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hassan ashly666

May 16, 2021, 12:31:54 AMMay 16
Chief PRIEST. Naseef ( ). His Eminence King of all Temples anointed and embraced me to be one of the few chosen special chief priests in the whole world. His eminence King of all temples entrusted me and gave me full Authority and Powers to Recruit and join all willing individuals to join our powerful secret society of great wealth and happiness. His eminence king of all temples granted me permission to perform all necessary Rituals to welcome, join and confirm Membership of new Followers to our powerful secret society. You are so welcome to a powerful secret society of great wealth and full of happiness. !!!WEALTHY, PROSPERITY, GOOD HEALTH, POWERS IN EVERY SECTOR+27632807647 , FAMOUSLY CONTENTED, HAPPINESS, WISDOM, …….. JOIN US TODAY!!! You were born free and you are supposed to live free. As long as habit and routine dictate the pattern of living, new dimensions of the soul will not emerge. JOIN our powerful society to gain and practice secret knowledge where human will unleash their divine potential and get all that they want. Do you want to be famous or you want to become rich & powerful? Join illuminati brotherhood today, chief priest CRIS is here to help; I will guide through the whole process, welcome and join you to our society. It’s optional to join the most powerful secret society in the world, we don’t force any one to join us it should be your personal decision to decide your future.+27632807647 Our major goal is to create awareness (enlighten) in the people of today, fight for justice, freedom, education in order to make this world a better place for everyone. We intend to rule Religiously, Educationally,+27632807647 Politically, Militarily, Economically and Socially. As Illuminati we stand for each other as a united society. We get to each other’s back and see it as a privilege! We are very smart when it comes to resource management. We will waste lots of our resources to achieve every goal for all our members. We have unconditional love for our families and feel very strong about our families despite of the wrong perception people have on us and say to tarnish our society’s name. The Illuminati is not a church, religion, political group, or charity organization, therefore our membership is regardless of personal worship, morality, or belief. True Facts behind Our mission; Despite, what so many people see as inconsistency because of their beliefs? Freedom is an idol of the human species. Illuminati operate in defence of you and all humans, in all places, and of all generations. For happiness, the human desires freedom; for prosperity, the human requires leadership. To continue functioning throughout societal changes and generational differences, the Illuminati must remain behind the curtain — an outsider, belonging to none and loyal to all. You will never realise the freedom of your life until you join us. The selfish pursuit of money is a hollow goal, but the pursuit of the goodness that money can create is one of humanity’s greatest responsibilities. The more money a person owns, the more ability they have to positively change the lives of those who are in need. Money has no feeling, no voice, and no soul – its choice between good or evil is decided by those who use it. Though it is not wrong to be poor, the celebration of poverty is rooted in selfishness. A person who is poor can save a life, but a person who is rich can build a hospital and save ten thousand. FOR MORE INFORMATION: CALL/WHATSAPP: Chief PRIEST. naseef: Email us on: +27632807647
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