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David S

Aug 12, 2003, 3:35:15 PM8/12/03
Subject: Re: Pop-Up, not that!
From: CMOT TMPV <>

Once upon a time -- around about 8/9/03 12:33 -- clairde...@aol.comboo
possibly wrote:

> My sister, also on AOL, has a horrible pop-up problem. She bought a new Dell
Many men also have a horrible pop-up problem as they go through puberty.
Buying a Dell will not fix it.

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David S

Aug 14, 2003, 2:18:52 PM8/14/03
[Submitter's note: Dan was ranting about Dell computers.]

Subject: Re: Pop-Up, not that!

From: "Christin Keck" <>

"CICADFL" <> wrote in message
> On, or about, 13 Aug 2003, Dan disregarded personal safety and
> presented with...
> > They also often have, and ISINMTU, proprietary power supplies.
> A different flavo(u)r of electricity? Do the electron just sort of
> wiggle instead of spinning?

You must believe me when I tell you this: they dance naked in a circle,
around a tiny fire.
If you lean in very close during quiet times, you can hear their little

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