Corona Update 16, Treatment Wars

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Dec 16, 2021, 2:03:37 PM12/16/21
Additional new information has leaked out that this pandemic is actually a plan-demic, it was planned by the medical industry ofcourse to sell you new treatments.

The stage is now set for a "TREATMENT WAR".

Where obviously Bill Gates is trying to DOMINATE the TREATMENT MARKET, he dreams of being the only one to sell TREATMENTS for covid and potentially other virusses in the future !

If you have been paying any attention to the software industry that you know what kind of man Bill Gates is, he achieved an almost monopoly in the software industry via dirty salesmen tricks... Like you must sell Microsoft software only or we will not allow you to sell any microsoft software at all.

So let this be a warning to politicians and also the medical world not to fall for that if you don't want limited choices.

Also if your loved ones have died you may have to sue the hospitals for withholding treatments/drugs that could have saved your loved ones but that were WITHHELD because they signed some kind of contract with Bill Gates companies to force their patients to use only his treatments/vaccines/drugs.

So if your hospital and doctor is not offering you and your loved ones sufficient treatment options, then that is a clear sign that something is completely wrong and off and you may have to SUE !

That may be the way out of this plan-demic by preventing people from dying in hospitals by getting the CORRECT treatments !

Bye for now,
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