Using mind control to keep preachers under control

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May 22, 2010, 6:49:04 PM5/22/10
Story The east end barrow boy and the pastor

Sunday morning same as usual, the pastor just some black guy in some
pentecostal church, in the audience a couple of "dudes". One of the
dudes has a device the kind of gadget you might even buy online if you
know where to look and if you know such things even exists. A couple
of lads, curious lads, psychology students, one of them has a red t
shirt on the other sits on the back row playing with something in his

The preacher preaches on some topic and then looks stressed, don't
know why, he seemed excited about the sermon really pumped but now he
is passive and the talk is nothing special, what was he going to say?
We will never know.

An old lady is also on the back row, she has a hidden ear piece just
like the lad with the red shirt on, he doesn't know she knows what
they are up to, a couple of lads playing with toys. The lads act
excited almost pyschotic yet they keep their cool trying to act as if
nothing amazing happened.

Let's backtrack

The pastor comes in and preaches suddenly he hears a voice he thinks
it must be the devil, he looks at the lad in the red shirt with FEAR,
the "devil" keeps talking "Speak about the rapture and the kid in the
red shirt will blow your brains out, look at him he has a gun" the kid
in the red shirt plays with a pen under his shirt pretending it is a
gun, the pastor freaks out keeping his cool acting as if nothing is
going on.

The woman watches quietly watching the pastor and the lads. she's seen
it before a few times, lads and toys, curiosity, she knows the game,
she knows they are curious, yet the saying goes curiosity killed the
cat, is she the lioness on the prowl?

The lads get up and leave, people notice they are acting a little odd
but ignore them, just a couple of lads having a laugh they think to

So what went on? Ultrasonic mindcontrol? Sure but there is a bigger
picture, the devil and God fighting it out.

The woman follows the boys, she was sat in the service all along
secretly watching them, she goes out and there they are by the gate
laughing to one another. She walks past saying as she passes them by
"Got it online did you?" now she is watching them seeing how they
react, if they react in the right way she will carry on the
conversation if not she will simply walk away never to be seen again.

They react in the right way, a month or two later they are doing
things that blow their minds ! Yeah baby cool song :-)


May 22, 2010, 6:50:54 PM5/22/10

It's not 2010 though it's 1987 it's lambeth some random church with a
pastor who can act and a woman who has seen enough it's more of the
story of Miss B


May 22, 2010, 6:57:26 PM5/22/10
> > cool song :-)

> It's not 2010 though it's 1987 it's lambeth some random church with a
> pastor who can act and a woman who has seen enough it's more of the
> story of Miss B

Misfit or Miss Fit. Why is it women seem to like psyops more than
blokes ?

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