Apollo Hydro Heat - Hot Water, No Hot Air

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Nov 13, 2022, 7:06:16 PM11/13/22

I have an Apollo Hydro Heat water and air heater. Unit is in garage, has good looking water clarity, valves are clean and operable. Lines are hot to touch both in recirculation and heading out of unit. Pan is clean and sensors are new.

We have plenty of hot water. No hot air. Only thing I can see that is acting somewhat weird is the controller. I can adjust temp but when doing a hard reset it doesnt cycle through the warm up. In fact other than an initial flash of all the lights on the panel it is dark throughout the day. Heater still fires up when it needs to during day and like I said water is piping hot.

This one has me stumped. When its gone down before (bad flame rod sensor) everything went down. No hot water or hot air. The water being hot but no hot air has me drawing blanks.

Thanks for any help!
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