Skybuck's advise to combat school shootings in USA

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Skybuck Flying

May 25, 2022, 7:02:34 PMMay 25
My advise is short and simple:

Teach children that guns are ment to protect their country and their lives from extreme violance and/or war.

Guns are not ment to solve "psychologic problems" or ment to take "psychological revenge" on people that wronged you.

People are going to be people, they do bad things sometimes, things they should not have done or said, but death is to harsh of a punishment.

The main problem is that if the violance with guns don't stop some day they might be taken away and that will make maybe USA more vunerable to loosing freedom or being conquered by other countries.

Respect your right to bare arms, but only use them against extreme violence, never to take "psychologic revenge" on people.

I also believe that USA might need more "shrink" and more "mental health care" for people in need.

I wish USA the best with the recent school shooting and may god have mercy on their souls ! =D

Bye for now,

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