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Jun 16, 2015, 12:10:36 AM6/16/15
285 days to Holy Saturday and Saint Ludger Day next March 26. 285 days since Pope Saint Pius X Day and Saint Gregory the Great Day on September 3.

290 days to Easter Thursday, Saint Acacius Day and Cesar Chavez Day next March 31. 290 days since Passion of Saint John the Baptist Day, Beheading of Saint John the Baptist Day, and Saint Sabina, Martyr Day on August 29.

295 days to Saint Irene Day next April 5. 295 days since Saint Bartholomew, Apostle Day on August 24.

300 days since my brother Ben's birthday and Saint John Eudes Day on August 19. 300 days to Saint Ezechiel Day next April 10.

305 days to Tax Day, and Saints Basilissa and Anastasia Day next April 15. 305 days since Saint Eusebius Day, Saint Maxmillian Kolbe Day on August 14.

310 days since Nagasaki Day, Saint John Marie Vianncy Day, Saint Romanus, Martyr Day, Vigil of Saint Lawrence Day, and Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross Day on August 9. 310 days to next year's Pot Day and Saint Agnes of Montephulciano Day on April 20.

315 days since Saint Dominic Day and Saint John Vianney Day on August 4. 315 days to next year's ANZAC Day, 2 Squared, 5 Squared, and Saint Mark the Evangelist Day on April 25.

320 days since Neville Longbottom's birthday, Saint Peter Chrysologus Day, and Saints Abdon and Sennen Day on July 30. 320 days to next year's Saint Pius V and Saint Catherine of Siena Day on April 30.

325 days to next year's Ascension Day, Cinco De Mayo, and Pope Saint Pius V Day on May 5. 325 days since Saint James the Greater, Apostle Day and Saint Christopher Day on July 25.

330 days since Lunar Landing Day, Saint Jerome Emilian Day, Saint Margaret of Antioch, Martyr Day, and Saint Apollinaris Day on July 20. 330 days to next year's Saint Damien Day de Veuster Day, Saint Damien of Molokai Day, and Saint Antonius Day on May 10.

335 days to next year's Pentecost, Hug Your Cat Day, Saint John Baptist de la Salle Day, and Saint Isadore Day on May 15. 335 days since Saint Bonaventure Day and Saint Henry II, Emperor Day on July 15.

340 days to next year's Saint Bernadine of Siena Day on May 20. 340 days since Holy Seven Brothers with Saints Rufina and Secunda, Martyrs Day on July 10.

345 days since Saint Anthony May Zaccaria Day and Saint Elizabeth of Portugal Day on July 5. 345 days to next year's 5, 5 Squared Day, Pope Saint Gregory VII Day, Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat Day, Saint Bede the Venerable Day, and Saint Mary Magdalene de'Pazzi Day on May 25.

350 days to next year's Memorial Day, Saint Joan of Arc Day and Pope Saint Felix I, Martyr Day on May 30. 350 days since Tunguska Day, Commemoration of Saint Paul Day, First Martyrs of the Holy Roman Church Day, and Seventeen Irish Martyrs Day on June 30.

355 days to next year's Tiananmen Square Day and Saint Francis Caracciolo Day on June 4. 355 days since Saint William, Abbot Day on June 25.

360 days to next year's Saint Ephrem Day, Saint Columkille Day, and Saints Primus and Felician, Martyrs Day on June 9. 360 days since Pope Saint Silverius, Martyr Day on June 20.

365 days since last year's Father's Day, Trinity Sunday, Saint Germaine Day, and Saints Vitus, Modestus, and Crescentia, Martyrs Day on June 15. 365 days to next year's Flag Day and Saint Basil the Great Day on June 14.

370 days to next year's Juneteenth, Saint Romuald Day, Saint Juline Falconieri Day, and Saints Gervase and Protase Day on June 19. 370 days since Saint Margaret of Scotland Day on June 10.

375 days since last year's Pope Saint Cletus, Martyr Day and Pope Saint Marcellus, Martyr Day on April 26. 375 days since Saint Boniface, Martyr Day on June 5.

380 days to next year's Saints Peter and Paul Day on June 29. 380 since The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary on May 31.

385 days since the 10th anniversary of my meeting Mary and Saint Philip Neri Day on May 26. 385 days to next year's Saint Theodore Day and Independence Day on July 4.

390 days since Saint Andrew Bobola Day, Saint Eugened de Mazenod Day, Saint Christopher Magallanes and Companions Day on May 21. 390 days to next year's Saint Maria Goretti Day and Saint Augustine Zhao Rong and Companions Day on July 9.

395 days since last year's Saint Brendan Day, Saint John Nepomucene Day, Saint Simon Stock Day, and Saint Ubaldus Day on May 16. 395 days to next year's Bastille Day, Saint Bonaventure Day, Saint Francis Solano Day, and Saint Kateri Tekakwitha Day on July 14.

400 days to next year's Saint Vincent de Paul Day and Nicaraguan Revolution Day on July 19. 400 days since last year's Mother's Day and Saints Philip and James, Apostle Day on May 11.

405 days to next year's Pine Tar Day, Saint Christina Day, and Saint Shabel Makhluf Day on July 24. 405 days since Bl. Edward Jones Day on May 6.

410 days since last year's May Day, my gf's birthday, Saint Joseph the Worker Day, Saint Peregrine Day, Saints Philip and James, Apostles Day on May 1.

415 days to next year's Saint John the Baptist Day on June 24.

420 days since last year's Easter Monday, Saint Anselm Day and Saint Conrad Day on April 21.

425 days since last year's Saint Benedict Joseph Labre Day on April 16.

430 days since last year's Saint Stanislaus Day, Saint Leo the Great Day and Saint Gemma Galgani Day on April 11.

435 days since Saint Juliana of Cornillon Day on April 6.

440 days since last year's April Fools Day and Saint Hugh of Grenoble Day on April 1.

445 days since last year's Saint John Damascene Day on March 27.

450 days since last year's Saint Catherine of Sweden Day on March 22.

455 days since last year's Saint Patrick's Day, Saint Joseph of Arimathea Day, and Saint Gertrude of Nivelles Day on March 17.


Jun 18, 2015, 2:27:16 AM6/18/15
285 days to Easter Monday next March 28.


Jun 19, 2015, 1:11:42 AM6/19/15
285 days to Easter Tuesday on March 28.


Jun 23, 2015, 7:04:05 PM6/23/15
285 days to Divine Mercy Sunday next April 3.
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