Stop or slow down digitization.

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Nov 3, 2021, 5:37:13 AM11/3/21
Unfortunately and with a heavy heart I have to conclude that digitization is going too fast and appears to be too vulnerable.

Also thanks to politicians who pay academically to find vulnerabilities in hardware/equipment and software/codes.

In recent years, cracks, holes/vulnerabilities have been found in hardware/devices and software/codes.

Most of which have yet to be used by criminals.

We have a lot of trouble ahead of us.

The vulnerabilities are skyrocketing. ?You also notice it in the news, yet another ransomware attack, or failure of something.

It really can't go on like this.

I advise everyone to ask for or even stop digitization to give computer programmers and hardware programmers/designers/makers the time to plug gaps.

Finally, a personal touch, please don't abolish the teletext because I think that's fantastic lol, and we might regret the disappearance of the giro collection.

Please keep some non-digital systems standing! ;) and also simpler systems/broadcast systems such as teletext ;)



Nov 3, 2021, 7:20:10 AM11/3/21
Here's a simple idea how to do that:

Every information system that is used in the Country will be put on a list.

This list must then be completed/processed/treated by "security specialists".

They then go through systems on that list looking for vulnerabilities.

These must then be resolved.

There may be 1000 systems on that list.

After that, no new system may be added in the Country until that list has been reduced to 1000 or less.

1000 is an example it can also be more or less depending on what is sensible :)

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