WELL SPEAKING OF liberals/Demoncraps/socialists/communists/beggars/thieves,

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Feb 21, 2000, 3:00:00 AM2/21/00
...how is your mother anyway?

Le Jackal!

Bp825 - reformed AOL member wrote:

> I support Buchanan. I joined the Reform Party for that reason, and will
> support it as long as there is a chance for Buchanan to be nominated. So, I
> really don't have a dog in the Republican primary fight. In fact, I no
> longer belong to nor financially support the Republican Party.
> But......, as a former Republican, and as someone who cannot stand
> liberals/Demoncraps/socialists/communists/beggars/thieves, I am very much
> disturbed by Senator McCain's tactics. I mean, Mr. Lemon and the Demoncraps
> supporting McCain to get back at a Republican governor? McCain welcoming
> this? Give me a break.
> Rush is right. Call it a conspiracy or just an organized coup, but at least
> some Demoncraps are clearly about to intentionally vote contrary to their
> true beliefs in order to nominate the Republican candidate of their choice.
> They won't be voting for this candidate in the general election. Legal?
> Maybe. But IMO this sort of tactic is quite reprehensible and unethical.
> Oh, it's not surprising coming from Demoncrap vermin. But it is completely
> unacceptable to me that a supposed conservative would condone this.
> I knew McCain was not a very good conservative, but I am surprised at his
> tactics in this primary. McCain postures as the candidate of reform and the
> candidate of honor and integrity. If this is honor, integrity, and reform
> then we are all in trouble. McCain is a liar and a fraud.
> You want true integrity and reform? You aren't going to get it from McCain.
> Stop being so gullible. Stop listening to the lying liberal media. Support
> Buchanan.

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