

Wereness: (12 questions)

45. Do you believe that your true nature is animal (i.e. animal spirit
in human form or species dysforia?)
46. When did you discover your were nature?
47. Have you ever m-shifted (mental shift)?
48. Have you ever p-shifted (physical shift)?
49. Do you dream of being hunted or being a hunter?
50. Do your shifts come randomly, or can you induce them?
51. Are you generally territorial (i.e. mark/label your personal spaces
and possessions)?
52. Have you ever communicated with another animal in a
non-verbal/instinctual way?
53. Do you inexplicably feel the need to go out at night (walk etc.)?
54. Do your senses sharpen at night (hearing/smell etc.)?
55. Do you recognize people by the sound of their movements?
56. Are there times when you feel closer to animals than to humans?

Plushies: (6 questions)
57. Do you own any plushies? How many?
58. What things are important in finding the right plushie (size, feel,
look etc.)?
59. Are there certain types/sizes of plushies that you prefur over
60. Do your plushies have a universal, genderless quality about them,
or do they have a specific sexuality?
61. Do certain plushies have a definite character and/or spirituality
about them?
62. Describe your ultimate plushie.

Furry Sexuality: (7 questions)
63. Has becoming Furry changed your perceptions of your own
sexuality or sexual orientation?
64. Does feeling Furry change your level of sexual arousal or
65. Has finding Furry changed the frequency in which you have sex? 66.
Do you fantasize about animals during masturbation?
67. Do you own any anatomically correct plushies for sexual
68. Have you had or plan to have sex in a Furry costume?
69. Do fur suits or thoughts of wearing them increase your yiffiness?

Being Furry: (12 questions)

70. Before finding Furry did you think you were the only one?
71. When did you first discover you had a personal connection to
animals that was somehow different?
72. Are there certain times of day when you feel most Furry? The least?
73. Are there certain seasons you feel the most Furry?
74. Do you get the sense with certain people that they may be Furry but
not know ?
75. When inspecting something/someone for the first time, do you feel
the need to smell it/them?
76. Do you feel most comfortable in public places/restaurants with your
back to the wall or checking fire exixts? (defensive mechanisms) 77.
Do certain kinds of music/songs make you feel more Furry? Give examples.
78. What differences do you think there are between Furries and Weres,
if any?
79. Would you give up Furriness in exchange for something else? (i.e.
mundane for $$$)
80. Has your spirituality or religious views changed since finding
81. Has your feeling of Furry changed significantly over the past year?


Version 2.00b
The Thervey
Email: Scentaur at usa dot net

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