Digital dollar will come 20 march 2022 and cash will be destroyed.

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Mar 9, 2022, 3:08:52 PMMar 9
The United States of America went through three great shocks:

1. Creation of Federal Reserve
2. 1933 gold confiscation
3. Nixon ending gold/dollar convertability

Now the United States of America is planning a secret fourth shock:
4. The destruction of the dollar/cash and the introduction of a digital dollar !

(The fear is that this will give the goverment to much control over it's citizens)
(The 2022 Russia special military operation in Ukraine has lead to the rest of the world banning Russia from all kinds of systems, including banking systems, services, companies, etc. a major sign of things to come. Will Russia transition towards bitcoin ? Will other countries transition towards bitcoin ? Will there be a war between bitcoin and digital dollar ? Will there be a crack down on bitcoin ? Was the covid-19 pandemic a beta test to see how people would react to cashless systems and lock downs, restrictions, denied access, etc ?!)

The rumor is that on 20 may 2022 current USA president Biden will announce this on television, just like a USA President Nixon shocker !


Research Firm’s Past Prediction 1: DotCom Bust. In the March 2000 issue of International Speculator, Doug Casey wrote: “Will this be the first bubble in history that doesn’t bust? I think not. … I’m of the opinion that the world’s financial structure is a gigantic house of cards, and when the inevitable happens it’s going to be a catastrophe.” The Nasdaq reached a then-peak of 5,132 on March 10, 2010. :(

Nancy Pelosi’s Leaked Document: Refers to an early draft of the CARES act, which contained language for a digital dollar on page 314:

Senate Bill introduced by Sherrod Brown contains language to establish a digital Dollar:

Organizations that support digital currencies through Better than Cash Alliance includes U.N., Clinton Foundation, and IMF:

Federal Reserve exploring digital Dollar:

Headline: Fed Prepares to Launch Review of Possible Central Bank Digital Currency:

Chase, Wells Fargo, Citigroup all have issued digital wallets in preparation for digital currencies:

Starbucks, McDonalds and Whole Foods have each taken steps to ban cash to varying degrees

Visa patent:

Three shocks referred to are creation of Federal Reserve, 1933 gold confiscation, and Nixon ending gold/dollar convertability

Claim: ‘$1.9 Trillion’ refers to number of paper US Dollars in circulation:

Reference to Monday morning is Monday, March 23rd. Nancy Pelosi introduced the Cares Act with Digital Dollar language:

Bill Gates Supports the End of Cash: is a project of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The organization’s goal is to replace cash with digital currencies worldwide.

Microsoft Patent:

Companies using various ‘cashless’ policies:

Bill Gates quote:

Panic of 1907:

“Dangerous legislation’ refers to Federal Reserve Act of 1913:

Great Depresson “Employment in manufacturing declined to 67 percent of its 1929 level by 1933.”:

96% of dollar value lost:

Gold confiscation refers to Emergency Banking Act of 1933 and Executive Order 6102:

$30 million in wealth: 6TDFN/1933-saint-gaudens-double-eagle

The 3rd Shock refers to the Nixon Shock, address given August 15, 1971: Truck prices here. – Spreadsheet: Real Price of Wheels Assume 2,080 working hours in a year:

Hours to afford a mortgage in each city:

A Digital Nixon Shock?

1971 References:

Claim: 7-year auto loan:

Early draft of CARES Act:

Senate Bill: Sherrod Brown introduced a bill in the Senate in March, 2019 that introduced a Digital Dollar:

Microsoft Patent 060606:

Visa patent:

Bill Gates Pledge:

The Better Than Cash Alliance:
List of BTC Alliance members can be found on ‘members’ link


Digital Dollar Control Over Population:

China Social Credit Score:

Introducing the ‘Great Reset,’ World Leaders’ Radical Plan to Transform the Economy:

Fed’s Lael Brainard Pushes Digital Dollar as Central Bank Currency Race Heats Up:

“Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System is authorized to issue digital versions of Federal reserve notes in addition to current physical Federal reserve notes.”:

Ron Paul Quote:

Dual threat here: savings in cash could expire: -or- banks could take interest rates negative, and depositors would lose on every dollar in the bank:

Cyprus Central Bank Announces 47.5 Percent Haircut:

Chase accused of purging accounts of conservatives:

Expiring currency technlogy:


Biden Bank Regulator Nominee Reveals Her Plan to Radically Transform US Economy:

Biden’s Task: Overhaul the Economy, as Fast as Possible:

Biden Pitches ‘Historic’ Spending Plan to Transform America:

Investors Can’t Get Enough of Fintech. Here’s Why:

Fintech Mark Reports Rapid Growth During Covid-19 Pandemic:

Fintech will lead the charge in the post-COVID-19 recovery:

2 Out of 3 Americans say they would take a pay cut to work remotely full time:

Why are Corporations Moving to Texas and Florida?

February 28, 2022 date of action refers to report from Bloomberg that Biden administration will issue executive order in February with language about Central Bank Digital Currency:

May 20, 2022 date refers to end of comment period for Federal Reserve/CBDC white paper:



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