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Charles Stough

Jun 14, 1994, 2:53:25 AM6/14/94

The Burned-Out Newspapercreatures Guild Presents
BONG Bull, the Newsletter!
Charley Stough, Chief Copyboy........

Excerpt of the June 15, 1994 edition, with tips on getting your
very own e-mail edition via BONG's new mailer! But first this:

AND NOW, RATE THE RATERS. Number of columnists or reporters
rated among Forbes MediaGuide's (cq) 125 "Highest Rated
Journalists of 1993" who work at publications between Trenton
and Burbank: 3.
(Our congratulations to Mollie Ivins of the Fort Worth
Startlegram and Jim Gallagher and Mike Royko of the Chi Trib.)
Number of Forbes or Forbes-ASAP staffers listed among
Forbes MediaGuide 500's "most influential journalists:" 15.
They're right up there with the oft-quoted swells from such
lights as Far Eastern Economic Review, The American Lawyer,
Scinetific American and Defense News.
A Top 10 Quote of the Year from Forbes MediaGuide:
"The coming age of bandwidth abundance in glass and in air
converges with an era of supercomputer powers in the sand
of microchips. We should build our systems of the future --
the cathedrals of the information age -- on this foundation
of sand. It will not disappoint us." (George Gilder,
An observation: The sooner the bicoastal
umphaloskeptics immortalize their love for one another as
they should -- with a romantic leap into the mouth of some
volcano -- the sooner the price of newsprint will go down for
the rest of us. We print millions of copies more than you,
after all. Influence? Seven times a week, middle-America
dailies get more action out of a soap coupon than you
prowlers of bureaucracies and brunches could do with a
satchel charge.

A short note of import: Send $12.50 to Charley Stough
at Dayton Daily News, 45 S. Ludlow St., Dayton, Ohio 45401
and he'll send back a lapel pin made from a genuine antique
typewriter key, postpaid. North American delivery only pls.

And now, how to join BONG: Send an e-mail message to
"list...@netcom.com" and write in the body (not the
subject line) this endearing missive:
subscribe bong-l
BONG Bull is published weekly, usually around Wednesday,
and runs about 1,200 words or, for those of you on the metric
system, 2 kilometers, 13 deciliters. We have established
this mailserv schtick to take pressure off other lists where
BONG Bull has turned up, and where those who work at,
study or profess journalism already get enough mail.
However: There is a procedure for subscribing to BONG
Bull on behalf of other addresses than one's own. Please
don't do it unless you're sure it will be welcome, even
though we willcontinue publishing, no matter how they
holler. To do so, make the message body thus:
subscribe bong-l other-address@other_site.other_net.
And another aviso: BONG Bull does carry what would
be considered in some circuses *advertising* (you should
pardon the expression). The notices are always short and
journalists should understand the situation. Everybody
else, off to alt.grant-apps.pay.pay.pay.
Cheers, The Circulation Committee.

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