Panamax Surge Protectors Do it Again !

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Mar 31, 1998, 3:00:00 AM3/31/98


SAN RAFAEL, CA, USA - The Charles Darwin Research Station on the Galapagos
Islands recently saved its computers, fax machines and copiers from a major
electrical surge with surge protectors donated by Panamax, the San
Rafael-based, award-winning manufacturer of power protection equipment.

A letter from Maria Elena Guerra, General Manager of the Research Station
which is funded by the Charles Darwin Foundation, reported the protection
provided by the Panamax units, which saved thousands of dollars worth of
high tech equipment.

The Foundation is headquartered Falls Church, VA, with an office in Quito,
the Ecuador capital.

Writing to Dana Smith, the Panamax Latin America Sales Manager who had
hand-delivered the $2,000 worth of surge protectors, Ms. Guerra reported
that "we had a very high surge and every single one of your surge
protectors 'fried,' but all of our equipment was saved."

"The Panamax units did what they were supposed to do, and saved the
Research Station's expensive, donated equipment," said Smith.

Based on the Panamax lifetime product guarantee, insured by Lloyds of
London, the Research Station received replacements for the two dozen MAX® 6
AllPath® surge protectors and MAX Tel 1 modules which were severely damaged
while saving the Research Station's equipment.

The power system in the Galapagos is an antiquated one and suffers from
surges and spikes as the internal use of power increases and decreases.

According to Ms. Guerra, "It was incredible to see all the surge protectors
totally burned, but your units were the ones that saved our computers.

The Charles Darwin Research Station, located on the biggest of the five
major islands in the Galapagos, an Ecuadorian national park, is dedicated
to protecting the ecosystem and the animals in all of the more than 30
islands in the chain 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador.

The Research Station was founded in 1964 and is visited by scientists from
throughout the world for research on such topics as evolutionary biology,
geology, ecotourism, climatology and population genetics.

In addition to its conservation mandate, the Research Station also conducts
seminars, briefings and other public education activities.

Panamax surge protectors safeguard computers, fax machines, copiers,
modems, telephone systems, home entertainment and stereo equipment, TVs,
VCRs and satellite systems.

The units feature a catastrophic surge circuit to prevent damage from
surges and spikes, including lightning, with instantaneous response time to
protect expensive, sophisticated connected equipment.

Panamax has received the President's "E" Award for Excellence in Exporting
from the United States Dept. of Commerce, the first power protection firm
to be so recognized.

Panamax also has been certified for the ISO 9001 Quality Systems Standards,
a world-wide model for quality assurance in design/development, production,
installation and customer satisfaction.

Panamax units were used to protect high-tech equipment at several venues in
the 1996 Summer Olympics.

For more information about Panamax or any of its products, visit the web
site at or

For more information about the Charles Darwin Foundation, or to contribute
to the "Friends of Galapagos," contact Johannah E. Berry, Executive
Director, 100 N. Washington St., #311, Falls Church, VA 22046,
703/538-6833; fax: 703/538-6835.

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Apr 5, 1998, 4:00:00 AM4/5/98

Gee, if they'd had Brick Wall surge protectors they wouldn't have to get




Apr 5, 1998, 4:00:00 AM4/5/98

>Gee, if they'd had Brick Wall surge protectors they wouldn't have to get

Yep. That is why I now sell them !
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