AT&T fiber Internet "reward card" bait and switch?

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John Doe

Jun 21, 2021, 4:46:39 PM6/21/21
This might be off-topic, but this group is low traffic. I want some
mention of it on the Internet, so others will know whether AT&T fiber
Internet reward card offers are for real. I will post follow-up.

Just ordered AT&T fiber Internet. Already installed.

On the checkout page it shows several reward cards for a total of $275. I
would agree that's too good to be true, but that is the deal (until Darth
says otherwise). After checkout, they sent a confirmation email mentioning
the other savings, but nothing about any reward card. Now Darth has sent
an email offer about $175 in "XTRACASH" reward cards. Doesn't make sense
since the service has already been installed. Is Darth@AT&T altering the
deal? How long before they send any information or even an acknowledgment
about the original deal reward cards? Did AT&T do the bait and switch?

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Nice! Your promo code was applied.
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