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Aug 6, 1999, 3:00:00 AM8/6/99
Subject: Re: Pine, Kill files & deletes
From: jtha...@aa.net.TREET (Toby Hanson)
Newsgroups: alt.sports.baseball.sea-mariners

In article <drdjp-ya02358000...@news.jetcity.com>,
dr...@jetcity.com (Dave Paisley) wrote:

>And for that, Toby, we thanks you. Now if only there was a top 10 "Reasons
>to use Pine" list. I guess it would start with:
>"I had the frontal lobotomy yesterday and needed something to make me feel

Well, since you asked...

Top Ten Reasons to use Pine

10. It's so cuddly you'll forget completely about functional newsreaders.
9. "I had the frontal lobotomy yesterday and needed something to make me
feel clever."
8. So UW students can experience what life must be like in Pullman.
7. Because reading Usenet posts isn't nearly as important as one would think.
6. So NewsWatcher (tm) users can feel smug in your presence.
5. To make you want to read news with Netscape Navigator.
4. Because for each Usenet post you read one dollar is donated to the
Husky Football Reparation Fund.
3. Because it's a heckuva lot better than the previous version, Fir.
2. So you can read news just like your grandparents did on the frontier.
1. There is no good reason to use Pine.

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