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David Van Assche

Dec 18, 1994, 2:55:35 PM12/18/94
CandyMan ( wrote:
: Tired of the lag?
: Upset over all the splits?
: Don't have an irc client?

: Well no more! The alternative is bot network partylines. We have linked 12 bots on Efnet, Undernet,
: and MTSUnet. Now you and your friends can chat without the lag and splits!

: How to access the partyline:

: 1.) While on IRC (EFnet) type '/msg tbot-1 Hello' or type '/msg bot2001 Hello'
: 2.) Then type '/dcc chat tbot-1' or type '/dcc chat bot2001'
: 3.) Then to talk to the partyline type '/msg =tbot-1' or '/msg =bot2001'
: 4.) If you don't have access to an IRC client you can telnet to ' 2242'

: Happy IRCin' !

To make it even easier for users I recommend you join channel #partyline
(EFNET), type %send ntalk.irc, load it by typing /load ntalk.
The names of the bots that give access to the Virtual Channel, partyline are:
Bot2001 -- Efnet
Hoodrat -- Efnet
LoVeMaNiA -- Efnet ===== To hook to Lovemania simply type /lovemania <pass>
where <pass> is a password you`ll have to remember
and type in each time you wish to connect to the
Virtual Channel/Partyline.
Pardtridge -- MTSU Net
T-BOT -- Undernet
T-BOT2 -- ?
Violator -- Efnet
BleachBot -- Efnet
OVERBOT -- Overnet
UNDERBOT -- Undernet
Jilm-Bot -- Undernet (I think)
ChironBot -- Chiron Net
--- more (Just forgot the names :)

To hook up to any of the bots after you have downloaded ntalk.irc from
channel #partyline, simply follow the folowing instructions.

1. Type /load ntalk.irc
2. Chose one of the bots to connect to from the list and type
/msg <botnick> hello
3. Then simply type /msg <botnick> pass <password>
The password is neccessary, don`t forget it.
4. Type /ntalk <botnick> And you should have two windows, one that
connects you to general irc (bottom window) and one that connects you to
the Virtual Channel (top window) To switch between the windows just hit

We Need people to make this work, so don`t get discouraged, we`re all
nice people on the botnet, and will gladly help you with any questions you
have. There is an online instruction guide to get to the Virtual Channel.
Simply join #partyline and type %display vc or /msg POD %display vc.

There are many files available from the bots on the botnet which can be
reached even if the bot is on another network. There is almost always
someone online in the Virtual Channel, ask them any questions you have.

======= Debaser <> ======= Admin of LoVeMaNiA ===========

: ---
: CandyMan

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