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August West

Jan 10, 2013, 10:13:55 PM1/10/13
Subject: Re: Council recycling has seal of approval
From: "Brian Watson" <Br...@imagebus.co.uk>
Newsgroups: cam.misc

"Al Grant" <alg...@myrealbox.com> wrote in message
I'm all in favour of recycling but the council have chosen a
bizarre way to talk about it:

"Just in Cambridge, we throw away over 200 tonnes of small
electrical appliances every year -- more than the weight of a
blue whale! At the moment, only 2% of this is recycled --
the weight of an elephant seal."

: Surely many local residents - especially in Arbury - won't have
seen either of these creatures in the flesh, let alone tried to lift
them? And if weight rather than mass is the issue, shouldn't
they allow for buoyancy? Perhaps a seal out of water weighs
as much as a whale in water.

So, are you saying that what we need is a new whale weigh station?

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