The Real Da Vinci Code Broken

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Jack Sarfatti

Feb 9, 2004, 7:24:23 PM2/9/04
My Meetings with Carlo Suares in Paris 1973 that resulted in the book
“Space-Time and Beyond”
With Bob Toben and Fred Alan Wolf
The Real Da Vinci Code
It is only today, February 9, 2004 that I came to realize that my
epiphany of extending quantum theory to include direct back-action of
particle on wave in my 1994 reading of Bohm and Hiley’s “two-way
relation” in “The Undivided Universe” (p. 30 & 14.6) was a rediscovery
of what Carlo Suares was talking to me and Fred Wolf about in Paris in
1974. “The Sepher Yetsira” plumbs the depth of Einstein’s relativity
principle “in its fullness” (Marshall Naify’s term) of no action without
reaction, of no absolute backgrounds that the quantum loop gravity
theorists call “background independence” and that John Archibald Wheeler
calls “the Observer-Participator” in the “Universe as a self-excited
circuit” and the Godelian self-referential “The Question is: What is The

“The Equations”
“Equations which do and Equations which do not point out their Solution”
“A GREAT mistake is to think that ‘The Sepher Yetsira’ is a book that
can be understood after reading it once. Those most qualified – not to
read but to study it – are physicists engaged in advanced scientific
research. By showing that the energizing properties of the Autiot have a
dual cosmic flow, the way to an essential stage of modern physics is
cleared, the study of consciousness, in its material manifestations, as
energy. Lately I have had the opportunity to explain to physicists, such
as Fred Wolf and Jack Sarfatti, that it is possible to work this out
with the ‘3 Mothers,’ Aleph, Mem, Sheen (and Seen) … it will not be long
before the Autiot will replace the letters used arbitrarily in physics
today. The Autiot therefore arrange themselves in equations, not words,
which by virtue of their complexity, can be studied in several ways,
according to the greater or lesser involvement of the Autiot in them.
Without fear of self-deception, we can think of the anonymous authors of
‘The Sepher Yetsira’ as knowing the numbered code. In their minds the
whole work is a commentary, in the light of certain fundamental
postulates of the Qabala, on the first verses of Genesis.” Pp.41-42
“The Sefer Yetsira” by Carlo Suares, Translated from the French by
Micheline and Vincent Stuart (Shambhala, 1976).

“Chapter 29 of The Second Coming of Reb YHSHWH, by Carlo Suares, Weiser,
1994 (Carlo Suarès)

"The Eight Propositions"

"And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God
should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not
with observation: Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for,
behold, the kingdom of God is within you" (Luke 17:20-21). And this
would be the keynote of the New Era. Here are the eight propositions:

1. Seek your total individuality. Don't write it down anywhere. Don't
give it a name. Any definition of your Self is a deceptive hideout.

2. You will not find your total individuality. It is your total
individuality that sees you, that witnesses your doings. It acts in our
space-time continuum, but is not restricted to it.

3. Your total individuality is your soul. It abides in the
indeterminate plurality of universes. Because it is alive, it is
evolving. Because it is outside of time, its evolution is only the time
that you need to permit it to find you. Because it is multidimensional,
it contributes to the composition of an Ecclesia. It is one and

4. Your soul will not find you as long as your consciousness is made
of the stuff of false evidences created by your mind: as long as you do
not feel a sense of suffocation in those space-time false evidences.

5. The death of false evidences is a psychological death, announcer of
resurrection. Each false evidence denounced opens a window in the inner
space where the measurable dies.

6. This death of the measurable in the inner space is a personal
experience. All that is said to you about it will prevent it from
occurring. Do not listen to the professionals of any religions.

7. Beyond this death, our infinitely multiple individuality reveals to
our present person that we are only one of its multifarious
manifestations. We then meet the other manifestations of our soul spread
out through history, still present and alive.

8. So this consciousness emanating from our soul integrates its
earthly past and also its future. It knows itself continuous, without
limits. It is all-consciousness, it penetrates every consciousness, it
understands every consciousness, and that understanding is love.”

Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code” is a Hollywood version of the real
Cabalistic TechGnostic story -- part of which I experienced directly in
Paris in Pere La Chaise at the grave of Alain Kardec, with the three
pairs “Knights” on three motorcycles on the Champ-de-Mars and with Carlo
Suares in his penthouse on its edge in 1973. Details of this true
adventure story are in my book “Destiny Matrix.”

