Pharlap.386 ? 3D Studio 4.0

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Skybuck Flying

May 21, 2022, 12:04:29 PMMay 21

This laptop GPU broke so I use 3D Studio 4.0 in DosBos-X to do camera position/target locations.

I noticed 3D Studio 4.0 uses "swap file" because of Pharlab extender.

DosBox-X makes the drive write protected.

The swapping can be disabled by setting:

set dosx=-novm

This makes 3D Studio 4.0 run otherwise it will halt with an error message vm size 0.

Now to me it seems this might be caused by Pharlap.386, then again it could also be just an option for 3D Studio 4.0.

I am worried that maybe in the future 3D Studio 4.0 might not run anymore, maybe I am just worrieing for nothing.

But I would like to find some manual for either 3D Studio 4.0 or Pharlap.386 ?

This seems to be some kind of device driver, virtual device, perhaps it simulates RAM and swaps it to disk.

I cannot find much about it.

Any reference material or links that can shine some more light on this would be appreciated ! ;)


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