Pro-Com Fireplace Insert - Thermocouple Replacement?

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Marilyn Manson

Nov 25, 2021, 12:09:20 PM11/25/21
A friend has a ProCom Model FBD32RT fireplace insert. The pilot
light won't stay lit. He has the operation manual, but no service
manual. I searched for videos and a service manual, but no luck.

I want to test and maybe replace the thermocouple but I'm not sure
how to get to the back of the main gas valve where the tail-end screws

I can see where the tail end screws into the valve, but there is no way
to get a wrench on it by coming in from the front or down through the ​
"floor" of the insert. It looks to me like you need to completely remove
the main gas valve, which means basically dismantling most of the
insert, removing the gas lines from the valve, etc.

If it was my insert, I'd start ripping into it, but I don't want to tear into
somebody else's unit. Figure'd I'd take a shot and see if anyone is
familiar with this unit.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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