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Jan 23, 2022, 4:47:15 PMJan 23
When I went to HomeDepot to get the $3 alcohol antifreeze marked down to
88 cents, they said they had 60 gallons of it, but I looked in several
aisles, found the auto antifreeze, got help from two clerks, one of whom
asked at the front desk, told to look up, to the high shelves, and
though she offered to get someone else I gave up.

Went home and ordered it online, and they emailed back in less than 90
minutes (maybe a lot less, I wasn't looking.) And it was in one of their
lockers where they keep it a maximum of 7 days. (The minimum is more
imporant but no big deal.)

One clerk, who I thought was using the same webpage I was (but maybe it
had more info I could not see) did say it said online ordering only, but
it also said "in store" so she thought she could find it. No aisle or
bay was given to me online which either means they hadn't decided, or it
was in the back.
I also bought some 3d nails, the smallest they had but I think I was
impatient and should have looked elsewhere for thinner. I'm taking
someone's suggestion (thanks) to force it into the pivot on my sunvisor
(when it's warmer out and more fun to work.)
Speaking of the car, I never finished about the lights on the dash, for
the clock and DTE gauge. I took it out again and cut the wire that went
to "something+", which we had guessed lit up the display but not always
at the right time. I connected it to a hot, to a ground, and left it
unconnected, and none worked. In fact connecting to always hot made
things worse!!! The light went on less. That's pretty amazing, but it
probably has something to do with semi-conductors!
I left the wire I cut from the little circuit board and added a wire
and left them dangling** behind the dash, twisted togeher, in case I
have a brainstorm about how to fix this.

So I'm taking Trader's advice, sort of, and keeping my eyes out for a
car like mine, with a driver I can find, and I'll ask him how his lights
work. If he's not sure, I'll get him to try it in front of me. There
are quite a few cars like mine that I see. Since this plan I saw one in
a shopping center lot and if I'd waited long enough he'd have come back
to the car, but I was in a hurry and it wasn't the exact same dashboard,
or the same year.
Used units are only about $30 but $30 is not nothing and a) maybe they
don't/can't do what I want. I don't want to go to a lot of trouble and
money if it cannot work. b) $30 used but 200 new and always a chance the
used one is broken in the same way mine is. So that would sort of be
the opposite of a), it could work but I'd end up thinking it can't. I
need to talk to someone with the same car.

**Elswhere on the dash, I had also crushed the piezo electric buzzer
that annoyed me at various times. Used a pliers. I can't imagine anyone
wants that back, but I soldered in a double wire that I left taped and
dangling behind the dash just in case. I guess the buzzer could be
replaced by a light, that would not be as annoying, or what would be
more annoying, a bomb. But if you never put the key in the ignition
without first closing the driver's door, and never turned the engine on
without first putting on the seat belt, the bomb would not be a problem.
But if the car was hijacked, the hijacker wouldn't know to be so
careful. That's a plan.

Meanwhile, Amazon was supposed to deliver something today, in two
shipments. Emailed me yesterday that they were delivered but they werent
there. Replied to the email, got a chatbot, and when I said they
weren't there or anywhere around, it said the email must have been sent
early and to wait until Monday night. How can that ever happen?
Shouldn't the email go out only after the driver takes the photo of the
package delivered, or after he gets back in the truck? Or after he
delivers it. Doesn't he control it and why would they ever tolerate a
driver who says it's delivered when it's not.
This also means they'll never send an email when it is actually
delivered because the system will say it's already been sent.
This happened once berfore but it was in the summer, warm out, still
light an hour later when it did come. Now I have to keep checking to
see if it's there.
But I saw the Amazon truck entering my n'hood 2 hours ago and I've
seen him make 5 stops I think but there's no way it can take him 2
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