To frighten people with UFO-like objects is a form of rape.

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Nov 6, 2021, 9:03:47 PM11/6/21
To understand the title you can do or imagine the following experiment in your head:

The test person becomes:

1. Tied to a chair.
2. Get a GAG in the mouth and a scarf around the mouth.

Thus, this person cannot move and cannot talk/shout, etc.

3. This person must be in the dark.
4. This person should then watch a scary movie or something else that is really scary.
5. This person may receive a button to indicate when
this person really can't take it anymore or starts hopping on the chair as a sign of I can't take it anymore.

6. From that moment on a clock/timer starts running, the test person has to maintain this unpleasant/terrifying/terror-like situation for at least 5 minutes, possibly even 10 minutes, or 15 minutes or even 30 minutes.

7. After that, this person may be released or released by a machine.

8. Then this person should try to go back to sleep.

During this experiment, this person should have relatively little contact with other people.

What this experiment will show is what it's like to be "emotionally" raped.

This is not sexual rape, but a kind of fear rape and also powerless experience.

This same fear can also arise in children, people or pilots who believe they have seen a UFO.

That means that people who knowingly build a UFO-like object and release it into the sky are potentially raping other people.

That is why I advise the legislator and psychologists to think carefully about whether this form of rape should also be criminalized.

Finally, it can take years before people dare to talk about such an empowering experience! And could bring years of fear with it! =D

Skybuck !
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