Google Mozilla Wigle _nomap & Microsoft _optout_ broadcast SSID

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Martin Brown

Apr 25, 2021, 1:21:22 PM4/25/21
Some location services kind of sort of respect the _nomap/optout

From what I understand misconfigured phones STILL send them your
SSID/BSSID/GPS/Dbm but they don't put your data on the public servers.

That is, they HAVE your data - they just remove it from their servers.
Some less reputable outfits might not even do that (for all we know).

Would not broadcasting the SSID help to keep the ssid/bssid off of these
public servers?

That is, would not broadcasting the SSID then prevent all these
misconfigured mobile devices from uploading your data to public servers?

I can't find any information on whether that works or not on the net.
Can you?

Martin Brown
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