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Sep 30, 2008, 10:56:32 PM9/30/08
There are so many, many home based business opportunities available on
the Internet today. It's a definite trend in America and around the
world as the Internet now makes it genuinely possible to stay home and
earn an income. Many of these companies are legitimate companies that
have chosen the Network Marketing Business model as a way to
distribute their products and services, but it can be mind boggling to
sort through all the hype and hoopla that some of them present in
order to attract new representatives and independent
contractors/distributors. So how do you choose?

After many years of trial and error paying my dues in various MLM
Opportunities and Network Marketing Companies offering tiered
commissioned sales positions, I discovered that one of the key things
to look for when making your choice is to consider the amount of time
the company has been in existence. Companies with only a few months in
the running may not be stable enough to survive long term and deliver
to you what you desire. They have not yet proved themselves. They have
not stood the test of time. Therefore the first thing you should look
for in a Network Marketing company is whether or not they have some
kind of a successful multi-year track record in their industry (Health
& Wellness, which is huge should be considered first, because baby
boomers are retiring) if you are in it for long term income and true

In Network Marketing it's all about selling and moving products and
services, same as any business. And knowing that, one could say that
there really are only 2 kinds of people in the world at any given
time. Those who are selling and those who are buying. The thing to
realize is that those who are selling ARE MAKING ALL THE MONEY! So the
second thing to consider is whether you will want to sell online or do
more traditional marketing through the mail and other kinds of printed
media advertising. If you plan to market online, which is what I
prefer to do because of the world wide market place, then you will
want to select a company that offers you the benefit of providing a
cutting edge Distributors website, and the opportunity to sell in the
Global Market Place. Let's face it, many of us do not know how to
build a website, set it up for e-commerce and design it in such a way
that it will place high in the Internet search engines to get enough
traffic. So once you find a company that has proven itself in the long
run, make sure they provide an Internet presence for you, and have
permission to do business around the world. The website should also be
able to replicate itself for your new people and have built in
autoresponder functions, such as followup emails to prospects with a
series of letters teaching them about the benefits of being a member
so you don't have to. That way you can focus your time on training new
members on your team who have already joined you.

The third thing to look for in an Internet Home Business provider, is
how do you make money? There are many compensation plans that look
really promising on the outside and of course the Companies that offer
them will all tell you that if you filled the entire matrix it can get
very very lucrative, etc, etc. But what are the real mechanics
involved? What will it really do in the real world where members come
and members go? My experience has been that it is the Matrix plans
that have the fewest people in the top 2 levels that really take off
and produce income. That's the reason I prefer a plan that uses a 2X
matrix for commission check growth. The reason I prefer this type of
plan is that it operates in such a way as to create spillover. Once
you have found 2 people, which is very easy to do, if you continue to
build your business, your new members will fall into the next guy's
down line below you. This is so KEY to your success because there are
people who have better people skills and are naturally better salesman
than others and in this type of plan it's easy to help one another.
And it's by helping others that you will grow beyond your wildest
expectation. That's a huge KEY to success BTW, all by itself. So look
for a 2X matrix, so you can take advantage of spillover and help
weaker members help you to grow your business. There is one company
out there now (whom I will not mention at this point) that actually
allows you to receive commissions from every single member in the
company, even those that have joined before you. This advantage
benefit bonus makes your chance of making money, and making it very
quickly, almost a slam dunk. More about this company later in the

The fourth thing to consider in the evaluation of your Network
Marketing Company is what if any are the guarantees that you will make
money and succeed in your dream to create an income from home working
your own business. Most companies will offer some sort of trial period
where there is very little cost to get started, allowing you to test
the waters so to speak and learn about what they offer and how they
can help you in your marketing efforts and in building an income with
your new business. You should try to find a company that is actively
advertising itself and it's opportunity on TV, Radio and printed media
and make sure that you are eligible to receive your share of new
members that come into the program as a result of that advertising.
And, you want to make certain that after the trial period is over if
you have decided not to continue on with that company, that you can
easily end your trial membership and there will be no further charge
to you, or, that you can receive a refund of your initial membership
fee. Even better yet is a company that will double or triple your
refund if things don't go as they advertise. There are companies out
there who are so sure they provide you with everything you will ever
need to make it online in the Network Marketing arena, that their
system is so fool proof anyone can succeed with them that they will
even TRIPLE your money back if what they say is not true for you. So
look for that clause in your company's terms of membership.

The fifth thing that I look for in any Network Marketing Company is
that I try to see what are the limitations? Do they have an age
minimum or maximum? Do they have an entry level membership fee that is
to high such as in excess of $75 per month or more? Do they or do they
not provide you and your future members with a training program on all
the products and services they offer, and do they teach current online
marketing tactics? What about the upline above you? Are they
experienced and will they help you, or are they too busy to help or
not experienced enough to provide you with that? These are all things
that add up to limitations that can hamper your money making success
later down the road. Find a company that offers FREE training, no age
minimum, and a strong experienced upline to join with.

The sixth thing to consider is what is the full potential of the
compensation program, and are there levels of advancement you can
qualify for to earn even more money when you are ready to grow? Find a
company that offers various levels of commission compensation
percentages based on your performance. If you are a heavy hitter and
bringing in many many people into the company, then you deserve to
earn on a higher commission schedule than someone who is just
passively working the business. Make sure your company offers this.

These are the 6 ways you can insure your own success in online network
marketing. Find a company like I have found that offers all of this
and more, and you will be well on your way to realizing your dream of
earning a substantial long term income from home with a Global
Internet Business of your own. My pick for a network marketing company
these days? The Berry Tree, http://bt.automaticbuilder.com/bt20048

Dave Caldwell The Berry Tree http://myberrytree.com/bt20048
http://bt.automaticbuilder.com/bt20048 Who Says Money Doesn't Grow on
Trees? _________________________________________________________

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=David_Caldwell

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