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70s Attempt to murder New York Mafia Bosses

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Jan 14, 2009, 5:55:18 AM1/14/09
70s Attempt to murder New York Mafia Bosses

In an attempt to murder all five heads of the New York Mafia Families, a
malcontent armed with a machine gun burst into a meet. The gun jammed. The

turned on the would-be killer, beating him senseless.

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The REAL New Jersey Mafia
La Cosa Nostra -- Official State of New Jersey report

Print Edition on sale at Amazon

New Jersey mobsters met in a Hoboken bar to plot the murder of John Gotti,
but the place was wired. Tipped off by the Feds, the Dapper Don escapes.
This is

just one of the many stories in this fascinating book that focuses on the
eight Mafia Families operating in the Garden State: 1) The Gambino/Gotti
Family 2)

The Genovese/Gigante Family 3) The Lucchese/Corallo/Amuso Family 4) The
Colombo/Persico/Orena Family 5) The Bonanno/Rastelli/Vitale Family 6) The

DeCavalcante Family 7) The Bruno/Scarfo Family The Sicilian Mafia is
featured, too.
This book is a great find for the true crime fan.

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Mafia Stories from the Tunnel Bar

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Second Thief, Best Thief: The Tunnel Bar
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