Carlo Suares, who told me in 1973 “You are Heir to The Tradition … You
will not come into your power until you are with The Woman and The
Child” and his intimate friends like Henry Miller, Lawrence Durrell and
Aldous Huxley were part of post-WWI Paris:

“The epicenter of this fleeting renaissance was Paris, the City of
Light. During the war this city had been the goal for which millions of
men had marched, fought, bled and died. …
And so they came to Paris to help create that world: mystics,
visionaries, painters, poets, artists of all kind, scientists, political
thinkers, revolutionaries, all looking for that new world of hope, peace
and freedom which, they felt, must grow out of ‘the war to end all wars.’ …

Out of this all too brief efflorescence emerged artistic, literary,
social, political and scientific concepts that shaped much of the rest
of the century. From the Surrealists, such as Hans Arp and Marcel
Duchamp, to the mathematics of Paul Dirac, to the literary pyrotechnics
of James Joyce, the idea of "transformation" bubbled just below the
surface. It was at the zenith of this transformative undercurrent that,
in 1926, an anonymous volume - issued in a luxury edition of 300 copies
by a small Paris publishing firm known mostly for artistic reprints -
rocked the Parisian occult underworld. It's title was The Mystery of the
Cathedrals. The author, "Fulcanelli," claimed that the great secret of
Alchemy, the queen of western occult science, was plainly displayed on
the walls of Paris' own cathedral, Notre-Dame de Paris.

In 1926, Alchemy, by our post-modern lights a quaint and discredited
renaissance pseudo-science, was in the process of being reclaimed and
reconditioned by two of the most influential movements of the century.
Surrealism and psychiatry stumbled onto Alchemy at about the same time,
and each attached their own notions about reality to the ancient
concept. Carl Jung spent the Twenties teasing out a theory of the
archetypal unconscious from the symbolic tapestry of alchemical images
and studying how these symbols are expressed in the dream state. The
poet-philosopher Andre Breton and the Surrealists made an intuitive leap
of faith and proclaimed that the alchemical process could be expressed
artistically. Breton, in his 1924 Surrealist manifesto, announced that
Surrealism was nothing but alchemical art.

Fulcanelli's book would have an indirect effect on both of these
intellectual movements. Indirect, because the book managed a major
literary miracle. It became influential while remaining, apparently,
completely unknown outside of French occult and alchemical circles. This
is perhaps the strangest of all the mysteries surrounding The Mystery of
the Cathedrals.”
Read the complete article at

Fulcanelli tells us in that passage, "the instrument of the spirit, has
a life of its own -- even though it is only a reflection of the
universal Idea." This Gnostic meta-linguistic mysticism is the core not
only of alchemy, but of illumination itself …
We are left stunned, convinced that Fulcanelli has just told us that the
western Qabala used by the troubadors and the builders of the cathedrals
is based on the language of the Argonauts and the quest for the Golden
Fleece. Which in turn is but one application of a vast Ur-language of
symbols that unite the global cultures of mankind, from the Inca to the
ancient Greeks. …
Once this Tree of Life pattern is built up from the images at Notre-Dame
and Amiens, with a few extra additions from St. Chapelle, St. Victor and
elsewhere, an understanding of the basic process of astro-alchemy can be
gleaned. This is the real secret, and from Fulcanelli's point of view
there is no mystery about it. But once this secret is revealed,
Fulcanelli goes on to propose a three-in-one, triple mystery that neatly
ties the historical, mythological and cosmological elements into one
coherent framework. …
Fulcanelli is pointing us toward a moment in the late 15th century when
the underground stream broke the surface of history. He suggests that
the mystery of Bourges is the mystery of the esoteric current in the
ancient past, the present of the 15th century, and the future down to
and beyond the 20th century. The mystery of initiation encompasses a
vast reach of time, Fulcanelli insists, but the strands of the tapestry
emerged into a pattern at Bourges in the mid1400's. …
The role of grand master, however, is undefined. We are left with the
impression that a third personality exists, made conspicuous by its
absence. Who was he?
Read the complete article at

Titan Point

Feb 10, 2004, 9:04:09 AM2/10/04
Jack Sarfatti <> wrote in message news:<XwVVb.22000$>...

> My Meetings with Carlo Suares in Paris 1973 that resulted in the book
> “Space-Time and Beyond”
> With Bob Toben and Fred Alan Wolf
> The Real Da Vinci Code

I'll counter with this gem, taken from the Rapture Ready BBS, a site
for fundementalist Christians:

>"Please do not quote me out of context. I said the THEORY [of
Relativity] had >nothing to do with physics. And you can whip out any
old definition you want, >but its still a fact that its a theory and
nothing more. And by the way, I've >never heard of gravity being
called a theory. Everyone else I know of >considers it to be proven
true. Why, just the other day I fell down."
- Dorko, RaptureReady

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