Queen of saddle bags Kathy Griffin calls for doxing student's identities after viral video at Native American march: 'Shame them'

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Stupid no-talent liberals take their clothes off for attention

Jul 29, 2019, 4:15:03 AM7/29/19
Following a now viral video that shows an intense confrontation
between high schoolers and Native Americans, actress and
comedian Kathy Griffin is calling for the students to have their
identities revealed so that she and others can hold them
accountable for their actions.

Griffin took issue with the students of Covington Catholic High
School on Sunday seeing as the video appears to show a group of
them, many wearing “Make America Great Again” hats, harassing a
group participating in the Indigenous Peoples March.

The Indigenous Peoples March in Washington on Friday coincided
with the March for Life, which drew thousands of anti-abortion
protesters, including the group from Covington Catholic High
School in Park Hills, Kentucky.

People on social media were quick to denounce the students as
trolls, especially after it was revealed that the Native
American who had a stare-off with one of the students,
identified as Nick Sandmann, was Nathan Phillips.

However, debate still goes on as to who was truly at fault for
starting the incident.

“Ps. The reply from the school was pathetic and impotent. Name
these kids,” Griffin said in a firey tweet Sunday morning. “I
want NAMES. Shame them. If you think these f---ers wouldn’t dox
you in a heartbeat, think again.”

In a different tweet, she once again called for the doxing of
the students that appear in the video.

“Names please. And stories from people who can identify them and
vouch for their identity. Thank you.”

Griffin is typically outspoken about her left-leaning political
beliefs on social media. In addition to calling for the
identities of possibly underage people to be made public online,
she also laid the blame for the whole incident on President
Trump, due in large part to the “Make America Great Again”

“MAGA hats. Donald Trump has brought the worst out in our
country,” she wrote prior to calls for the student’s identities.

Griffin is no stranger to getting online vitriol and even
threats following her now-infamous photo shoot in which she
posed with a fake severed head of Donald Trump. The star has
previously said that the wave of online backlash she received
tanked her career and future job opportunities.

“I didn’t commit a crime,” Griffin said since the incident. “I
didn’t rape anybody. I didn’t assault anybody. I didn’t get a
DUI. I mean, my God, there are celebrities that f---ing kill


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