Disturbing Revelations About Hillary And Her 'Russian Reset' Pal Putin

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Nancy Pelosi Is Also Guilty

Jun 9, 2017, 3:51:27 AM6/9/17
Election 2016: At the recent Democratic National Convention, the
party of the donkey worked overtime at remaking Hillary
Clinton's image from one of an ethically challenged political
operator to one of a caring champion of children and families.
But as new revelations about her shady dealings with Russia
emerge, it may all be for nought.

New revelations from Peter Schweizer, the author of the
meticulously documented book "Clinton Cash," and Stephen K.
Bannon, executive chairman of Breitbart, show that Hillary's
campaign Chairman John Podesta "sat on the board of a small
energy company alongside Russian officials that received $35
million from a Putin-connected Russian government fund."

Making things worse, Podesta never fully disclosed the
relationship, as the law requires. But of greater concern than
Podesta is what it says about Clinton's strange and mutually
beneficial relationship with Russia that led to Clinton lending
a hand in helping Vladimir Putin build Skolkovo, a high-tech
community meant to be "the Russian equivalent of America's
Silicon Valley."

This is not some sort of free-enterprise experiment. As the
authors detail in a study published by the Government
Accountability Institute, some 30,000 workers toiled in the
state-of-the-art tech hub "under strict governmental control."
While Clinton was in charge at the State Department, the U.S.
recruited a bunch of U.S. high-tech powerhouses -- including
Google, Cisco and Intel -- to take part in the project. Of the
28 companies from the U.S., Europe and Russia that took part, 17
were donors to the Clinton Foundation or paid for Bill Clinton
to give speeches.

It's yet another stunning example of the Clinton Foundation's
growing list of conflicts of interest, suggesting that Hillary
used the State Department's offices to line her family's pockets
through the Clinton Foundation. Don't forget that, with her
email carelessness on her home-brew server during her tenure as
secretary of state, Hillary has already exposed the United
States' most secret information to the Russian government. As
radio talk show host and law professor Hugh Hewitt noted Monday:
"Hillary is already a Putin pawn."

This was no accident. Nor was it innocent. FBI Assistant Special
Agent Lucia Ziobro in 2014 sent a letter to several U.S.
corporate participants in the project warning: "The (Skolkovo)
foundation may be a means for the Russian government to access
our nation's sensitive or classified research development
facilities and dual-use technologies with military and
commercial application."

Ziobro continued, "The FBI believes the true motives of the
Russian partners, who are often funded by the government, is to
gain access to classified, sensitive, and emerging technology
from the companies."

Which brings us back to Podesta. He sat on the board of a tiny
energy company named Joule Unlimited, write Bannon and
Schweizer. A mere two months after he joined the board, Rusnano,
founded by Vladimir Putin in 2007, invested $35 million in the
company. Podesta sat on three separate boards of Joule-
affiliated corporate entities, but only reported two.

Moreover, Podesta's own leftist think tank, the Center for
American Progress, got $5.25 million from a group called the Sea
Change Foundation in the four years ending in 2013. Sea Change,
in return, had received what the authors call "a large infusion
of funds from a mysterious Bermuda-based entity called 'Klein
Ltd.,' " which appears to have Russian ties.

This puts Clinton's actions while in office under deep suspicion
-- including her enabling a "reset" with Russia that seems to
have led to a resurgent Russia expanding its military,
diplomatic and economic power in Eastern Europe and the Mideast.

In a wide-ranging interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News
Sunday, Hillary suggested that Donald Trump "has shown a very
troubling willingness to back up Putin, to support Putin,
whether it's saying that NATO wouldn't come to the rescue of
allies if they were invaded, talking about removing sanctions
from Russian officials after they were imposed by the United
States and Europe together, because of Russia's aggressiveness
in Crimea and Ukraine, his praise for Putin which is I think
quite remarkable."

Extraordinary chutzpah.

Last May, Clinton told MSNBC's Closing Bell that she had been
the "most transparent public official in modern times." If you
simply replaced "most" with "least" that statement would be
true. What's sad is the mainstream media will once again do
their best to cover up and ignore this latest scandal, which
reeks of illicit payola. In other words, just another day in the
ethically challenged campaign of Hillary Rodham Clinton.


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