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Feb 23, 2014, 5:51:51 PM2/23/14
We have during the last five years seen a mining development driven by demand. Now, the development is been achieved an overall optimum level. Now we have in the mining sector started to prepare us for a more supply-driven development pace. Today there are mining companies that still individually have over $ 33 billion in capital projects underway as of December, 2013. This including the Rio Tinto owned Oyu Tolgoi in Mongolia, one of the world's largest copper-gold mines. If we would allow us to define the meaning of a so-called supply-driven management of the mining outtake then we would have a complete picture of the instruments in the growth of world developments. At the same time we would have to remind us of an analytical perspective to the estimated need for minerals in the world. As we have mentioned earlier in the context of developments in the international community and around the agenda of the G8 and G20 countries, we have before us a great challenge in the context of an organizational planning that will contribute to growth in some areas. I am not exactly to that this would be based on alarming and immediate areas for development but still important processes for many areas. From the document where from we previously discussed the development areas in Syria, Iran, Spain, Israel, and Malaysia. These countries are undoubtedly potential markets for the future beyond the general development. There are of course various developmental factors that distinguish these levels of development dramatically from each other but I still choose to equate these in a context for itself. Some countries have directly elementary development factors while others being in position for proceeding natural resources or other industrial development as a contributing effect. The more diffuse and unforeseen development areas that concern the agenda very powerful now and for a number of years to come is the natural disaster that has struck the Philippines. It's a whole country because of a natural disaster in great need of a reconstruction and urgently needed material. So quite exclusively negative is not a mineral resource on stock in that sense. This requires the international community to coordinate resources for an operation with the capacity to foresee the overall reconstruction and development to a new level with respect to the past as an outpost for the improvement of the security situation for natural disasters in the future. When building up the country again and does so with regard to the improvement of safety in urban and rural areas, it is necessary to reduce the huge impact of the forces of nature in these regions. The other big risk we face today is also an extremely complex situation if we are not already seeing developments from the international community with the resources and capabilities required for the stability if a natural disaster of this degree as in Philippines should happen to hit China. At this stage of such risk management, we can only urge that without qualms assist investments for the Chinese government to prevent a catastrophic possible situation in the future. How is it that the mining industry can affect these responses? First and foremost, it is about a coordinated resource for governments instruments around the world where mining is the most significant of those instruments. The most crucial incentive is the balance between the representation of the government and the embassies in relation to the possibilities of establishing the crucial relations for the channeling of resources to demand or the help to the need. If you as the leader of a well-established and large mining company create an insight to the map for the market, then you can also see a clear structure of how the use of natural resources are accompanied with the requested market. That is to say that it is the local market where the operation is were the most important market for the final product in the establishment of mines. Thus synergies generate historically a strong mark of quality required, and this I think is an extremely important factor in the development of new mines conferred resistance from established concerns for the mining industry in general contexts. The more value we can create for the developments that we are in the better it is for our welfare and our society, it is quite natural that this is so. Lower than expected commodity prices are the key risk to our views and price targets. The outcome of these coming five years can be read as a normalizing route for infrastructure industries, construction industry, commerce and a range of assosierade activities to the mining development. A cumulative growth will persist for some time and this means that investments will slow down slightly, but production levels are maintained as planned. By using this price comparison site in the venture capital and securitiers borrowing, you can easily bring out the best deal for your capital needs.

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