OT: Welcome to amazing discoveries: Numpad does something nasty !

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Feb 12, 2021, 10:11:13 AMFeb 12
I was just examining the laptop's numpad.

There was this little dot on it. Between the ins and enter key.

I was considering scratching it off for the fun of it...

And then I noticed something concerning.

I almost accidently deleted a file in the windows explorer !

Apperently the "del" and "." key on the numpad actually deletes files ?!

(There is also a second del key above the backspace on the laptop, it does the same thing which is more logical)

Now that may sound somewhat logical, BUT:

What's even more amazing is on the cheap/garbage "TRUST" keyboard on my PC this same key as a "STOP" icon and NOT the word DEL on it.

That's why this probably surprised the shit out of me.

I will check the Logitech UltraX keyboard to see what it does and what it's key says if still there/visible:

OK. No big deal I guess... The UltraX does have the word "DEL" on it ! LOL.

TRUST products ARE SO STUPID ?!?!? LOL.

Or am I missing something, why would TRUST remove such an important word from a keyboard and replace it with a "STOP" icon.

This trust keyboard does have 4 special buttons at the top, which are kinda stupid too, allows to turn off the PC. I suspect this is some kind of TRUST media keyboard where the numpad can be used to view video films or music.

Trust model is:

In case you wanna look it up !

Well that solves another slight mystery.

Goodbye for now,

P.S.: I share this with other newsgroups where people know how to type fast ! lol.
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