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Sep 28, 2008, 7:46:46 PM9/28/08
hi every body i had a lasik surgery yesterday and unfortunately i
squeezed my eyes so today the doctor told me that i have a wrinkled
flap and he may need to admit me to the or again to correct those
wrinkles meanwhile i have no problem with vision i can see good with
both eyes should i go for the procedure,should i consult some one
else, is it too late to correct the wrinkles after 36 hours.
thank you


Sep 28, 2008, 7:48:20 PM9/28/08


Sep 28, 2008, 8:15:04 PM9/28/08
Thirty six hours isn't too long and try not to squeeze your eyes for a

Glenn Hagele -

Sep 28, 2008, 9:22:46 PM9/28/08
What you describe is called striae. There are two types of striae,
macro-striae is large folds in the Lasik flap similar to the comforter
on your bed being rumpled. Micro-striae are crinkles in the Bowman's
layer within the Lasik flap. This is somewhat like the bed sheets
being bunched up underneath the comforter.

If your striae was caused by pressure on your eye, then it is most
likely macro-striae. The fact that the striae does not interfere with
your vision quality would also be consistent with macro-striae because
they tend to originate at the edge of the Lasik flap hinge and radiate
outward. This would be at the outer edge of the cornea. If your pupils
do not expand to this area of your cornea, then the light passing
through the wrinkles never enters the eye to be seen.

As a general rule, macro-striae should be resolve earlier rather than
later. The doctor will numb your eye, lift the Lasik flap, flush the
area with a balanced salt solution, reposition the flap, and smooth
down the wrinkles.

The flap can be surgically lifted years after Lasik, however the
macro-striae may become permanent if not resolved.

If the wrinkles are not causing vision problems, are not progressing,
and are not contributing to any other issues, it may be recommended to
do nothing. You will need to consider your surgeon's advice on this.

You may want to read an article about Lasik flap wrinkles at:

If you follow this Google search you will find several postings on the
USAEyes bulletin board from others who have had flap wrinkles.

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